Sirius and Remus both had their own reasons for never falling in love. But since when does love listen to reason? (Slash, RL/SB, some original characters)

Words: 171,251
Chapters: 13
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AU- What if Peter was a loyal Death Eater, but found a way to protect James and Lily from being hunted by Voldemort? When Peter sees to it that Harry Potter is born on July 15, 1980, the world changes.

Words: 14,052
Chapters: 1
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Unrequited love can do funny things to a witch... or to a wizard. Tonks and Merope weren\'t the only ones to have trouble with their powers- in 1976, James Potter had his own problems as well. Contains het, two paragraphs of slash, and reference to bodice ripper novels.

Words: 4,691
Chapters: 1
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Damien Lupin has always loved the Muggle sport of boxing, but not nearly as much as what it gave him. Outtake from the Accidentally In Love universe.

Words: 3,318
Chapters: 1
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It\'s Percy\'s 20th birthday, and the Weasley family reflects. (Written prior to the release of Half-Blood Prince - no spoilers and not canon compliant.)

Words: 4,160
Chapters: 1
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A little jealous competition with Lily inspires Sirius to learn a whole new skill. Set in the Accidentally in Love universe, but easy to follow regardless.

Words: 2,666
Chapters: 1
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Mentors by LupinsLittleSister

Alphard Black and Remus Lupin - two unlikely friends - help each other through the ups and downs of their lives. Companion/Sequel to Deny Thy Father; references to pre-whatever SB/RL.

Words: 14,114
Chapters: 1
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Hermione and Ginny have a question. Sirius and Remus agree to answer.

Words: 2,215
Chapters: 1
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Do you really think disowning your family is easy? Sirius may have pretended to Harry that it meant nothing, but some would say it meant everything. The story of how Sirius Black came to leave home.

Words: 54,498
Chapters: 6
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Six short testimonials from inside Azkaban\'s walls.

Words: 1,672
Chapters: 1
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