Hospitality by HumbugGirl

“There was no snide quip, though. No deliberately cutting comment. Ginny stared and then a second later the grey eyes rolled dramatically and turned away from her towards the tasteless curtains.” Post-war fic. Ginny was just plodding along, enduring her perfectly well-ordered normal life and dreaming that maybe something more interesting might come along. She just never thought that the ‘something’ might actually turn out to be a ‘someone’.

Words: 63,619
Chapters: 15
Hits: 8,625

“She’s pack,” he said, running the side of his thumb over the exposed scar on her shoulder… Sequel to 'Bloody Footprints'.

Words: 2,913
Chapters: 1
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Flashbulb by HumbugGirl

“I want my team to be close but not that close. Get the hell away from her, Flint.” Ginny Weasley x Marcus Flint

Words: 7,119
Chapters: 2
Hits: 916

‘Besides, he enjoyed the Bonfire Night – even if they were generally crawling with Muggles.’ DracoxGinny

Words: 1,732
Chapters: 1
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Half-Life by HumbugGirl

"Her hand instinctively went to her shoulder where she lightly fingered the map of dappled scarring." Ginny-gen fic.

Words: 2,140
Chapters: 1
Hits: 557
With the Flow by HumbugGirl

A late night adventure in a storm darkened castle leads to interesting consequences. (Draco/Ginny, mention of Ron/Hermione.)

Words: 21,487
Chapters: 4
Hits: 7,564
Hecatomb by HumbugGirl

Hermione Granger is in a race against time. A recent series of Muggle deaths have drawn the attention of the magical community and as a member of an elite Auror team in charge of monitoring the activities of suspected Death Eaters, Hermione in charged with tracking down the perpetrator before the killer can strike again. Hermione x Marcus

Words: 3,972
Chapters: 1
Hits: 147

The material seemed impossibly smooth as it whispered over her lips, and Ginny breathed deeply, shakily. It was a mistake to do so, as Ginny was abruptly made aware of the distinctly masculine scent that belonged to Draco.

Words: 8,063
Chapters: 1
Hits: 2,174

"...the knowledge that she was in the arms of a living, breathing, feeling human being was blissful. Hermione could not help but want to touch him even though she knew that she should hate him..."

Words: 5,701
Chapters: 1
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My Fellow Slug by HumbugGirl

Blaise finds himself speculating on matters following an encounter with a certain redhead and an uncomfortable conversation with Pansy, after which he comes to a few conclusions.

Words: 1,838
Chapters: 1
Hits: 535

When Ron and Harry decided to play a joke on Professor Snape, they had no way of knowing that it would go wrong, or rather, that it would seem to go wrong. (HG/SS)

Words: 3,428
Chapters: 1
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Puppets by HumbugGirl

He’s just part of a bigger scheme. (Draco/Blaise(m))

Words: 6,500
Chapters: 1
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The Cat-Burglar by HumbugGirl

A little larceny leads Blaise into an interesting situation. B/Hr

Words: 8,058
Chapters: 1
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