Hagrid gives his loyalty not to causes, but to people. Specifically, to Albus Dumbledore. Written for dolorous_ett for the hp_summergen ficathon. Pre-DH.

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Chapters: 1
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Mark Evans's first class at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry is History of Magic. They have a special guest instructor.

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Severus Snape participates in the annual search for a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher for the first time.

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Written for LJ community hp_gen_ch September challenge: Education. Minerva McGonagall performs the traditional ritual for a new Headmaster/Headmistress's first day of first term.

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Draco finds an object in Borgin & Burkes that grants three wishes--and uses it. (Major spoilers for HBP.)

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A continuation of Counterparts; Harry Potter's sixth year as he struggles to understand what the prophecy means to him and what he may become.

Words: 90,575
Chapters: 15
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Counterparts by HumanTales

After leaving the Dursleys in the summer after fifth year, Harry goes to Godric's Hollow and finds himself . . . at home. AU with a twist.

Words: 8,647
Chapters: 1
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