After Noon by Daphne23

During one long summer day at the Burrow, Ginny considers Harry, Tom, Percy and diabolical tables as she tries to decide whether or not to insist on coming Horcrux-hunting; Luna makes a surprising contribution. Essentially gen, though slight H/G-ness.

Words: 7,033
Chapters: 1
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It was a simple idea, or so Luna thought; have a go at writing a piece of wizarding fiction, both to fill a gap in the market and to escape from the dismal world of Hogwarts in her sixth year. But she didn’t anticipate that it would bring her into a conflict with Hermione that threatens to shake the very foundations of what makes her Luna Lovegood.

Words: 10,608
Chapters: 4
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It is the summer before sixth year. Dumbledore is making a record of his reasoning on the significance of Tom Riddle’s diary, and how Voldemort can be destroyed.

Words: 1,885
Chapters: 1
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Observing Ron by Daphne23

The truth is, she thinks, I'm very good at believing. It was a talent, after all... Seventh year; Ron talks, Luna listens. Vaguely linked to Shades of Purple.

Words: 1,261
Chapters: 1
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Shades of Purple by Daphne23

'How did he get in?' When Sirius Black breaks into Hogwarts for the first time, the students are exiled to the Great Hall and purple sleeping bags. Amongst them Luna Lovegood, who is quickly formulating her own theories...

Words: 1,329
Chapters: 1
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When Dementors board the Hogwarts Express, it's not only Harry that's affected. Ginny is forced to relive her worst memory of the 'memory' that possessed her. 'Missing scene' from PoA. (Edited version of 'Riddle'.)

Words: 1,483
Chapters: 1
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In Memory by Daphne23

\'The adventure ends here, boys! Say goodbye to your memories!\' Lockhart\'s spell works correctly, leading him into the Chamber of Secrets. AU.

Words: 1,267
Chapters: 1
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