A dazzling satire of modern human relations among young magic people? An ironic insight into life with the impending danger of Lord Voldemort? Or the self-centred moaning of a neurotic, single sixteen-year-old? Meet Keira Matthews: Ravenclaw sixth year. Lord Voldemort? Nothing! Keira has bigger problems; problems like all the other Ravenclaw girls being smarter and/or prettier than she is, Elodie "Smellodie" Rivers still going out with Justin Finch-Fletchley (claw claw) and Terry Boot being the most irritating bloke on the planet. Add on failing subjects, undone essays and many, many dodgy charms and...well, you get the idea. Rated PG-13 for language.

Words: 80,255
Chapters: 21
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The Wrong Weasley by Sukie

Ron did not enjoy Bill and Fleur's wedding. It made him feel sicker than that time when he accidentally mistook those aspirin for Acid Pops. So when a combination of animal lust and too much vodka leads him to find Harry and one of his siblings in his bed, his reaction isn't exactly understanding. Sexual humour and weird, slashy pairings afoot! Written before DH.

Words: 2,903
Chapters: 1
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My Obsession by Sukie

She could still remember him. The curve of his jaw, the shade of his hair, the softness of his lips. She could remember the way he looked at her, his eyes as deep and intense as black holes. They were truly entrancing eyes. She could remember being lost in them, locked into their gaze, unable to look away. She could remember the way his fingers felt upon her skin, lightly tracing circles on her arms and upper body, caressing her cheeks, touching her lips. She could remember the way he kissed her, urgently, passionately, as if kissing her was everything he needed to stay alive. And she would never forget him.

Words: 4,890
Chapters: 1
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