It hasn't been a very good year at all for the Malfoy family, but Narcissa is determined to put her best foot forward and keep up appearances in her annual Christmas letter. Warning: contains high quantities of self-delusion, and far more underlining than necessary.

Words: 967
Chapters: 1
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The year of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" was a mixed one for the Malfoy family, but Narcissa is determined to put the best possible spin on events in her annual Christmas letter. Warning: Contains smugness, delusions of grandeur and far too much underlining.

Words: 672
Chapters: 1
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A Sherlock Holmes mystery set in Victorian Hogwarts and London. A valuable artefact has been stolen from Hogwarts, and the only suspect - a Muggleborn pupil - has disappeared. Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black summons Holmes to Hogwarts to retrieve the Ravenclaw Codex, but things are not as simple as they seem, and Holmes and Watson soon find themselves in the middle of a most perplexing case.

Words: 26,931
Chapters: 14
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This is the story of Arthur Weasley's enduring love of Muggles: how it began, how it was received and how he had to struggle to learn as much as he has.

Words: 6,939
Chapters: 1
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Brief Encounter by Pavonis

A short, bittersweet tale in which Vernon Dursley meets Warrington's mother in the King's Cross Station cafe, and they discover that they have something in common... It probably isn't what you think, though. Warning: contains curmudgeonly remarks, and passing references to Goth!Dudley.

Words: 1,362
Chapters: 1
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The End is Nigh by Pavonis

The last of Ginny's brothers has gone off to Hogwarts, and she's bored. Unfortunately, the only wizarding child in Ottery St Catchpole is Luna Lovegood - who's just plain weird. A story of words, chickens, friendship, religious mania and childhood's end.

Words: 8,270
Chapters: 1
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The Hall of Heroes by Pavonis

In which Severus Snape finally gets his just deserts - or does he? Contains mistaken identity, Giants, horned helmets, mead, the Ballad of Severus the Small and His Tiny, Tiny Stick and the final fate of all good Death Eaters.

Words: 7,808
Chapters: 1
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Colin and Luna go for a walk in the Forbidden Forest, and make a discovery that changes their lives. People who think Grawp is just a waste of space – think again. Also contains Ancient Runes, Cho Chang being disinterestedly kind and the advantages of a classical education.

Words: 15,869
Chapters: 1
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A young Muggle woman attends her first Wizarding gathering, and is irresistibly drawn to an interesting young man… until her sister decides to take a hand. This is the story of a love cut off before it ever got a chance to exist, and the lives it changed. It is also by way of being an Awful Warning of how much trouble can be caused by romantic, well-meaning people who read far too much into something that just isn’t there. Members of the Militant wing of Wolfstar are advised that they will not find what they are looking for here.

Words: 2,569
Chapters: 1
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The story of a Pureblood dinner from Hell. After a whirlwind romance abroad, Hermione Granger has become engaged to the son of one of Britain's premier pureblood families. Home on leave, she is invited to a dinner at the Malfoys', where a series of unpleasant surprises are waiting for her.... Featuring Surly!Snape, Adult!Crabbe, Blaise!Zabini and the Aggressive Artichoke

Words: 6,830
Chapters: 1
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Jewel-Bright by Pavonis

“Floating high above the stadium, the Golden Snitch caught sight of him…the Snitch was in love.” Silly but harmless fluff, a serious Missing Moment from GoF, or a parable of how love, however misplaced, is never truly wasted? You decide! Written for the 2005 FictionAlley Valentine’s Day “What’s Your OOTP?” challenge, in response to the randomly generated sentence: “The Golden Snitch has a massive crush on Bartemius Crouch”.

Words: 2,293
Chapters: 1
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