Kihin Ranno

Broken Things by Kihin Ranno

Sirius is beginning to crack, but Remus is afraid of broken things.

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Fumbling Towards by Kihin Ranno Corrupt

After the Battle of Hogwarts, both Harry and Draco find themselves standing on shaky ground, uncertain of the future and even more of their roles in it. Over the years, they must discover that when the floor is crumbling beneath them, they have to hold on to something. Even if it is each other.

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Once, Sirius Black decided to play a very nasty prank on Severus Snape. He told the Slytherin to go down to the Whomping Willow, poke a particular knot, and follow the tunnel where he would undoubtedly find a big surprise. When James Potter heard, he knew exactly how wrong this could go, so he raced down to the Shrieking Shack and saved Snape just before he would have come face-to-face with a feral, merciless, blood-thirsty werewolf. What would have happened if James hadn't made it in time?

Words: 4,132
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Just Be Here by Kihin Ranno

While on vacation with Sirius, Remus has to learn how to live in the moment for the dark days ahead.

Words: 2,565
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When Lily confronts Remus and Sirius with certain questions about the nature of their relationship, they try to write it off. Unfortunately, James and Peter start agreeing with her and pretty soon Sirius and Remus have to fend off everyone's teasing. In this darkened cloud they find a silver lining and a golden opportunity to play a prank on their friends... But they get a lot more out of it than a good laugh. A lot more.

Words: 69,119
Chapters: 12
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How you've turned my world, you precious thing... You starve and near exhaust me. Everything I've done, I've done for you. I move the stars for no one, but I moved them for you. You've run so long. You've run so far. You're eyes can be so a cruel… A cruel reminder of what was, what was not, and what was never meant to be…

Words: 12,023
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What is the song of a wandering man? Is it some tune that he remembers fondly from a time gone by? Or has that tune become so bitter that he can no longer hear it? And so he walks alone... and in silence.

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Not all of our greatest fears haunt us in the presence of the Dementor...

Words: 9,262
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"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar..." There are some things that require analyzing and deep thought. There are some things that have layers and layers of complexities to peel back to find the truth. There are some things that can never be explained no matter how much one looks into it. And then there are some things that are plain... and simple.

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Neville reflects on the past, dreams, and his friendships with Hermione, Harry, and Ron... And we learn a surprising thing about Neville: What he does not fear.

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