Lionsnake Manor

Draconn Malfoy

Story Summary:
AU. The squickfic of all times! The Lupin-Potter-Snape-Malfoy-Black sixsome is living happily in their Lionsnake Manor (AKA Malfoy Manor). However, the future is having some new plans for them. SLASH MPREG (almost) INCEST RLSBHPSSLMDM

Most of the members of the Lupin-Potter-Snape-Malfoy-Black family wake up.

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Harry wakes up. Then he wakes Draco up. Remus, Severus, Sirius, and Lucius discuss their relationship -- and children.

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As the possibility of babies has been brought up, Sirius decides to create a list of the possible pairings. Draco and Sirius "volunteer" to carry the babies along with Harry. Remus's wolf side makes its pick of a mate for the oncoming full moon, which postpones their plans a bit.

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Remus suffers of the pre-full moon symptoms, and Severus decides to check a certain potion... With shocking results.

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Sirius and Draco are woken up by a panicking house-elf. Fearing the worst, they rush to find Severus -- only to discover that the Potions Master is not the one they should be concerned about.

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After the full moon, the Lupin-Potter-Malfoy-Snape-Blacks find out that Remus is indeed pregnant -- something he shouldn't be. Of course, this is not taken lightly by his husbands.

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The family's plans have to be changed completely as Remus is now pregnant and thus unable to father children. Severus has a suggestion, but it drives him and Lucius into a difficult situation.

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It's early in the morning when Harry wakes up -- more at night. He doesn't complain about being woken up, though, as he discovers just what caused the startling sounds.

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Severus is on a dark mood. This leads into him hurting himself -- badly. Fortunately, Draco's there to help him. Later, Lucius's dark story interrupts Harry's and Sirius's joy about their future twins.

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When Remus has a nightmare, it makes Severus and Sirius both remember certain dark times in their shared past. Later, this makes Severus reach a decision -- one his husbands would not like if they knew.

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On a bright, sunny day, a shadow falls over the Lionsnake Manor: Severus has caught the Dark Plague. However, his husbands are determined to take care of him.

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The five more or less healthy occupants of the Lionsnake Manor decide on the names of the children, also debating about the family name issue. A couple of weeks later, however, Draco brings bad news about Severus's health.

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At last, Severus wakes up from his coma. However, not everything is all right with the darkhaired Potions Master.

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Severus is trying his best to return to his usual life despite the still lingering fears. Later, however, Remus gives birth prematurely despite the best efforts of everybody, and Severus' attention as well as Draco's is now directed on keeping little Albus alive.

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Harry and Sirius have their babies.

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In life, there is sorrow, and there is joy. Moments of disappointment and delight take turns in the Lionsnakes' lives, births and deaths, laughter and tears making them feel truly alive.

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