Reign O'er Me


Story Summary:
This fic picks up from where OotP ended; unlike many fics dealing with this period that are angst-ridden, this fic explores a different direction - what might happen if Harry should instead start to get his life together.

Reign O'er Me explores what might happen if Harry were to move past the angst and guilt and start to put his life together again. A few things start to break Harry's way for a change, including a bit of romance. Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel return to Hogwarts, and the law of unintended consequences has a field day.

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Chapter 01

Harry returns to Privet Drive to a flurry of letters.

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Chapter 02

Another letter, but this one's not for Harry. Molly sends Ginny with a care package, a Marauder suceeds, and the law of unintended consequences takes over.

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Chapter 03

The law of unintended consequences kicks into high gear as the aftermath of a kiss unfolds, as Flamel puts Harry in the role of Br'er Rabbit, Harry discovers a better way of keeping Voldemort out of his head, and Molly explains how things are going to be to the Dursleys.

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Chapter 04

Now that Molly has settled Harry and Ginny for the evening, others have to be told... including Ron, who's initially not a happy camper. Hermione makes a wakeup call, and Ginny tells her Harry had a rough night...

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Chapter 05

Again we meet at Wisteria Walk to attempt to understand what has happened. Snape reports on the Dark Lord's reaction and outs that Harry and Ginny did exactly what Molly suggested. We meet Flamel's better half, and Snape pushes Harry just a bit too far, and an interesting discovery is made.

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Chapter 06

At Wisteria Walk, Ron complains about the speed at which Harry is moving and about Ginny's choice of wardrobe. Harry and Ginny deal with some of the practical problems of living in close proximity, and Molly takes the pragmatic view. Remus disrupts the schedule again, and the twins visit and make a confession. Meanwhile, back at Hogwarts, Trelawney predicts a uneventful summer for Harry, and declares a H/G romance just won't work; their charts are all wrong. But she manages to complicate things anyway.

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Chapter 07

We portkey to Gringotts for the reading of Sirius' last will and testiment.

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Chapter 08

After passing through Gringotts, we find ourselves back at Grimmauld Place. There, Minerva McGonagall uses an old reliable to reduce tension, Ginny decides maybe diamonds are not always a girls best friend, and Harry decides he's had enough... at least of some things.

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Chapter 09

Harry gets cut, and something magical is triggered by his blood. Flamel investigages, Dumbledore picks the wrong word, and Harry... well, Harry gets just a tad upset.

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Chapter 10

Harry tells Ron and Hermione about the prophecy; Harry gets the carpet call from Ginny's father, Dobby picks a title for Ginny, Hermione tasks a house elf, a pair of Phoenix sing and cry, and Harry breaks away from Ginny... for a very good reason.

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Chapter 11

Harry has yet again passed the doors of Hogwarts, thus, a

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Chapter 12

Something Harry thought was firmly in the muggle world intrudes on the magical world, Hermione proposes a solution and appeals to Harry to wait long enough for a little help, and yes, one of the Flamels does come through. Then we adjourn to the grounds where things get interesting...

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Chapter 13

Like the name of the chapter says, he's here for more. Poppy Pomfrey patches him up, everyone gets caught up on recent events, the kids practice a bit of defense... and Pernelle is just a tad concerned about the progress of the bonding.

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Chapter 14

Trelawney's third is revealed to a larger group, including Harry. Sirius makes it clear that he's not going to just hang around the house; he'd rather show up at the Ministry in wearing his old Rocker leather; Perenelle has a little talk with Harry and Ginny, and Ginny asks Perenelle to sever their bond! Did she mean it?

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Chapter 15

The morning after and yes, things are better. Lessons finally begin, Sirius reclaims his most beloved possession and prepares to stimulate the economy... and who's the girl referenced in the title song?

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Chapter 16

Nothing like a bit of shopping for some stress relief, to show off your partner, or pick up some new threads... and does Wormtail have any chips left?

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Chapter 17

Wormtail did know something worth a trade... but now the other side knows, too. Meanwhile, a confrontation builds in the Wizengamot over selection of a new minister, and Ron explains how five brothers are better than one sister.

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Chapter 18

Events come to a head in the Wizengamot, and Dumbledore's plan to get the votes he needs falls one short... or does it? A prodigal returns, we get another glimpse of Lena, and the kids interrupt Molly's night out.

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Chapter 19

Some of the Weasleys are not exactly happy with Percy, but he does have Dumbledore in his corner. Sirius has pictures as well as a lot of additional information, Snape seems to have picked up some middle English, and Voldemort has obtained some senstive Ministry documents. The kids spend a bit of quality time talking in some pairing they haven't been able to for awhile... and Snape says the wrong thing once too often and Perenelle reads him the riot act.

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Chapter 20

Draco Malfoy spends some quality time and travels with a long lost aunt and doesn't like the Concorde. We learn that Hermione is widely read - even including Edgar Rice Burroughs - and that Sirius knows how to make travel arrangements. And who IS the oldest living wizard?

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Chapter 21

Both teams are on the ground, and the hunt has begun. It seems there's less than total solidarity among the Death Eater rank and file, and Draco finds a good pub - complete with arches - and discovers a plot. We learn Hermione didn't finish taking her potions and may finally realize there are other resources than a library, and that patience isn't Harry's strongest virtue - but you already knew that. We also meet Chris, who is in charge of the group Sirius hired and ... And yes, like the title suggests, you do see some action.

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Chapter 22

everal threads come together in Eminence Front, as Jamie has her first encounter with the wizarding world. Snape interrupts Ron at just the wrong time, we learn Hermione's pet name for Ron, Draco goes shopping, Sirius uses his nose, and we learn at least part of why Snape knew so much about Jamie.

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Chapter 23

After the battle, it's time to regroup. Ron discovers the great Muggle contribution to civilization - Room Service - while Harry meets Jamie. Sirius isn't planning to return home with the group - and isn't forthcoming about his plans. Harry tries to hire some help... Ron and Hermione have a spat... and was the hotel as well guarded as they had hoped?

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Chapter 24

There are injuries after the last attack - including one that looks serious. Perenelle knows something about the phoneix that saved Jamie, Sirius makes a side trip and Ron begins a bedside vigil, hoping against hope that it's not too late.

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Chapter 25

Hermione seems to be okay, Harry and Jamie have a chat, Harry works out with Perenelle, and Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel return.

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Chapter 26

Harry learns what Voldemort tossed to Dumbledore, another trip to Diagon Alley where one surprise waits and another is prepared, Ron discloses his secret errand... and a pickup game of Quidditch, and a song.

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Chapter 27

The professors are worried, Harry learns more than he'd like about Necromany, Perenelle answers some questions, Draco returns home... Jamie sees another vision, and Voldemort is clearly planning something.

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Chapter 28

Dumbledore's past returns to haunt him, Voldemort raises the ante, and the creature that came back with Sirius shows up again.

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Chapter 29

Dumbledore is at least temporarily out of it, leaving Harry, Ginny and the Flamels to deal with what Voldemort left at the parley. Hermione learns a well placed kick can trump a wand, Ron worries about meeting the Grangers, and Jamie wonders about what Draco wanted to say.

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Chapter 30

Ron meets her parents, and Jamie meets Draco.

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Chapter 31

Draco is tricked into betraying the one person he actually cares about, and no one wants to help, we return to the Grangers, and Sirus talks to Lupin about his search... and Draco and Jamie talk again.

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Jamie tries to convince Harry she's not completely helpless, Sirius finally comes clean, and Cassanda meets Jamie. And Jamie insists on talking to Draco again - a very plastered Draco.

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Draco leads an assault on Malfoy Manor.

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Dumbledore awakens as the aftermath of the raid on Malfoy Manor unfolds.

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It's July 31, 1996: a sweet sixteen party for Harry.

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The truce is over, the professors fret, Draco makes a decision, Sirius explains the birds and the bees, and Harry goes on the offensive.

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The discovery of Harry's parents' legacy provokes strong emotions from Harry and Jamie and new questions for all involved.

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