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Forget Me Nots by xrost

Draco has lost who he loves; Bones has lost who she is. Post war and post Hogwarts, is there anything left for either of them?

Words: 739
Chapters: 1
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Group Therapy by UptheWolves

Life after war is not the storybook that everyone expected. People still die, children still grow up, and Harry Potter still finds himself struggling. Fortunately, he finds someone else to struggle with.

Words: 3,108
Chapters: 1
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What happens to Remus Lupin after the fall of Voldemort? This story focuses on what he does from the years 1981-1993, which we have very little information about. However, there are some very canon occurences. It is my first long-term fic, but please don't judge it on that. There are no ships (so far) in this fic except some L/J references.

Words: 1,441
Chapters: 2
Hits: 0

Severus Snape once spied for the Order of the Phoenix because he had nothing to lose. Following the Dark Lord’s resurrection, he finds himself once more walking a knife edge, this time to protect everything he has gained. "Sequel to The Dream of One Night"

Words: 12,656
Chapters: 1
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Harry Potter and Shantiel Biggs are from two different worlds. He was raised as a Muggle and she was raised as a witch in a home of a prominent pureblood family. The weapon Harry has is love. Yet it's been too long for him to face Voldemort alone. Not even Dumbledore heard the entire prophecy. But how can Harry defeat the darkest wizard in history with someone he doesn't even like, much less trust?

Words: 3,416
Chapters: 1
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