Sirius Black returns to Hogwarts after what he thinks is a few days, but it turns out to be nearly two years. He realizes everything has changed. Can he help Harry with his search for the horcruxes of Voldemort? Or will what happened to him over the past two years haunt him?

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The figure in the Invisibility Cloak. The Order Meeting. A letter from Albus Percival Wulfric Brain Dumbledore. Mad-Eye Moody examines somethnig important. Someone joins the Order. Stupefy! He jumps in front of the curse. But who? Please read "The Return of Sirius Black" Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 before reading this one . . . or it might not make sense! (Just to note: This is the last "Return" fic!)

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Harry finds Sirius asleep and dreaming when he returns from Diagon Alley. What Sirius is dreaming could change Harry's life forever, and his view of Severus Snape. Leaves you waiting for the next part!

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This is the sequel to "The Return of Sirius Black". Harry receives a letter from his godfather detailing several important things, the most important being a clue about R.A.B. One shot, though there may be possible sequels. Author suggests that you read "The Return of Sirius Black" first because this story takes place the next day.

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Chapters: 2
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Part Three of the fic "The Return of Sirius Black". Harry has a dream, talk of mirrors, a letter from Remus Lupin, and a cloaked figure are just some of the things you'll find in this fic.

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Sirius Black did not die. He returns to the Burrow on Harry's 17th birthday. Some definate OotP spoliers, as well as PoA and HBP spoiler.

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Only one thing scared Sirius Black. That thing was death. He was terrified of death. The very thought of it made him crumble inside. It wasn’t only his own death that scared him. Losing his friends chilled his very bones. If he ever lost James, or Remus, or Peter, or Lily, or Harry... he didn’t want to think about it at all. Definite OotP spoliers as well as CoA spoliers. One shot fic with lots of the drama in OotP through Sirius's eyes and an old photograph.

Words: 2,318
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Soul by Snuffles7

They said that he was crazy. That is, he was insane. That was because he sat in Azkaban for twelve years and acted normal; and yet he was deemed crazy. They said that he killed twelve Muggles and one wizard. They said that all he did was laugh when he was caught. They said that he ratted out his two best friends and caused their deaths. They said he felt no remorse. They said that he never shed a tear. They said that he couldn’t love. They said that the dementors couldn’t take his soul because he didn’t have one. Definate PoA spoilers with a slight hint of OotP. One-shot fic.

Words: 568
Chapters: 1
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