Harry Potter and the Guild of the Night


Story Summary:
Harry suffers a terrible injury at the Dursleys that leaves his ability to face Voldemort in doubt. But with the help of Remus Lupin and a mysterious new teacher he has a chance to become more than he was before. Features a grudgingly neutral Snape and a Ginny who knows what she wants or rather who she wants.

Chapter 01

Harry suffers a terrible injury at the Dursleys that leaves his ability to face Voldemort in doubt. But with the help of Remus Lupin and a mysterious new teacher he has a chance to become more than he was before. Features a grudgingly neutral Snape and a Ginny who knows what she wants or rather who she wants.

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The Weasleys and Hermione find out what's happened, Harry finds out the bad news and starts to learn what he can and can't do and what is going to be done with him now and his relationship with Remus starts to change.

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Chapter 03

Harry starts Occlumency again and he meets his new teacher. There are stories told and questions asked.

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Chapter 04

Harry does some thinking and some training. He has a chat with Remus and makes both of their days. There is a discussion about Occlumency and Master Nhean predicts the future. (No Divination here!)

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Chapter 05

Harry's house of cards collapses and Snape has to start picking up the pieces before handing off to Remus. Harry talks and Remus explains a few things.

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Chapter 06

The Weasleys, Neville and Luna arrive and a few explanations are in order. Also OWL results are mentioned.

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Chapter 07

Voldemort rears his ugly little head and Harry and Snape avoid insulting each other. Harry finds out something new about himself and joins the Guild of the Night with the help of Remus, Ron and Hermione.

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Chapter 08

Snape gives a report and Harry asks some questions. He also gets a sharp surprise and does some magic.

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Chapter 09

Harry has dinner and a rather interesting discussion arises. We find out more about Oversight and get some insights into a few people.

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Chapter 10

Harry has an interesting talk with Snape and finds an interesting surprise when he gets back to his room. And yep, he ends up in the hospital wing again!

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Chapter 11

It's Harry's birthday! Lots of presents abound! We get some news about the Dursleys and its time for Ginny to get into the story.

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Chapter 12

Snape goes to a meeting where we learn some interesting things. Harry has a bad reaction and there is a bit of a discussion.

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Chapter 13

Harry and his friends do some serious training with Master Nhean.

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Chapter 14

Well, here it is - Part 1 of the Dursley's hearing. We hear the evidence from Dumbledore, Remus, Snape and Madam Pomfrey. We also hear from Vernon and Petunia Dursley.

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Chapter 15

We see the end of the trial and the verdict on the Dursleys. Harry discovers that something he thought was lost is in fact still possible and Hagrid gives him a present.

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Chapter 16

Harry's mysterious egg hatches - when is Hagrid going to learn about the difference between dangerous and not dangerous? It does make dinnertime interesting though. Harry learns something new about his Oversight and manages to completely annoy Voldemort.

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Chapter 17

Harry has an interesting Occlumency lesson and he starts something serious in his Guild training. Snape goes to a meeting which Harry sees and misinterprets something. He confronts Snape (oh dear!) and then talks to Remus.

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Chapter 18

We move forward a bit and Harry has an interesting discussion with Snape and Master Nhean then it's off to Diagon Alley. Finally Harry has his normal start to the school year - bad.

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Chapter 19

Harry recovers from the events of the previous night and he moves back into Gryffindor Tower. He gets some good news at the Welcoming Feast and has little run in with Draco.

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Chapter 20

Harry has an interesting training session with Ron and Master Nhean. He stages yet another run-in with Draco, has a discussion with Ginny and we get some quidditch training in!

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Chapter 21

Snape finishes brewing his potions and we find out what Voldemort wants with them. Sorry, can't add any more to the summary without giving things away.

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Chapter 22

Harry has an interesting conversation with Snape in his potions lesson. Sirius has an alarming conversation with Tom. Harry lets his friends in on the events of the previous night and Snape does something he may end up regretting.

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Chapter 23

Severus demands a plan. Harry has his first Quidditch game. Snape informs Harry of the need for a plan and they wait. Draco lets something slip and Harry and Snape can wait no longer.

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Chapter 24

A rescue mission and the revelation of a betrayal. We find out what Harry's training has been all about. A few explanations come out and Sirius asks for a favour. And now they have to explain everything to the Headmaster.

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Chapter 25

Harry, Sirius and Remus talk and Sirius gets his trial. (Sorry that's about it for this chapter!)

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Chapter 26

We find out what Voldemort's been up too. Sirius goes wild with his new freedom and Harry has a sudden realisation. We learn some things about Voldemort's new magic and Harry discovers a new aspect to his link and a new facet of Occlumency and Legilimancy. We find out what Draco's been up to - naughty boy!

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Chapter 27

Harry discusses the implications of what he saw last night with his friends. Dumbledore makes a decision about Draco.

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Chapter 28

We have a DA meeting and guess who turns up?? And we find out what Harry and his friends have been up to in their training sessions with Master Nhean......and it's quite a bit!

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Chapter 29

Sirius starts teaching members of the DA about becoming an animagus. Harry meets with some succes and then is confronted with a few surprises. Christmas holidays start and Harry has a little fun at dinner.

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Chapter 30

Fudge disappears and Harry has a chat with a Hufflepuff. We get some disturbing news and witness a reconciliation. There is some planning done and Harry and Snape head off to do something dangerous.

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Chapter 31

Harry and Snape venture into Voldemorts mind but not before Harry egts another surprise and we find out something surprising about one of Harry's friends. Hary has a talk with Sirius and the DA do some more animagus work and we see some success.

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Chapter 32

Harry and Snape take another dip into Voldemort's mind and find out something rather startling. Preparations are made and people get ready.

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Chapter 33

We get stuck into the battle - First Draco, then the Slytherins then we fight.

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Chapter 34

The Battle continues - we get some Priori Incantatem and some mind work. Snape takes a risk Harry wins...... Then we get the aftermath.

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Chapter 35

We get the rest of the aftermath and the school year comes to an end.

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It the end of the school year and it time for everyone to go home.

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