Lily admires a boy from afar, and she's finally going to tell him on his birthday. But another girl gets in the way, causing Lily to question whether or not she really likes him.

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Chapters: 1
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A little snippet from the life of Ron, Hermione, Hugo, and Rose. Rose gets ahold of Daddy's wand one day while the family was playing in the snow.

Words: 875
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James and Sirius have been working really hard in the classes all day long, and they're so thirsty. It just so happens that James has some "butterbeer" in his bag. Will McGonagall give them a drink break?

Words: 543
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The Marauders were playing a game of truth-or-dare, and Sirius was dared to do something extremely embarrassing during breakfast. What is it, and how will the students and professors react?

Words: 1,094
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