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Published: 01/26/2004
Updated: 06/16/2005
Words: 10,339
Chapters: 6
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Change of Events

Draconn Malfoy

Story Summary:
On the Trio's last day at Hogwarts the whole school is in for a shock. Severus's proposal to Harry is most certainly not the last surprise that is to come. Slash & mpreg SS/HP RL/SB.

It's the Trio's last day at Hogwarts, but Draco seems to be up to something. Something that most of people will find highly unexpected - or, at least on Harry's part, very pleasant. McGonagall faints, accompanied by Ginny, and Ron's astonished.

Words: 925
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The couple Black shows up. Sirius gets very, very surprised when he heards of Harry's engagement. To be precise, he faints.

Words: 1,426
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Chapter 03 - A Snog

Before Graduation, Harry escaped to see his fiancé, with very... satisfying results. When he later returns to see his beloved, he finds somebody he wouldn't have expected to be there.

Words: 1,954
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Remus's moods are swinging quite a bit. So, when Sirius tries to refuse to attend to Harry's birthday party at the Snape Manor, he finds himself given rather horrible threats by his usually so reserved and quiet lover. In the end, however, everybody but Sirius finds Snape at least mostly human.

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Severus has morning sickness, Harry and Sirius have a talk, and Remus has a surprise.

Words: 1,931
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Simone and Belinda do something they're not supposed to do, Bill is satisfied, Luna and Stella are absent, Michael and Melena are awake, Harry and Sirius are stupid, and Severus and Remus talk.

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