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Published: 01/26/2004
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Change of Events

Draconn Malfoy

Story Summary:
On the Trio's last day at Hogwarts the whole school is in for a shock. Severus's proposal to Harry is most certainly not the last surprise that is to come. Slash & mpreg SS/HP RL/SB.

Chapter 03 - A Snog

Chapter Summary:
Before Graduation, Harry escaped to see his fiancé, with very... satisfying results. When he later returns to see his beloved, he finds somebody he wouldn't have expected to be there.
Author's Note:
Take a deep breath. There. Yeah, I actually am updating this. No kidding. I noticed that this one had not been updated since last year, and it's been about forever on the bottom of my list of lastly updated WIPs.

Change of Events

A Snog


"Should we have told Sirius that you disappeared for two hours between the breakfast and the Graduation ceremonies?" Hermione asked, smiling innocently, as they got out of hearing of the still shocked man.

Harry shivered. "Just imagine what would have happened," he muttered. "He'd have killed me, Severus, or himself. No way."

"And your point is?" Ron smirked. "That would be quite amusing to watch, actually. Plus, we'd get rid of Snape. That would be worth losing you."

"And you'd tell Remus, then?" Harry asked dryly. "I've heard that pregnant witches and wizards, especially werewolves, can sometimes lose the control over their magic if they get highly upset. Plus, it could cause a mood swing. Would you really want to be turned into a toad and try to duck the stuff he's tossing around -- or have nice pink bunny ears and try to get him stop crying?"

Ron swallowed. "You're right," he muttered. "I'd rather not."

"I figured so," Harry said, smirking. He had a strong suspicion that his expression turned into a goofy grin as he remembered his visit to Severus after the breakfast. He didn't particularly care, however. The visit was definitely worth remembering.

Shortly after they had left Sirius into his husband's care, Harry'd parted from his friends in the corridor. Not giving any explanations, as none were needed, he had headed towards the dungeons and the person he had known was waiting for him there.

Severus had indeed opened the door almost before Harry could knock on it. Stepping aside to allow Harry into his quarters, Severus had merely nodded silently in greeting. Only when the door had been properly closed behind him had Harry spoken.


"Severus." For a moment, Harry remained silent. Then he continued weakly, "I - I don't know what to say."

"When you said, 'yes', it was all I ever need to hear you saying." After another moment of silence, Severus spoke again, sounding almost nervous -- Severus? Nervous? Not in the same sentence -- for some reason Harry couldn't understand at first. "Harry... Would you still say the same?"

The young wizard blinked in confusion. Then, his eyes flew very wide. "Of course, Severus!" he replied in an instant. "Why wouldn't I? It's been only half an hour, what could have made me change my mind?"

"Well -- your godfather didn't seem to be taking it very well. What with the fainting and all." Severus avoided his eyes, looking slightly uneasy. In an instant, Harry realized what was wrong.

"Oh, Severus," the bespectacled wizard sighed, drawing the taller man into his arms. "When will you understand that I don't give a fuck to what Sirius has to say about this -- about us? He's my godfather and my guardian, right, and I love him as such. However, if he tries to step between you and me, he'll soon be very, very sorry."

For a moment, his lover -- his fiancé, Harry corrected himself with a silent wave of joy hitting him -- was completely silent, most probably in sheer amazement. Everyone knew that Harry usually valued Sirius's opinion about things above anything else. He had publicly gone against Dumbledore's orders in the War when Sirius had told him otherwise, hadn't he?

Then Severus seemed to collect himself. He wrapped his arms around Harry to return the embrace. "Thank you, Harry," he murmured into the teen's messy hair.

"No, thank you, Severus," mumbled Harry back. "Why did you do it, anyway?"

"I'm a Slytherin," said Severus simply, "and we are really possessive. As long as you were here at school, under my eyes, or we were fighting Voldemort side by side, I could be sure that you were mine, and mine alone. Now, however, Voldemort is gone, and you are leaving the school. I just wanted to make sure that nobody would get stupid ideas, such as trying to lure themselves into Harry Potter's bed."

Harry smirked. "You truly are annoying, aren't you, Sev?" he teased.

"Do not call me Sev," replied Severus. And then he found something else to occupy Harry's mouth with.

.:'HP':.End Flashback.:'SS':.

Quite unsurprisingly, Harry soon found himself alone, wandering towards the dungeons. To his great surprise, he saw Remus coming out of Severus's quarters just then. "What's this?" he asked with a mock-suspicious tone. "Am I being cheated on, or what?"

"Oh, Harry!" chirped Remus, sounding really cheerful. Seemingly his mood has changed sometime during the last half an hour. "Do not worry, we just talked. I'm now going to go bashing Sirius."

"Sounds like a good idea," commented Severus dryly. Then he turned towards Harry with a rare smile on his face. "So, Harry... Would you like to spend your summer here in the dungeons, or should we maybe go to the Snape Manor for the holidays?"

"I could do that?" Harry asked, his eyes lighting up with excitement.

"Of course you can," laughed Remus. "You're seventeen, Harry, and you'll soon be eighteen. You're free to go wherever you want. I'll make sure Sirius won't protest too loudly." And with a smirk and a wink, he hurried away.

Harry exchanged a brief glance with Severus. Then he said, "Okay, so what did you slip into his tea?"

"Nothing," replied Severus mildly. "I just gave him a full box of Honeydukes's best chocolate and talked sweetly. It worked wonders."

Chuckling, Harry said, "You're one really bad Slytherin, are you not?"

"Oh, that I am," said the Potions Master with a smirk. "Shall we now discuss your living arrangements for the oncoming summer? Not to forget our wedding, of course."

"Sounds like a brilliant idea." And with a bright smile at his fiancé - oh, how sweet that word was! - he followed Severus into the Slytherin's quarters for the second time that day.


It was quiet for a moment in Remus and Sirius's rooms - for the first time in what seemed like forever. When Remus had arrived there, he'd immediately started ranting about how Sirius should approve Harry's choices and how he had no right to bitch at his godson like that. Now the werewolf sat in a chair, seemingly comfortable and satisfied with his work, while Sirius was trying to defend himself.

"Look, Remus, I am sorry, okay?" Sirius sighed. "I'm just angry, and shocked. I need time to get over this, and -- where did you get that chocolate?"

"Severus gave it to me," the werewolf replied carefreely. "And no, you cannot have any."

"So Snape bribed you, didn't he?" accused Sirius, his eyes flashing with anger. "That's why you're saying I should accept he and Harry's relationship!"

"No, Sirius," said Remus, sighing deeply. "I'm saying this because it's what I think about all this."

"Don't give me that crap," spat the Animagus. "Snape - hey, wait a minute! Do not eat that chocolate anymore, he's obviously drugged it! How that fucking bastard dares? I swear I will --"

Just then, he stopped, as he'd noticed something unbelievable. Remus wasn't calm and controlled anymore - well, not even as much as he'd been after the mood swings set in. Instead, the werewolf was crying silently.

"You -- you do not love me," sobbed his golden-haired husband. "If you did, you would listen to what I have to say. Now you don't believe me -- you don't love me!" And then, he started weeping pitifully, bawling his eyes out like a little child without his mother.

Sighing, Sirius leant forward, drawing the other wizard into a warm embrace. "Calm down, dear," he said soothingly. "I do love you, Remus. I trust you and I listen to you. It's Snape I don't trust, not with Harry, not with you, not with anything."

"Y-you lie!" accused the werewolf, still crying and seemingly not going to stop anytime soon. "You don't love me and you don't love Harry, and you certainly do not love our child!"

So it again came down to this. Trying to get his thoughts in something resembling an order, Sirius started to pet Remus's hair. "I love you, Moony," he murmured soothingly. "I love you, and I love Harry, and especially I love our child. I'm not saying that Harry couldn't be with anybody he chooses, I'm just saying that I don't think his choice is very wise. And I'm suspicious about Snape's motives in all this. Why's he doing this?"

"B-because he loves Harry," murmured Remus, getting his tears subside a bit. "Because he loves him wholly and truly and wants to be with him because of that, not because he has some hideous plots. Or because he's feeling responsible!"

This time Sirius resorted to a mental sigh. How many times would they go this over again? "Hey, Moony, think about it," he said gently. "I proposed to you and married you far before we even knew about the kid being on the way, didn't I? I'm of course glad that we're having a baby, but I would be with you even if we never got a single kid. It's not because of your pregnancy that I'm with you; it's because I love you, you and the kid. Do you understand?"

"If you love Harry," Remus sniffled, "if you really love Harry, then why aren't you even trying to accept Severus? Just for Harry's sake?"

"Because I do not trust him." Another sigh. Seemingly this was going to continue for a long, long time. "I only want the best for Harry, and think he could do better than Snape."

"Who could be better than somebody who loves him wholly and unconditionally?" questioned his husband. "You cannot deny it, Sirius. They truly love each other."

"You know I don't trust him because he's always been a bastard to me," replied Sirius, struggling to remain at least relatively calm. "I can't help thinking that he's only trying to break Harry's heart to get back at me and James in a way."

"And why has he always been a bastard to you? Because you've been one to him!" snapped Remus, back on his fiery mood again. "You were nothing but a school bully back then, Sirius, both you and James. I'm not saying that I was any better, I should have tried to stop you, but you certainly cannot complain if Severus is not nice to you. You practically turned his life in Hogwarts into a hell! Sure, he was nasty to you, but only after you started picking on him! It was you who started it all!"

Well, that was true - in a way. However, Sirius was like people usually were, remembering things like was the best to himself. He certainly did not remember being the big, bad school bully whom the bullied one tried to have revenge at. No, all he could remember was just getting back at Snape whenever the Slytherin was nasty to him and his friends.

However, Sirius was not a stupid man. After all, he had managed to keep up with top grades, homework, Quidditch, pranks, and Slytherin torture all his years in Hogwarts with no problem at all. Therefore, he made sure not to voice his own opinion of the matter. Instead, he just sighed. "Fine, you're right," he admitted resignedly. "I'll try to stand Snape, for Harry's sake. But mark my words, if he takes one step out of line, I will personally see that he's skinned alive and fed to the Giant Squid."

"That's right!" squealed Remus in delight. "I wouldn't have expected any more from you!" While Sirius tried to figure out whether he'd been insulted or complimented, Remus calmly went on eating his chocolate, now completely ignoring his husband.

Author notes: Now, there it is. You like? You not like? You tell me! ::nod nod::