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Published: 01/26/2004
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Change of Events

Draconn Malfoy

Story Summary:
On the Trio's last day at Hogwarts the whole school is in for a shock. Severus's proposal to Harry is most certainly not the last surprise that is to come. Slash & mpreg SS/HP RL/SB.

Chapter 02 - A Swing

Chapter Summary:
The couple Black shows up. Sirius gets very, very surprised when he heards of Harry's engagement. To be precise, he faints.
Author's Note:
Now, it's getting PG-13. Just wait...

Change of Events

A Swing


"This is a joke, right?" Ron said. "You aren't really engaged with Snape? This is only a twisted, dirty, sick joke I don't really want to know reasons for?"

"Sorry, Ron," Harry replied, "but it isn't." He raised his left hand, adoring the little sparkling ring in it. "It's true. It's very true."

Ron gaged in disgust and moved his chair away from Harry. Hermione just stared at him, her eyes wider than Harry had ever seen them before - not even when professor Trelawney had asked her for a date on their fifth year.

"You've got such a closed mind, Weasley," Draco snorted. "What's wrong with you? You look like somebody had Petrified you."

"Well, it's not every day your best friend claims his undying love to your most hated teacher," Seamus said cheerfully from Ron's other side. "That was the way to go, Harry!"

"Exactly," Dean grinned and pecked Seamus on the cheek. "Gay power!" he then exclaimed, making Seamus, Harry, and Draco laugh. All the others were still too shocked to do anything.

"Well, at least some of you Gryffin-dorks seem to have some sense in their heads," Draco grinned and nodded approvingly to Dean and Seamus. "Excuse me now, I have to go back to my table." He bowed gracely to the Gryffindors and grinned. "And Harry? I know you don't want anything more than go snoggin right now, but you'd better start planning how you're going to explain this to your godfather."

"Sirius!" Harry exclaimed, becoming very pale. "He's not going to take this very well."

"What I'm not going to take very well?" he heard a calm voice from behind him.

Harry turned around to face both of his guardians, Sirius and Remus Black. They were both eyeing him very curiously.

"Sirius!" he said. "And Remus! Exactly how long have you stood there?"

"We walked in five minutes ago," Remus replied calmly. "Why so? What has happened?" He looked around at the still stunned Gryffindors, then at Draco, who stood in front of Harry, curiosity coming over his former attempts to leave. A knowing smile lit up his face.

Harry smiled nervously back. Remus knew about he and Severus - there weren't many things that Remus didn't know, the werewolf heard everything. Heck, he had *smelled* Severus's scent from Harry at one night. Remus had been a bit surprised first, but then, the sensible and kind man he was, he had accepted it with no problems at all. He only had made Harry to promise to always use the proper precaution - especially after Remus himself had got pregnant, which had been three months ago.

But Sirius didn't know. And Sirius wasn't going to take this very well.

"Harry?" Sirius asked, interrupting his thoughts. "Harry, if you don't tell me what's going on, somebody else better do so." He glanced at the students. "Well?" he asked.

"Harry's just got engaged," Draco said, smirking.

"WHAT?" Sirius shouted. "With whom?" He eyed Draco suspiciously. "Not with you? Please, anyone but a Malfoy!"

"What a compliment," Draco snorted. "No, not me. I was only the one to ask, but the real fiance of his is," he said with a sly grin, "sitting over there." He pointed at the staff table. Sirius looked at the place he was pointing at.

Severus Snape looked back at him.

For Harry's great surprise, he didn't say anything. Instead, he just sneered and began to fall down. Remus caught his mate just before the Animagus hit the floor.

"Sirius!" Harry exclaimed. "He fainted!"

"Very well so," Remus muttered. "Could somebody please cast a levitation charm on him? He isn't one of the lightest men I know, and no matter how much I've tried, I can't hold a wand without hands."

"Sure," Hermione replied, immediately shaking off her shock when there was an opportunity to show her magical skills. In an instant Sirius was flowing in the air. "Where should we take him?"

"To I and Sirius's room," Remus replied. "Dumbledore gave us one when we told about our plans to surprise Harry - we arrived yesterday."

Hermione nodded and followed her former professor. Harry did the same and, after only a little bit of hesitating, Ron as well.

Draco smiled and shook his head, heading to the Slytherin table.

"Mmm... What happened?" Sirius asked, blinking. He looked at the people around him - besides Remus, Harry, Ron and Hermione were there as well.

"You fainted, honey," Remus replied, stroking gently his husband's arm.

"You're not anymore in your school robes, nor are you in the graduation robes," Sirius noticed when he looked at the teens. "I didn't miss the graduation, did I?"

"I'm sorry tell this, Sirius dear, but yes, you did," Remus smiled. "You fainted right after you heard of Harry's engagement, and -"

"Merlin!" Sirius's scream interrupted him. "It is true, then? It wasn't a nightmare? You're really engaged to Snape?" He stared at his godson, an interesting mix of terror and disgust on his face - if the situation had been different, Harry would have laughed out loud.

"It's the most real thing I've heard today," Ron said, "no matter how unreal it still feels like." They had discussed about it later after the incident, and Ron and Hermione had decided that if Snape could really make Harry happy, then they couldn't really stop him from loving him.

"How exactly did it happen?" Sirius asked Harry.

"He proposed me," Harry replied, shrugging. "Only little before you came in. And I accepted."

"Why did you accept?" Sirius asked furiously. "Did he force you to it? Has he knocked you up?"

"Sirius!" Harry cried out. He was positively shocked. He knew that Sirius despised Severus, but couldn't he stop insulting him just for Harry, if not for anything else?

Sirius opened his mouth again, but Remus interrupted him with an angry growl. "You said that like there was something bad in being pregnant," he blamed the black-haired man.

"No!" Sirius exclaimed. He stared at Remus, surprised by his mate's words. The others were staring at well. Remus was usually mild-mannered and kind, and he never took the insults on himself. "I'd never say anything like that, Remie!"

"You already did!" the werewolf shouted. His eyes were glowing with fury they had never seen before. "You stated that a man being pregnant is equally bad to Snape forcing Harry to marry him!"

"No, I didn't!" Sirius said, trying to defend himself. "I said that Snape making Harry pregnant is equally bad to he forcing Harry to marriage, because until this day, Harry was a student and Snape his teacher!"

"So a pregnant man is equal to child molesting?" Remus asked bitterly.

"No, Merlin, NO! Remus, darling, I..." Sirius shook his head, totally lost his hope. "There's nothing bad in a pregnant man, honey. I love and respect you, Remus. The only one I don't like is Snape, and his pervert attempts on Harry."

"Fine," Remus muttered, and tears began rolling on his cheeks. "So you're not allowing Harry to love the man he chooses. Therefore, you don't love Harry." He was now really crying, tears of fury rather than sorrow. "If you don't love your godson, I can't really imagine you'd love your own son!"

"Remus!" Sirius screamed, terrified. The werewolf, however, shook his head and took a step backwards.

"I understand, Sirius. I understand completely. You're with me only because you're trying to bear your responsibilities, right? You don't really love me! You never did!" With these words, he turned around and ran out of the room.

They all stared after him, shocked. At last, Hermione broke the tensed silence.

"What - what was that about?" she asked, her voice barely more than a whisper.

"One of the infamous mood swings," Sirius sighed. "Believe me, that wasn't even one of the worst. Just imagine what it is like to live with him all the time. I do love him with all my heart, but sometimes he's really making it pretty difficult." Then he glanced sideways at Harry. "I think you'd better leave now, it isn't very pretty if he's still angry when he get's back - but don't you think that our conversation is over," he said.

"I don't," Harry muttered. "But I have to say that Remus, despite all that rambling, really had a point."

"Oh?" Sirius said, raising an eyebrow. "And what might that be?"

"Think about it," he merely replied before leaving the room with his two friends.

Author notes: Still, no flames. The angry Hippogriff is already waiting for you. (No, Buckbead, no! Wait until they've actually sent the flames!)
Next chapter will have some more Harry/Severus. Yeah, I'm getting them together. Alone. No others.
And yes, I'm still trying to keep this PG-13. Sorry about that.