Chica Inglesa

In a world where Voldemort has assumed a dictatorship across Wizarding Britain and Harry has died, his remaining allies struggle to survive. Five years later, Ginny Weasley finds herself facing new struggles in the form of an exiled Draco Malfoy. What she doesn't realise is these struggles could lead to something so much more...

Words: 12,443
Chapters: 3
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Nine years after the Battle of Hogwarts, the Malfoy family are still shamed by society for their part in the war. But, when Narcissa Malfoy devises a new plan for her son to win back public opinion by joining the respectable staff of Hogwarts, how far is he willing to go to succeed and return his family to their once great position?

Words: 9,586
Chapters: 2
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Chocolates by Chica Inglesa

Find out how Tom deals with a hormonal Ginny, who also has an addiction to Belgian chocolates.

Words: 1,415
Chapters: 1
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Ribbons by Chica Inglesa

It was no fun being a real life princess; she wanted to be like the ones in the fairytales: perfect, plastic, and pink.

Words: 927
Chapters: 1
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