Tension by Aradion

During Harry's conversation with Scrimgeour, Percy holds a heated discussion with the Weasleys. Twenty minutes later, he's still intact...

Words: 1,600
Chapters: 1
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Children's Games by Aradion

Dominique and Lyssander with their childlike naivety make up their own game that marks not only the beginning of their friendship but the direction of their lives as well. Everything is acceptable. The only rule is that there are no rules to follow, and they both have to accept the challenges they present each other with -- challenges that shame their families, enrage their circle and make them feel happier than anyone else. But as they grow up, their innocent and cute little game becomes harsher, bending all moral prohibitions and stretching their endurance to the limits of their very existence. But in the end that's just another children's game, isn't it? "I love you more than life itself...I dare."

Words: 1,806
Chapters: 1
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In Her Presence by Aradion

You go back to the woods, hoping she'll be waiting for you in the depressing shadows, in the fume of the fog. She's not.

Words: 1,648
Chapters: 1
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Rose Weasley has decided to keep her word. Yesterday, she promised to try not to hate her family so much - even though this is currently proving to be incredibly difficult. Today, she is going to prove that she is not a wet blanket. She just doesn't know how...

Words: 3,635
Chapters: 1
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