Harry Potter and the Power of Emotions


Story Summary:
Harry wakes up around midnight. A few moments later he finds that Fred and George have apparated into his room.

Chapter 01

Harry wakes up around midnight. A few moments later he finds that Fred and George have apparated into his room.

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Chapter 02

Harry goes to the Burrow and comes to new insights.

Words: 1,201
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Chapter 03

Harry and the Weasleys go to the Headquarters. When Harry gets there, Dumbledore wants to talk to him in private.

Words: 1,097
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Chapter 04

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny need to get their new Hogwarts things in Diagon Alley.

Words: 1,316
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Chapter 05

Harry and friends arrive at platform nine and three-quarters. There is a new Sorting Hat song and a boy with a interesting name is sorted.

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Chapter 06

Everyone has their first lessons, but what exctly will be happening in the Room of Requirement?

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Chapter 07

Why was Hermione kissing Draco Malfoy? And what is Voldemort up to?

Words: 1,237
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Chapter 08

Harry goes to the Owlery to send Hedwig with the letter to Dumbledore. But who are fighting in the Owlery at the top of their voice?

Words: 1,196
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Chapter 09

Rendezvous at the lake...

Words: 1,236
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Chapter 10

Harry's first lesson is coming up. What is he going to teach his students?

Words: 1,240
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Chapter 11

Harrys first lesson. What will happen? And who is cowering person Harry finds in an empty classroom?

Words: 1,230
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Chapter 12

Harry confronts Hermione with what he thinks Snape saw in her mind. And Lord Voldemort makes a surprise appearance

Words: 1,303
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Chapter 13

Why didn't Harry kill Voldemort when he had the chance?

Words: 732
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Chapter 14

Harry has a Divination lesson and the first Quidditch match of the Season

Words: 918
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Chapter 15

Harry talks to Dumbledore and Harry has his first lesson with the Slytherins...

Words: 783
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Chapter 16

It's almost Christmas and Harry doesn't know where to stay... he has three options: Hogwarts, the Burrow and...

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Chapter 17

Everybody is going home for the Christmas holidays and for the first time Harry joins his friends on the train!

Words: 761
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Chapter 18

Harry and Luna arrive at Platform nine and three quarters. Harry finally meets Mr. Lovegood!

Words: 689
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Chapter 19

Harry and Luna help out a bit at the Quibbler...

Words: 717
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Chapter 20

The Lovegoods and Harry spent Christmas at the Burrow...

Words: 615
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