Harry Potter and the Power of Emotions


Story Summary:
Harry wakes up around midnight. A few moments later he finds that Fred and George have apparated into his room.

Chapter 13

Chapter Summary:
Why didn't Harry kill Voldemort when he had the chance?
Author's Note:
Thanks to Slytherincess for beta-ing the first 103 words of this chapter.

Chapter 13: Making his way known!

Harry went immediately to Dumbledore's office. The gargoyle let him through even before he had given the password.

"You did a very brave thing there, Harry," said Dumbledore, "now give me Tom's wand!"

Harry laid Voldemort's wand on Dumbledore's desk.

"I wanted to give it back to him via professor Snape," said Harry, "I know professor Snape doesn't like me, but I think he would do this. It would also strengthen his position as a spy for the Order."

"I see you've found another way to stop Voldemort from possessing you," said Dumbledore calmly, stroking his beard as he walked around the room. "I don't think he will wait a year and a half before he will try to kill you again, Harry. Therefore you must study harder at the thing Snape teaches you. Snape will be your Private Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. He knows more about the actual Dark Arts since... well since he used to practise them himself."

"I know," answered Harry.

"I believe you study Leglimency again tonight, Harry. You could talk then about what he can learn you and what you want to learn," spoke Dumbledore. Harry thought the conversation over, and started walking to the door.

"Just one more question, Harry," said Dumbledore, surveying Harry over his half-moon spectacles, "Why haven't you killed Lord Voldemort just now?"

"Er..." Harry began, "I guess I have not enough strength, yet, to cause him more than just the pain of the Cruciatus Curse."

"True, it takes a great deal of strength to practise the Dark Arts. But remember Harry," said Dumbledore, "you are the only student in this school that I allow to study the Dark Arts themselves. Study them, in order to finds ways of fighting against them."


While Harry walked through the Hall he was hailed by all the students, because he chased Lord Voldemort away. Everyone had now seen Lord Voldemort. Colin had even taken a picture of him. This reminded Harry of Rita Skeeter.

When he saw Hermione he said: "Hermione, would you like to send an owl to Rita again?" "No, Mr. teacher, you forbid me to see Draco and to make up my own mind about who I like," said Hermione.

"It's just because of Snape remember that. You know he's skilled at Leglimency and if he sees just a trace of you 'I love Draco Malfoy' thoughts in your head, Malfoy gets punished for them. Now, you don't want that, do you?" asked Harry.

"I s-suppose not," stammered Hermione, "and I g-guess I could send an owl to Rita, but what for?"

"Well," said Harry carefully, "I want her to write a story about what happened today. She can even get a nice picture of Voldemort himself from Colin I bet."

"But wouldn't everyone want to know why you let him go? Why you used an Unforgivable Curse on him, or what prevented you from possession?" asked Hermione.

"Probably, but to answer the first question, he did this to me once. And I am grateful for it. Thanks to that act of him I'm still alive. I played on his love for a good fight. It's not hard to win from an underage wizard, who is therefore not fully trained. It would be harder and more fun, so to say, if I was of age and fully trained. So I guess next summer, he'll show up at the Dursleys or something. Why I used an Unforgivable Curse is just to see if it worked, I just needed to see which wand I had to use for it. I used his own wand to curse him," said Harry.

Ron had walked up to Harry and Hermione by now asked: "How could you do that, then?"

"I guess I used a little Leglimency. It's easier for me, because of the scar. The scar is a natural connection between us. I just went in Voldemort's mind and used his thoughts while I used the Cruciatus Curse. That's my opinion anyway. And what prevented me, I will not have in the Daily Prophet OR the Quibbler. It was a shield of positive human emotions, Voldemort isn't capable of them!" Harry concluded.

"Wow, Harry! That is so wicked!" said Ron.
"Did that save you before?" asked Hermione.

"Yes. It did. Several times," said Harry, "although not in this way."

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