Harry Potter and the Power of Emotions


Story Summary:
Harry wakes up around midnight. A few moments later he finds that Fred and George have apparated into his room.

Chapter 05

Chapter Summary:
Harry and friends arrive at platform nine and three-quarters. There is a new Sorting Hat song and a boy with a interesting name is sorted.

Chapter 5: Secrets overheard.

Harry arrived at platform nine and three-quarters again with a guard of Order members. After they had said goodbye to all of the guard, Ron and Hermione went to the Prefects carriage, while Harry and Ginny put their trunks in an empty compartment and sat down. They were soon followed by Neville and Luna.

Luna settled down and said: "Did you enjoy the edition of The Quibbler that I sent you, Harry?"

"Yes, very much," Harry replied. He had really enjoyed reading about and seeing what a Crumple-Horned Snorkack was.

"Next time, Daddy is thinking of investigating Nargles further," Luna continued.

"That's interesting. Do they infest only mistletoes or do they also infest other plants and things?" asked Harry. Ginny and Neville looked at Harry and Luna and then at each other.

"Nargles? Mistletoe? How come Harry knows so much about creatures that don't exist?" Ginny whispered to Neville.

Luna pretended not to hear Ginny's whisper.

"Oh, they do infest other things, but they are famous for infesting mistletoes," Luna answered and went to read The Quibbler upside-down again.

"Why are you reading the magazine upside down?" asked Neville in a squeaky voice.

"This way it gives you a whole different insight in the meaning of the article in it," said Luna, looking up from the magazine.

Harry bought some candy from the food trolley and shared it with the others. Finally Hermione and Ron showed up.

"There are eight new Prefects. Colin is Prefect for Gryffindor. I don't know the others," said Ron, helping himself to a Chocolate Frog.

"Cho is Head Girl, and Davies is Head Boy," said Hermione. "Sorry, Harry!"

"Why are you sorry, Hermione? Cho is too complicated, and starts to whine at everything. No, I don't like her anymore," replied Harry.

"No, nothing, I just thought... never mind," she said eyeing Harry curiously.

They changed into their robes when it became dark. When the train finally rolled into Hogsmeade station Harry and Luna walked out of the compartment first. Hermione took Ginny apart.

"What's going on, Ginny. Harry is acting so strange, today," she asked her.

"Well, Neville and I noticed that too, they were talking about Nargles or something and mistletoes. I think Harry likes Luna," Ginny said in a small voice, not wanting to be overheard. But it was too late.

"So, you're not Potter's girlfriend anymore. He likes that lunatic of a Lovegood you say?" Malfoy looked as though his birthday had come early. Crabbe and Goyle were sniggering behind him. And they walked away. "Oh, this is not good. He'll tease Harry with this. I'll go and try to talk some sense into that boy!" said Hermione and went after Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle.

Harry was too absent-minded to notice Hagrid calling for the first-years. Harry got into a carriage, without even minding the Thestrals, like he had done last year. He was joined by Luna, Ron, Ginny and Neville. The carriage was full. Hermione would have to get a carriage of her own. They met up with Hermione at the Dinner Table in the Great Hall.

"Where have you been?" asked Ron immediately.

"Oh, I was trying to talk some sense into some people," Hermione said quickly, but she couldn't help going slightly red.

"Hermione..." said Ginny carefully.

Harry was looking at the Ravenclaw table.

He was watching Luna read The Quibbler when Ron nudged him in the ribs and said: "Harry, look what Malfoy is doing."

Harry saw Malfoy close together with Crabbe and Goyle, as if they where planning to become the new Weasley twins. He knew they were up to no good. Then Harry noticed Hermione's reaction. She had turned as red as Ron's hair. Why would she turn red when they were talking about Malfoy? Luckily Ron didn't notice it, thought Harry. He had always been really touchy about Hermione. Harry knew Ron to complain a lot, but that he deep inside wanted nothing else more than what he was complaining about.

"Oh, let those first years get over the stupid lake quickly. I'm starving!" Ron said.

They were busying themselves with looking at the staff table. There were a lot of surprised people who saw that Professor Lupin had returned. Snape was eyeing Lupin carefully. But Snape would have known that Lupin wouldn't be ill anymore: it had been full moon three days ago. Snape just didn't like Lupin because he was a werewolf, but also because Lupin had been friend's with James Potter and Sirius Black. James and Sirius had been the two people Snape hated the most and were now both dead. So Snape was reminded of them by seeing their close friends or children.

At that moment a door at top of the Hall opened and a line of first years walked forwards. Like every year they were led forward by Professor McGonagall. She placed the stool with the Sorting Hat in front of the students.

All of the people turned toward the Hat, and listened while the Sorting Hat broke into song:

Very long ago when times were merry,
Four great wizards fulfilled their dream

To teach young sorcerers all they know.

They build this castle together, stone by stone,

But as with all , bonds can break:

Selectivity became their game.

Ravenclaw who was wise and old

Preferred the ones with a clever mind.

Gryffindor who was brave and bold

Thought of those daring, gallant folk.

Slytherin who was ambitious and cunning

Choose only those whose blood was pure.

As for Hufflepuff who was honest and loyal

Valued those with a nature just and kind.

They chose me to sort you into their Houses.

I fear to split you up is the beginning of the end;

Dark Times have dawned upon us,

We are besieged by a deadly foe.

But as I must sort you, that's what I intend.

So try me on and I'll tell you

Were you ought to be!

The Hat stopped singing and an applause broke out, no one whispered this time, they all knew what the Hat had meant with dark times are upon us. And McGonagall scraped her voice, and began to call the new students forwards.

"Avery, Thomas." A boy with a long face walked to the stool. He sat down, and McGonagall placed the Hat upon his head.

"SLYTHERIN!" shouted the hat.

"No wonder," whispered Ron. "Have you heard his last name?" Harry nodded.

"Creevey, Eleanor."

A girl with mouse-blond hair strode forwards and within a second the hat said: "GRYFFINDOR!"

"Is she..." asked Harry although he already knew the answer.

"She must be the sister of Colin and Dennis. There are not so many Creeveys here, are there?" said Ron.

"Evans, Mark," called McGonagall.

Harry turn his head immediately. There he saw the boy that Dudley had beaten up a year earlier. He sat down and the Sorting Hat proclaimed him a Gryffindor. Mark went to sit near Harry.

"Hi, Harry," he said.

"Hi, Mark," Harry said, eyeing on the next girl to be sorted. Fifi Fox was a girl with short blond curly hair and Harry was heard her sorted in Slytherin. Next was another girl called Hyacinth Hawthorne, who became a Hufflepuff.

As the line became smaller and smaller, McGonagall said: "Snape, Midas." A boy with sleek black hair walked forward and sat on the stool. Whispers broke out in the Hall. They all had heard the name, and seen the face of the boy. He was the son of Severus Snape.

"RAVENCLAW!" cried the Sorting Hat finally. The boy walked lazily to the Ravenclaw table, leaving his father looking dumbstruck at the High Table.

As Westland, Cyrille became a Gryffindor and McGonagall packed the stool and brought it away. Dumbledore rose.

"There are always announcements, but let's leave them for now. Let's eat!" said Dumbledore and the food appeared on the table. Mark went to it next to Harry.

"I thought you went to St. Brutus'. That's what your aunt and uncle told us."

"No, I've been going to this place. They don't like that I'm a wizard."

"I can understan., I was so surprised when I got my letter."

"I didn't knew there was another wizard in Little Whinging. But... er... are you related to my aunt?"

"Yes," replied Mark, "Mum told me once that Dad is something like her third cousin twice removed or something."

"Wow, then you're related to me also. I'm the son of her sister. You may think she hasn't got a sister, as that is what they told all of the people."

"That's what I thought," said Mark, devouring a chicken leg.

"I hear you are really famous here!"

"Getting almost killed is nothing you want to be famous for."