Harry Potter and the Power of Emotions


Story Summary:
Harry wakes up around midnight. A few moments later he finds that Fred and George have apparated into his room.

Chapter 02

Chapter Summary:
Harry goes to the Burrow and comes to new insights.

Chapter two: Burrowed suspicions

A week before Harrys birthday Mr. Weasley arrived at the Dursleys in a Ministry car. He and the driver put all Harry's stuff in the back and they drove away. But strangely they didn't go straight to the Weasleys home. "We're going to pick Hermione up first," explained Mr. Weasley, who seemed excited to meet so many Muggles on one day.

Harry had never been in Hermione's home. She lived in a small city near London. Mr. And Mrs Granger were already waiting for them, when they arrived.

"Hi Harry," said Hermione, "I'll show you the house, while they put my trunk in the car."

Hermione's house looked quite neat, as he had expected it would. He and Hermione hurried downstairs and went with Mr. Weasley in the car to the Burrow.

"We're only supposed to be in the Burrow for one day," told Mr. Weasley. "Dumbledore ordered that you should be moved to the Headquarters as soon as possible.

Harry fell into a fit of silence and grief at the mention of the Headquarters. It had been Sirius' home before he had died.

Mr. Weasley seemed to have noticed that mood Harry was in and said: "Don't worry Harry, Lupin lives there now."

It didn't make Harry feel better, although he wasn't going to tell Mr. Weasley so he simply nodded. Hermione couldn't be fooled though. Harry saw it in her face that she wanted to comfort him.

He didn't want to be comforted, and if he wanted to be comforted who did he want to be comforted by? Instantly the face of a girl rose up in his mind. She had straggly, dirty blonde hair, protuberant blue eyes , pale eyebrows, a small nose and a thin mouth curled into a smile. He was shocked that it was her face that had come to mind, when asked that question. Why had Luna popped up in his mind? True, she was the only one he could talk to normally about the grief of losing Sirius. Losing Sirius had been like he lost his parents all over again, since Sirius had been the closest thing to a parent he had ever known.

Still he didn't want to think about what Dumbledore had told him about the prophecy. He knew it was his destiny, and that he would have to meet it, when it decided to come his way again. He also guessed that the day that he had to fulfil his destiny would come within his last two years at Hogwarts.

They arrived at the Burrow around midday. Mrs. Weasley quickly walked to him and hugged him. He again didn't know what to think, he had always felt that way when Mrs. Weasley had hugged him. She was like a mother to him, although she was less strict with him than with her own sons and daughter. When Mrs. Weasley broke from him, Harry witnessed something that he found really strange. Hermione and Ron were shaking hands but wasn't Ron holding Hermione's hands longer than he normally did, and what was that odd expression on Rons face. Harry couldn't place it.

"Let's go inside, dears," called Mrs. Weasley as she hushed them all forward to the door. As Harry entered the kitchen he found that the kitchentable was already prepared for lunch. He sat down between Ron and Ginny and began to eat. As always Mrs. Weasley made him take several more portions than he usually did. But it didn't matter to Harry, he was still lost in his thoughts that he ate the food, without figuring out what he was eating.

After lunch Harry, Ron and Hermione went outside, where Crookshanks was playing with the Gnomes. Since they hadn't gotten any homework for over the summer, they discussed what they had been doing during the time that they were apart and offcourse their O.W.L.s.

"I was really pleased when my letter came," said Hermione. "it just one of those things that my parents can understand, them being Muggles, you know."

"Yeah, we know," grunted Ron, "and besides, we already knew that you would get as many O.W.L.s as you did. There was just no other possibility. " Hermione screwed up her face, as to tell Ron off, but instead she said nothing. This amazed Harry.

"I got about six or seven O.W.L.s. Lets see, I've got an E in Charms, another E in Transfiguration, an O in Defence Against the Dark Arts, an E in Care of Magical Creatures and an A in Herbology. Did I forget one? Oh yeah, an A in History of Magic. Failed Potions though. I'm glad to be rid of Snape," concluded Ron.

"But now you can't become an Auror, you need an O in Potions before Snape lets you in his sixth year classes. And the Ministry asks a NEWT in potions to get into Auror training," said Harry.

"And you," asked Hermione, "I know you got 7 O.W.L.s, you send a note with Hedwig, but which ones did you pass?"

So Harry told them all about getting an O in Potions. He saw both their jaws drop in amazement.

"An O in Potions?" Ron asked surprised.

"Yeah," said Harry, "couldn't believe my eyes, and that after all my Ds last year. I think it's just Snape getting on my nerves in class, and not to mention Malfoy."

"You never told us, you got D's in Potions, last year!" Hermione said.

"I forgot...," Harry tried, but his eyes were distracted as somebody was walking to the Weasleys house. He had recognised her immediately. It was Luna.

"Hiya Harry," she said dreamily, quite forgetting to great the others, "we live just on the other side of the village. We just got back from Sweden."

"Did you catch your... er... Crumple-Horned Snorkack, or something?" Harry asked her.

"Yes, we did. Daddy made lost of pictures of it. He will feature it in the next edition of The Quibbler. I could ask him to send you a copy," Luna told Harry.

"Er.. yeah sure," Harry replied watching Crookshanks wanting to pay with Luna's hair in an attempt of trying to avoid her eye.

"I have to go back now," said Luna and she drifted away leaving the others behind glaring at her.

"She's mental," said Ron.

Even Hermione agreed with him, but Harry wasn't so sure anymore that Luna was really mental. He remembered how Ron had called Hermione mental in their first year. Time seemed to have gone by quickly as the sky was already turning dark. They went inside. The rest of the Weasleys were sitting in the livingroom. Then Mrs. Weasley called for dinner. As always her cooking was excellent.

After dinner while they all said still at the table Mr. Weasley said: "You'd all better be gone to bed soon, we'll be leaving tomorrow morning to the Headquarters on the Knight Bus." Ron moaned, he hated how the Knight Bus rode to its destination. "Tonks and Mad-Eye will be joining us," Mr. Weasley continued. This was greeted by all of them, since the all really liked Tonks. Harry was already interested in what kind off hairstyle she'd have now.