Harry Potter and the Power of Emotions


Story Summary:
Harry wakes up around midnight. A few moments later he finds that Fred and George have apparated into his room.

Chapter 08

Chapter Summary:
Harry goes to the Owlery to send Hedwig with the letter to Dumbledore. But who are fighting in the Owlery at the top of their voice?

Chapter 8: Midas' friendship

Harry awoke the next morning with a feeling, that he had to do something, although he didn't quite know what. Only when he spotted the letter to Dumbledore, he remembered his dream and what it had said. He dressed quickly and went up to the Owlery to send the letter with Hedwig. When he came up to Owlery he found it not deserted as he thought he would. He heard voices he recognised as Ron and Hermiones.

"What were you kissing Draco for?" asked Ron madly.

"I've already told you, Ron. Draco was kissing me!" Hermione said trying to stay calm.

"Yeah right, as if WE haven't been doing that all last year!"

Ron exclaimed. Harry held his breath. Ron and Hermione, a couple? All last year? What happened to Ron having the emotional range of a teaspoon? What happened to Hermione being mental and a bossy know-it-all? And how on earth did the manage to keep it all a secret from him? Harry's mind was now full of questions.

"True, but Harry never found out about it, did he?" said Hermione sounding more angry.

"Well, he did. Just now!" Harry answered.

Hermione and Ron were in shock. They had been arguing so loudly that they didn't even saw or heard Harry come up to the Owlery.

Hedwig fluttered onto Harrys arm. While Harry tied the letter to her leg, Hedwig hooted softly and nibbled on his ear a bit. Then she flew off. Harry turned back to Ron and Hermione.

"So," he said quietly, "you've been dating all last year."

"Yeah," said Ron, "we have. We didn't tell you because..."

"Your temper was always so close to the edge, and we didn't want you to get mad at us, for being a couple," added Hermione.

"I'm not mad," said Harry, "only disappointed to find that my two best friends didn't trust me enough to handle something so trivial as them being a couple!"

His temper had surged right up again. Not because he wasn't happy for them, more because they had kept it from him.

"Should I keep more secrets from you now, or what?" asked Harry losing his patience.

"We will tell you from now on," said Ron quickly.

"That's better. Than I can share also some news with you. I also have a girlfriend," said Harry.

"Luna," said Hermione.

"Yeah," said Harry, feeling a slight blush appear on his cheeks.

"Who was that owl meant for anyway?" asked Ron, "for Luna?"

"No, Dumbledore. I've cleared my mind every night before bed, but last night I forgot. So I dreamed about Voldemort again. He seems to be writing his memoirs. The book is called How I finally killed Harry Potter." Harry saw Hermione's eyes widen in shock.

"You did the right thing, you know. Writing to Dumbledore! He ought to now, being the Head of the Order," said Hermione.

"Not to mention Dumbledore is the only one You-Know-Who ever feared," added Ron.

"You're right," admitted Harry, "now lets go down to breakfast before class starts."

Harry turned and left Hermione and Ron to their argument.

Harry hurriedly ate his breakfast and went to Charms. Flitwick taught them the Protean Charm, the charm Hermione had used on the fake galleons the previous year. Off course, since Hermione new already how to do a Protean Charm she was enlisted to help Flitwick teaching the others.

After Charms they went to lunch, they saw a large group of people being hurdled through the corridor. It wasn't long, before Harry saw who was the centre of attention of the group. It was Midas. He seemed to be talking about his father.

"Dad always told me Potions is the most easy subject there is, when you keep your head at it," Midas told all his fellow Ravenclaw first years, "but Dad can be a bit tough on people, intimidating them. He knows he can't try that with me."

Midas suddenly spotted Harry.

"Hello, Harry! My dad doesn't like you very much. I wonder if that's true. Now that I'm at Hogwarts also, I can find out for myself. Why don't we be friends for now?" asked Midas.

"Sure," said Harry, wanting to get the big Snape off his back. "Your father will not like it though," said Harry, "he loathes me. He blames me for about everything that goes wrong in this school I suppose."

"He does, but that's more because... well since your father saved his live in school, he feels it's his job to keep you alive. But because your father always teased and tormented him, he feels he has the right to do the same to you," said Midas. Together they walked to the Great Hall.

About half way to the Great Hall Luna, joined them. Immediately taking Harry's hand in her own. Harry loved the fact that she was with him. He loved that for the first time in his life, everything seemed right. So in the Great Hall Harry they parted. Harry went to sit down and took some toast. Then he saw Hedwig soaring over to him. He untied the letter, and let her have some of his pumpkin juice. Hedwig hooted happily as she soared back to the Owlery. Ron and Hermione bowed over to him and read the letter with Harry.

Harry - You as a substitute teacher have some authorisation. You can come up to my office if you need to speak to me. The password is Sugar Quill. About your dream. I hope you practised Occlumency after you woke up. If he is really writing his memoirs, you can probably also find out, how he is trying to kill you. You can try to get into his head, without him getting into yours. This is highly dangerous. So I say you should not try it. But if you wish to try it, I want to hear about the result. Maybe you should also consult Professor Lupin on the subject. You know he's going to be ill at the end of this month, since I gave you a table with all your work days. Next time, don't send Hedwig, just come to me. Dumbledore.

P.S. Burn this letter after you, Ron and Hermione have read it, For this must not fall into the wrong hands.

Hermione quickly conjured some flames and burned the parchment. He had almost totally forgot about him being the substitute Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. It meant that he had 9 Defence Against the Dark Arts classes to give. And would miss out on some of his other classes. Hermione and Ron were sure to teach him what he had missed. He also thought of something else. Teachers were allowed to give and take away points from students. He could take away points from Malfoy. Malfoy would be so angry when he would find that out. Malfoy had had that privilege himself last year, when Professor Umbridge had appointed Malfoy to member of the Inquisitorial Squad. Luckily for Harry, Umbridge was gone, the Inquisitorial Squad dismantled and everything restored to normal. As normal as it could get at Hogwarts, that is.