Sometimes, when things go wrong, you find yourself running from disaster you never expected. When Dean gets an owl from Ginny with the simple words 'I'm pregnant,' his whole life will change and he's going to be running for a long time. (Slash)

Words: 500
Chapters: 1
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When Marcus Flint and Percy Weasley agree to a verbal contract in which they would have a one-night stand and then never speak of it again, secret crushes are revealed and both their lives are changed forever (Slash, Marcus/Percy)

Words: 8,057
Chapters: 3
Hits: 4,443
Cessation by Miroslav

"It is so very fragile, this final splintering of life, so tremulous and slow that it seems that the whole world is slowing down for a few minutes to give Draco Malfoy an extended swan song." Slash, Draco/Neville

Words: 1,338
Chapters: 1
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Glimpses by Miroslav

Sometimes, it just takes a glimpse to look into someone's soul. And sometimes, glimpsing into someone's soul changes you forever as well. Precursor to "Fall On Our Faces" -- Slash

Words: 1,582
Chapters: 1
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"Quidditch, without Oliver, is like cake without frosting. It is boring without its perfect adornment..." When Percy has to attend a Quidditch match on orders of Scrimgeour, things do not turn out quite as he plans. Slash, Oliver/Percy

Words: 5,864
Chapters: 1
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Sequel to 'Angel Boy'. There are always choices. Life or death. Good or evil. In this case, it happens to be choosing between being Kissed and being stuck in the Muggle world with Ron Weasley. Which is the worse fate? Ron/Draco, implied Ron/Hermione.

Words: 4,668
Chapters: 1
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Apathy by Miroslav

Draco Malfoy is going to die tomorrow. He knows it and doesn’t really care. (Slash, Draco Malfoy/Theodore Nott)

Words: 1,085
Chapters: 1
Hits: 241
Angel Boy by Miroslav

Set during the sixth book, Draco manages to end up in detention with none other than Weasley. Much to his dismay, Weasley wants idle conversation... leading to an argument about kindness that definitely gets out of hand. (Slash, Ron/Draco)

Words: 4,580
Chapters: 1
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