Story Summary:
Harry now knows what he has to do - find and destroy the Horcruxes and Voldemort. Ron and Hermione refuse to leave his side and they choose to become something that the Dark Lord will fear...the Trinity.

Chapter 01

Harry now knows what he has to do - find and destroy the Horcruxes and Voldemort. Ron and Hermione refuse to leave his side and they choose to become something that the Dark Lord will fear...the Trinity.

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Chapter 02

Harry moves from the Dursleys' to Grimmauld Place, and he is then joined by Ron and Hermione. The place is made safe, and Harry discovers what you can find when you talk to house elves.

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Chapter 03

The trio spend some time preparing for what is in front of them. They go to the first Order meeting since school ended where there are several surprises in store.

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Chapter 04

We find some truth from Aberforth Dumbledore and Harry, Ron and Hermione go shopping!

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Chapter 05

Harry, Ron and Hermione start their training with Moody where they find that sometimes doing that is needed isn't as easy as you thought it would be.

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Chapter 06

We find out what Snape's been up to. The full moon rises and a number of people have things they need to say to Harry.

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Chapter 07

It's Harry's birthday and he goes to Diagon Alley and Gringotts to accept his inheritance. While there he has an interesting conversation with Mrs Augusta Longbottom.

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Chapter 08

Harry and Remus search through the crates from Godric's Hollow and discover many things from the past. They talk and Remus helps Harry sort some things out.

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Chapter 09

Harry's birthday get underway with dinner. He chats with Bill and Moody and gets a nasty surprise. Draco faces Voldemort and has an unpleasant time.

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Chapter 10

Voldemort remembers it's Harry's birthday and gives him his birthday present. Ginny helps with the aftermath and the Trinity decide to start getting serious.

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Chapter 11

Harry, Ron and Hermione - the Trinity - journey to the Gaunts' house and find a very interesting surprise then they have a very startling encounter.

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Chapter 12

Harry, Ron and Hermione return from Little Hangleton where they, and particularly Harry, face the consequences of what happened.

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Chapter 13

The aftermath of the Trinity's first mission continues as Harry has to come to the realisation that he still has many things to learn. Also a new avenue of investigation is opened.

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Chapter 14

It's the day of Bill and Fleur's wedding but Harry only has eyes for Ginny. There are ceremonies, speechs, food, dancing and what wedding would be complete without a little attack by Fenrir Greyback.

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Chapter 15

The aftermath of the attack at the wedding unravels and we find out what Greyback has done to himself and what that means for Harry.

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Chapter 16

Harry recovers from the attack by Fenrir and finds out some more about how the Horcruxes can be destroyed. Voldemort sets some plans in motion and Harry takes his first step towards destroying Voldemort.

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Chapter 17

We find out where Draco is while Harry recovers from the destruction of the locket Horcrux. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny head back to school on the train and they discover an interesting new potential ally.

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Chapter 18

The train ride has two more significant events; one involving Neville and the other once again involving Theodore Nott that may lead to an unmissable opportunity and an opportunity for the Trinity.

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Chapter 19

The Trinity and the teachers lie in wait for Draco and Snape. Nott meets them and gives them his answer then the trap is sprung. Unfortunately the Slytherins are ready for this and manage to escape. Harry then makes a discovery that shocks him to the core.

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Chapter 20

Harry slowly come to terms with what he has discovered and the reasons for it. Ron and Hermione are brought in and the new maturity of the Trinity is brought to the fore. Information is traded and some tentative plans are made.

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Chapter 21

Snape returns to Voldemort to report in and finds that the Dark Lord is decidedly displeased with both him and Draco and their punishment is therefore harsh. On returning to Hogsmeade Snape is forced to ask for help from an unlikely source.

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Chapter 22

Harry returns from aiding Snape and has to face both Ron and Hermione. Snape and Draco make some plans and the trio speak with Nott.

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Chapter 23

The trio along with Tonks interview the three former orphans who were directly affected by Tom Riddle when he lived at the orphanage. The results are intriguing.....and disturbing.

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Chapter 24

The trio make their plans to check out the orphanage then head out to see if they can find if there was a Horcrux hidden there.

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Chapter 25

The defence that Harry faces is difficult and distressing. Can he overcome and what will the others do since he seems to be missing?

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In aftermath of the retrieval of the Ravenclaw artefact, more troubles arises. Death Eaters come to Hogsmeade while the students are there, followed by the Minister who has some interesting things to say to Harry and to Ron.

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The aftermath of the Death Eater attack is dealt with - with the Headmistress then with other parties. When the trio return they are startled by Remus and a secret is found out.

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Chapter 28 - 28

Harry sets the ball in motion regarding Voldemort's latest plan and he started his training with Aberforth. He also has an interesting discussion.

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Chapter 29 - 29

Moody discovers the big secret and accompanies Harry next time he visits. Harry destroys the Ravenclaw Horcrux.

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Chapter 30 - 30

Ron finally hears from Percy and a chasm is finally bridged. Halloween arrives and once again Voldemort decides to celebrate the occasion - this time he focuses his attention on Ginny.

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Chapter 31 - 31

The Trinity along with the Order retrieve Ginny and another person is let in on the secret. There is some tactical discussion and Harry and Ginny are marched to the Hospital Wing.

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Chapter 32 - 32

Percy makes amends with Harry then Harry and Ginny are allowed to attend the Halloween feast. the trio then get some worrying news about Wormtail.

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Chapter 33 - 33

Life settles into a nervous holding pattern as they wait for the next moves in the fight against Voldemort. Harry, Ron and Hermione master the animagus transformation and Wormtail makes an appearance.

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Chapter 34 - 34

The trio head down into the Chamber of Secrets where they discover some new things about the place. Harry then receives the news he's been both waiting for and dreading - his final confrontation with Voldemort is closing in.

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Chapter 35 - 35

Training picks up and then the moment occurs. Snape returns with the final Horcrux. Nagini is dead, Harry destroys the Huffplepuff Horcrux, secrets are revealed to all and Harry faces Voldemort.

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Chapter 36 - 36

Hogwarts is attacked and defended while Ron and Hermione fight their own battles. Then the aftermath occurs.

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