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Published: 11/02/2002
Updated: 11/04/2007
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The Eighth Weasley


Story Summary:
Set post-book seven. Voldemort is long gone and the dust is settling. So when the Weasleys are informed that a missing family member has been located, there is a great deal of excitement and nervousness as contact is made with said absentee from the family. However, when it transpires that the missing Weasley has connections with a certain Vampire Slayer, it goes without saying that Hogwarts will never be the same again!

Chapter 01

Set post-book seven. Voldemort is long gone and the dust is settling. So when the Weasleys are informed that a missing family member has been located, there is a great deal of excitement and nervousness as contact is made with said absentee from the family. However, when it transpires that the missing Weasley has connections with a certain Vampire Slayer, it goes without saying that Hogwarts will never be the same again!

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Chapter 02

Here's the second chapter of the Eighth Weasley, where there is a weeny bit of emotional upheaval in the air, due to impending revelations etc.

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Chapter 03

Chapter three of The Eighth Weasley, where things really start to get interesting - Willow meets Dumbledore and things go a bit...weird from there.

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Chapter 04

Chapter four of The Eighth Weasley - a reunion of sorts takes place between a wizard and a watcher.

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Chapter 05

Chapter four of The Eighth Weasley - a reunion of sorts takes place between a wizard and a watcher.

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Chapter 06

Chapter four of The Eighth Weasley - the Weasleys receive a letter from their lost one.

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Chapter 07

Chapter Seven of The Eighth Weasley - Giles gets contacted by an old friend and the rest of the Weasleys find out about their sibling

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Chapter 08

Chapter Eight of The Eighth Weasley - you expected me to keep the family on opposite sides of the world? Muahahah! I wanted the chance to be evil and make worlds collide and - drumroll please - this is where it really starts!

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Chapter 09

Chapter Nine of The Eighth Weasley - we have Buffy, a mystical entity. We have the vieweing public of the patrons of The Leaky Cauldron. We have Rita Skeeter in search of a story...what more could you possibly want?

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Chapter 10

Chapter Ten of The Eighth Weasley - We've finally reached THE chapter! You have no idea how thrilled I am to actually get this far into the story and still have an abundance of ideas. I have no idea how adopted kids react to meeting their biological parents, so apologies if this seems inaccurate.

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Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven of The Eighth Weasley - This has to be my favourite chapter in this series so far. It was all so spontaneous when I was writing it and those always seem to be the best ones. First, though, apologies for any character bashing that ensues later. Its not because I dislike any character, but it just...er...sort of fits in with the story. Also, we have some familiar faces popping up, just for all of my wonderful friendly Stoners (in the YGTS? context, of course!)

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Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve of The Eighth Weasley - Forget what I said in the notes for the last chapter about liking all characters. I forgot to mention that I violently dislike Harry, but – by some miracle – I managed to write him in a likeable way. Ah well.

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Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen of The Eighth Weasley - Sorry to any Draco fans (and Collie! :-P). More Draco-bashing ensues here.

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Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen of The Eighth Weasley - and the youngest Weasley kid has finally come home. Bearing in mind we have little/no clue what the Burrow looks like, I apologise for the lack of descriptiveness.

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Chapter 15

Chapters 15/16 (The Wicked Witch & An Interlude) - two fairly short chapters that look at life outside the Burrow, one at Hogwarts and one back in Sunnydale.

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Chapter 17

Chapters 17 - REUNION - Well, the title is a bit of a hint to what happens in this chapter. We also get a bit of a flashback to the night that Willow was snatched, because I'd been wondering about it.

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Chapter 18

Chapters 18 - THE DINNER PARTY - Willow is finally getting a chance to meet some of the more famous faces from the world of Harry Potter.

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Chapter 19

Chapters 19 - LIKE MINDS - another of the brief filler chapters in which two of our favourite witches get to do a little bonding and getting-to-know one another

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Chapter 20

Chapters 20 - SUPPLIES - I think the title of this chapter speaks for itself, no?

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Chapter 21

Chapter 21 - THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS - well, gee. Hmm. What could this chapter possibly be about? :)

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Chapter 22

Chapter 22 - HOGWARTS BOUND - Well, Willow does have to get from the train to the castle... and this was meant to be the chapter with the sorting in it...alas, it got a bit too big, so I split the chapters.

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Chapter 23

Chapter 23 - SORTED - I'd say this chapter speaks for itself pretty much. Willow gets herself sorted.

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Chapter 24

Chapter 24 - MEANWHILE... - This is a fill-in chapter, detailing what is going on back in good old Sunnydale, while Willow is having the time of her life getting settled in at Hogwarts. (I've adjust S5 to fit my own requirements, but most of it stays true. Apart from Joyce kicking the bucket)

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Chapter 25

Chapter 25 - BEST DAYS...? - Willow starts her classes and the eighth Weasley has a few more things to be nervous about than most.

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Chapter 26

Chapter 26 - TOIL & TROUBLE - Willow missed her first Potions lesson and has to have a one-to-one class with the master of the cranky and glowery. This is one of my favourite chapters in the series :D

Words: 4,692
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Chapter 27

Chapter 27 - WOLVES & WITCHES - Willow gets a visit from a certain...friend from home & Lupin gets the chance to meet another werewolf :) It was too cute to resist!

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Chapter 28

Chapter 28 - DARK WHISPERS - This is the chapter when I realised just what the core plot of this series was going to be. This is where we have a bit of a threat creeping in :D

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Chapter 29

Chapter 29 - SANCTUARY - This is where things start to get interesting and this is a big indulgence chapter for all us fangeeks who wish we could be told that HP is real :)

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Chapter 30

Chapter 30 - THE KEY TO WOLFY GOODNESS - This was a bit of a merging of two chapters to get two storylines mixing in together and to lead into the seriously big plot that is forthcoming.

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Chapter 31

Chapter 31 - CALL FOR D.A.D.A - A new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher is called in. Dawn is assigned some further protection.

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Chapter 32

Chapter 32 - FRIENDS & FELLOWSHIP - This is where I start having fun and forming alliances. Please don't kill me. People have to get to know each other. And heck, my fic! I can write what I want :D

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Chapter 33

Chapter 33 - POTIONS VERSUS D.A.D.A - *snickers* This is another of my petty indulgences. Buffy = small, dainty, ditsy, blonde. Snape = big, looming, dark, glaring. Can't you just sense the friendly vibes coming off these people in waves? We just KNOW how much Sev loves his happy people :D (Fried, with a dash of salt)

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Chapter 34

Chapter 34 - MUGGLES & PUZZLES - a little more bonding takes place and a certain enmity is given a charitable sponsor :)

Words: 6,218
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Chapter 35

Chapter 35 - FORCES RISING - Muaha! Now, we get back into the actual plot of this baby! You thought I was going to let things continue on their peaceful line? NEVER! Muahaha! And I'm done :)

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Chapter 36

Chapter 36 - CONTROL - Herein we find out just what Buffy did to Snape, what happened to Spike's clothes and what a DADA class is like for Slay-gal.

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Chapter 37

Chapter 37 - GIRLS NIGHT IN - Quite a few lil threads on the go here: Billy is causing trouble for Minnie, the Prof & Red (the latter two especially). Snape is strung tighter than a lap-dancer's G-string. Serious things are going on outside the school. And Duncan...Duncan, that poor helpless boy gets interest from the place he least expects.

Words: 7,565
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Chapter 38

Chapter 38 - FAIR DARKNESS - Two Malfoys show face. Buffy feels out of touch with her Slayerness. Funky dreams and lotsa pain (for a couple of people at least) ensue.

Words: 8,500
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Chapter 39

Chapter 39 - LESSONS & LOGIC - The dream continues to pose a puzzle for our rabid band of hero-types. Glory is interviewing for her madcap army. Hogwarts gets some visitors. All in a days work, no?

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Chapter 40

Chapter 40 - POWERS GATHERING - does exactly what it says in the title, but lets just say that they're gathering in a way that some people find rather...awkward and annoying ;)

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Chapter 41

Chapter 41 - SHOW & TELL - Hagrid and Xander bond over firewhiskey. Bad idea. Buffy gets in a bit of a fix. Snape reasserts himself as an anti-social SOB. And Draco's big mouth gets him in trouble.

Words: 10,240
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Chapter 42

Chapter forty-two (egads...big fic...scary big fic...) - FUNKY SOUP - well, as the title says, there's soup that happens to be of an unfinished and untested potion variety and things go badly from there, shall we say ;) Just a warning - this is definitely a chapter of the Snape-centric variety. Also guest starring Dawn & Duncan (cos I adore 'em), Buffy and Giles.

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Chapter 43

Chapter forty-three - THE POWER OF TWO - herein lies the aftereffects of the Potion Buffy ingested, the two new trouble-makers up to mischief, Lucius doing some...interviewing (Slytherin style) and some other bits and pieces too.

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Chapter 44

Chapter 44 -

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Chapter 45

Chapter 45 -

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Chapter 46

Chapter 46 -

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Chapter 47

Chapter 47 -

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Chapter 48

Chapter 48 -

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Chapter 49

Chapter 49 -

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Chapter 50

Chapter fifty -

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Chapter 51

Chapter fifty-one -

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Chapter 52

Chapter 52 -

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Chapter 53

Chapter 53 -

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Chapter 54

Chapter 54 -

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Chapter 55

Chapter 55 -

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Chapter 56

Chapter 56 -

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Chapter 57

Chapter 57 -

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Chapter 58

Chapter 58 -

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Chapter 59

Chapter 59 -

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Chapter 60

Chapter 60 - Teamwork - After the post-Valentine's day assault, the Hogwarts and Sunnydale teams find that the fight is far from over.

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Chapter 61

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Chapter 62

Words: 4,908
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Words: 8,535
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[b]Chapter 64 - The Mad Leading the Blind[/b] - After the capture of the Key and the battle at Hogwarts, the Scoobies and their allies regroup and try to find a way to defeat Glory.

Words: 5,157
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The Best Laid Plans - With the recovery of the hostage, plans have to be changed and events move more and more quickly towards the impending battle.

Words: 4,255
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[b]WARZONE[/b] - The Final battle between Glory and the forces from Hogwarts continues.

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