Harry's summer and sixth year. Examines H/Hr in context of his unwanted wealth and fame, and her need for independence, requiring them to save one another's lives. H struggles to control a mysterious fifth element, receives an inheritance and finds OC summer romance. Hr knows everything and nothing. The brain encounter changes R. D is dispossessed and vengeful. CC is not what she seems. Featuring H/Hr affinity, Auror training, poor parenting, treaties, really evil Death Eaters, goblins, kidnapping, death, a crash, a fire, an explosion, bribery, funerals, testimony, a Sufi witch, tarot, pensieves, secret engagement, ill-gotten gold, Stonehenge, a succubus, love potion, battles, triads, Druidism, and foreign entanglements.

Words: 1,308,897
Chapters: 88
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Just Shut Up, Harry by Bexis

An alternative take on the Forest of Dean. What if, having decided to come back anyway, Ron told Harry to stuff it before Harry could get the "love Hermione like a sister" line out of his mouth? One shot - but what a shot.

Words: 7,307
Chapters: 1
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Later than Later by Bexis

What follows is something that started gelling even before I had finished the DH itself, although the epilogue required great effort simply to make it something that could pass as canon compliant. It’s a one-shot, set three years after JKR’s epilogue. It’s bittersweet and it’s rated “PG,” for mature subject matter and some cursing It’s the best I could do at canon-compliant H/Hr fic, and I’m not even going to try after this. I’ll go back to writing the Fifth Element instead.

Words: 9,607
Chapters: 1
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