Harry Potter and the Fifth Element


Story Summary:
Harry's summer and sixth year. Examines H/Hr in context of his unwanted wealth and fame, and her need for independence, requiring them to save one another's lives. H struggles to control a mysterious fifth element, receives an inheritance and finds OC summer romance. Hr knows everything and nothing. The brain encounter changes R. D is dispossessed and vengeful. CC is not what she seems. Featuring H/Hr affinity, Auror training, poor parenting, treaties, really evil Death Eaters, goblins, kidnapping, death, a crash, a fire, an explosion, bribery, funerals, testimony, a Sufi witch, tarot, pensieves, secret engagement, ill-gotten gold, Stonehenge, a succubus, love potion, battles, triads, Druidism, and foreign entanglements.
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Wherein the story and the characters are introduced, the Order meets over the latest dealings with the Ministry, Fudge gives a speech in absentia, Dumbledore reports on dealings with the Ministry, Lupin reports on financial matters, Tonks reports on Sirius' post-mortem affairs, Shacklebolt reports on the Auror Corps, Hagrid reports on the giants, Bill reports on the goblins, McGonagall reports on Umbridge's disgrace, Mundungus reports on the word on the street, and Ron's attendance at Quidditch camp is approved.

Words: 11,642
Hits: 39,855

Wherein Harry broods about his life on the car ride home, reaches a truce with his relatives, gets angry and almost harms Hedwig, exchanges mutual apologies with Dudley, writes a demand letter to Dumbledore, becomes friendly with Dudley, corresponds with Ron, gets his own clothes, begins working out at Dudley's gym, meets a mysterious karate teacher, begins to learn wandless, silent magic, and learns a little about his cousin.

Words: 10,946
Hits: 23,271

Wherein Harry becomes friendlier with Dudley, exchanges letters, considers career choices, worries about O.W.L.s, learns about the Internet, has an unexpected magical visitor, obtains an exemption from restrictions on underage magic, communicates with Dumbledore, receives a letter through Muggle post that threatens the end of a friendship, briefly panics, studies Hong Kong, and talks to Lao Kung.

Words: 12,217
Hits: 19,611

Wherein Harry corresponds with Dumbledore, Mr. Weasley and Cho Chang, sees Lao Kung, has a Voldemort-induced dream; Apparates for the first time, meets with Dumbledore and McGonnagal; receives his OWL results; learns what is being done to rescue Hermione; is informed (somewhat) of his inheritance; arranges to be trained; chooses a legal guardian, learns about the situation with the goblins, receives a business proposition, and sets Dumbledore's beard on fire.

Words: 13,828
Hits: 19,317

Wherein the Dursleys meet Tonks and Harry meets Godric; Harry goes back to the Ministry, starts training, and sits for a board of inquiry; he has an audience Minister Fudge, and sits for a press conference that leaves a number of people very unhappy; he decides to hire a lawyer and to do something nice for Ginny; he sends and receives various letters about Hermione's situation.

Words: 13,709
Hits: 18,560

Wherein Harry learns disorientation spells, misuses them, learns true purpose of Fudge's news conference, hires a lawyer, gets his own chocolate frog card, is featured in the press, deals with an encounter between Shak and Uncle Vernon, learns about politics and goblin ceremonies, exchanges letters, gets new robes, is updated about Hermione, and has an Occlumency session with Dumbledore.

Words: 11,321
Hits: 18,282

Wherein Hermione returns and almost gets together with Harry, a poorly phrased explanation torpedoes that hope, leading to many trials and tribulations; light is shed upon Hermione's relationship with Harry, Ron, Victor and her parents; Hermione cleans Harry's room, they share their marks and discuss school, the Order of Merlin and Harry's inheritance.

Words: 14,404
Hits: 18,006

Wherein Harry has a disturbing nightmare, contacts Dumbledore, shares Auror partner rings with Hermione, uses a spell improperly and gets in trouble during training, prepares for and gives testimony against Umbridge, learns more about Hermione, encounters a different Draco Malfoy, agrees to a business proposition from the Twins, and meets someone new and different.

Words: 10,322
Hits: 17,663

Wherein Harry is angry at Dumbledore's omissions, learns object magic, discusses Necromancy with Hermione, surmises the basis of Dumbledores GoF triumphant look, discovers the Voldometer, learns how to Apparate, plots and carries out an escape from the Order with Dudley's help, goes to the library, meets Eliza, has a wild motorbike ride through Central London, and ends up at Eliza's flat.

Words: 12,134
Hits: 17,191

Wherein Harry learns the extent of his likely inheritance from Sirius, finds out considerably more about the Malfoys, uses Occlumency, gets angry and embarrasses himself, is introduced to classical music, sees his first movie, eats his first restaurant meal, acquires a new love interest, faces the music, gets in quite a spot of bother, and has his world explode.

Words: 12,572
Hits: 17,209

Wherein Hermione saves Harry's life (again); there is a thunderstorm; Ron and Cho continue to get together; Harry meets Fudge and Dumbledore; he gets the carrot and stick routine; Eliza returns an unwanted gift; the Malfoy legal maneuverings are explained; the Fifth Element is explained (sort of); Harry and Hermione make the front page; Harry and Hermione have a talk; they win scholarships; and they choose their Sixth Year academic courses.

Words: 11,210
Hits: 17,101

Wherein there is a Death Eater attack, Harry apologizes to Eliza and ends up with a date, Harry arranges a floo meeting with Ron and Ginny, Harry and Hermione have flight training on powerful new brooms, Harry nearly gets himself killed, Hermione is nearly assassinated, Harry goes to the rescue again, the assassination plot is revealed, and Harry Dumbledore discusses squaring accounts. Flying scenes abound.

Words: 11,648
Hits: 16,847

Wherein Harry has a nightmare, has a man-to-man talk with Lao Kung, has a date with Eliza at an amusement park, gets mugged, learns about modern swimwear, prevails over fraudulent games, gets a real kiss for the first time in his life, has underwater training, has issues with Hermione, requests a pensieve, gets yelled at by McGonagall, and Hermione makes a critical request.

Words: 12,708
Hits: 16,469
Chapter 14 - Ashrak

Wherein Harry learns nasty new curses, has a chat with Lao Kung, is asked to be Bill's best man, overcomes the wards around Privet Drive, arranges to ride Sirius' motorcycle, has a confrontation with Percy, is inspired by Hermione, reveals a goblin secret, forces an amendment to the goblin treaty, changes the course of the war, rides in a Rolls Royce, goes through the looking glass, visits the Goblin Nation, helps defeat a Death Eater attack, prevents a disastrous cave in, makes his first kill, signs the goblin treaty, becomes a blood brother to a goblin prince, receives a goblin signet, and sends Hermione an unexpected gift.

Words: 15,052
Hits: 16,592

In this chapter, Harry and Eliza's date is cut short as Harry must deal with the dirty little (OK, not so little) secret of the Black fortune. Hermione finds the answer and winds up needing some answers herself. Harry does too, and goes to the Room of Requirement in search of them. To top off the festivities, Harry has a long floo conversation with Ron, who has been coming out of Harry's shadow in his own way, and Ginny, who is still uncertain whether she wants to do the same. Also mixed in: Dudley, a sand castle, some wine, Eliza's confessor, dinner with Dumbledore, republican wizards, a goblin prince, lessons in legilimency/telepathy, Dobby, and what really happened in Unbridge's office.

Words: 17,738
Hits: 16,797

Wherein people react to where Hermione lives; Harry learns interesting enchantments; Ministry security malfunctions; Hermione apologizes; there is backstory about Hermione's family; Hermione tells Harry to shave; Hermione gets buried in cement; Bill gets a promotion; Harry rides Sirius' flying motorcycle; Snape gets angry; Uncle Vernon makes a disturbing announcement; they learn to program Portkeys; Harry considers the meaning of life; Harry goes to Harrods and has dinner at Gordon Ramsay; Harry's relatives find out he's not a pauper; Harry has a date with Eliza at Kew Gardens, a romantic candelight dinner, and a snog; Harry turns down more; Hermione bests Harry in a duel; Harry visits Diagon Alley to shop for Hermione and Neville.

Words: 20,896
Hits: 17,032

Wherein Harry listens to the Beatles, learns to shave, thinks Hermione has been killed, has a flash back, burns down the Auror Situation Room, faces down Fudge, gets ready for the High Tea, travels on the Knight Bus, and meets the Grangers. Hermione thinks some things through.

Words: 11,004
Hits: 16,099

Wherein Harry learns Hermione's parents' nickname for her, gets a tour, plays pool, visits Hermione's room, learns Hermione can play the violin, they both miss each other's cues, Harry gets a Howler, Harry is forced to explain himself, the Grangers get sterling signs in their eyes, a huge row develops, and Harry has enough and runs away.

Words: 10,673
Hits: 16,016

Wherein Harry has a Voldemort-induced nightmare in which he gives up magic, Remus and Bill snap Harry help Harry over it, Harry discusses Sirius with Remus, Harry has a workout with Lao Kung at Hogwarts, Harry gets a letter from Ginny, Harry has a fly and then a man-to-man talk with Bill about Harry's relationships with certain women, Bill has an idea, Harry gets Eliza presents and has an impromptu date, Harry gets Sirius' Pensieve from Remus as a present, except it isn't empty, Harry experiences the night his parents died through Bill's eyes and solves the mystery of Voldemort's wand, Harry learns something he was not supposed to know, Harry confronts Dumbledore about it and draws back a nub, and Harry turns down a modest proposal.

Words: 21,358
Hits: 17,607

Wherein Harry and Hermione must deal with the aftermath of the disastrous dinner, they learn memory charms and location spells, Dumbledore's duplicity is revealed, Harry visits his lawyer, formally becomes a Black claimant, exchanges letters with Ron, gets a remarkable photograph, receives secret orders, receives insights from Lao Kung, has a run in with Snape, is reunited with Hagrid, snogs with Eliza, and Hermione has an idea.

Words: 16,769
Hits: 17,360

Wherein Hermione provides Harry with a cover story, they fake a date, Harry gets a little to real, there is a brief snog, Harry tells Hermione about some of Dumbledore's secrets, Harry is confused, Hermione is shattered, Harry is besieged by strange owls and unbidden birthday gifts, Dudley gets Harry a birthday present, Harry goes back to the Department of Mysteries, Harry learns something about what happened to Ron, Harry finds out that Lesson 128 was another cover story, Harry learns the Suturc spell to counteract Cruciatus, Hermione thinks Harry is training for a suicide mission, Harry meets serious twins, and Harry learns what Hermione's cover story was.

Words: 13,608
Hits: 16,532

Wherein Harry has to interact with a large number of interested girls for the first time; the Twins try and fail first to spike the punch and then to track Harry’s wish; Harry learns of a new hit song; there is break dancing; Luna warns Harry about shattered dreams; Harry finally dances with Hermione, after some encouragement; Harry gets a Hogwarts birthday cake; Harry makes a wish; Hermione is upset; the Twins make a gift of pranks; Harry receives an historical present from Neville indicating that he knows something; Neville confesses what he knows; Harry receives a gift of music; Harry receives two wands that can be combined into one; Harry goes to a rock concert; and Harry receives his present from Eliza.

Words: 15,055
Hits: 16,906

Wherein Harry dreams, faces sexual failure, gets unexpected help from an unexpected source, receives unexpected birthday gifts, works out to distract himself, listens to music, progresses in Chinese Legilimency, is misunderstood by Hermione, reconciles with Eliza, hears the parable of the hai xing, visits Kew Gardens, learns that Death Eaters attacked Hermione, thinks he is attacked, defends himself and Eliza, goes to Hogwarts, discusses Dementors, learns about widespread attacks, is assaulted by Hermione's father, watches Hermione meet Eliza, chats with Mundungus and Tonks, argues with Hermione, learns about two more attacks, bonds with Neville, and receives terrible news in the middle of the night.

Words: 18,966
Hits: 16,805

Wherein Harry learns the circumstances of Bill's death, has to be stupefied by Dumbledore, is both salvaged and savaged by Hermione, punches out a mirror, visits Dudley, learns Eliza has quit her job, and tries to help, learns of political upheaval from Dumbledore, finances the Order's new headquarters, gets new glasses, sees his lawyer, talks with Professor McGonagall, learns what happened to Luna, and upsets Ginny.

Words: 16,954
Hits: 16,833

Wherein Harry attends an Auror funeral, gets Hermione's help with his speech, attends the Philharmonic at the Albert Hall with Eliza, engages in Royal watching, gets bored, has an idea, gets roughed up a bit, sends a mysterious note to the goblins, drafts a mysterious document, has pangs of regret, attends Bill's funeral, makes a false confession to save his friend, delivers a eulogy, receives an apology, has a long talk with Ron, gets to see Ron's marks, goes to Luna's father's funeral, and has a fainting spell.

Words: 16,219
Hits: 16,489

Wherein the H/Hr relationship hits bottom; Hermione doesn't know what she should do, but has to meet with an Auror; they learn magical linguistics and defensive strategy; Harry attends an Anglican funeral with Eliza; they watch meteors at Sherwood Forest; Eliza makes a declaration; Harry has a realization; he learns more about sex; goes to Reims; learns that Hermione wants to sever the link; receives a mysterious note; gives a smashing speech in French; gets a dose of Veela charm; looks for, but can't find, Hermione; sets up a fateful date with Eliza; learns shocking information from Dudley; selects a new guardian, and tries – unsuccessfully – to tell (and show) Hermione what he has learned.

Words: 16,165
Hits: 17,423

Wherein we learn what Draco Malfoy has been up to: obsessing about, and spying on him, taking over the affairs of the Malfoy family; getting drunk; conspiring with Nott; and wherein Harry has a good cry, gets stoned, and enjoys a romantic interlude

Words: 17,201
Hits: 17,726

Wherein the plotters stage a spectacular diversion; Harry is ambushed; people die; Mundungus' secret is revealed; the Contact releases a leithifold and destroys a building; Hermione feels Harry's pain; wrecks part of her parents' house; locates Harry's ring; flies across London with Tonks in the teeth of a firestorm; goes suicidal and has to be rescued; Voldemort's activities on the night Harry was at the Ministry are discovered; a shellshocked Hermione is taken to Hogwarts; the Order discusses what has happened; and Snape prepares to do his duty

Words: 13,607
Hits: 16,669

Wherein Hogwarts wins the Quidditch final under the cloud of Harry's disappearance, Cho ponders her life, Dumbledore gives the Durlseys and Minister Fudge the bad news, Fudge tries to resign, Moody does, and McGonagall threatens to, the conspirators imprison Harry, Harry is woken up and fed, Tonks and Hermione perform an Auror tradition, Voldemort learns of the kidnapping, the Dursleys pack Harry's things, Snape is summoned, Hermione senses that Harry is still alive, the affinity is not severed, McGonagall learns the prophecy, the French declare war, Hermione goes to the Order's new headquarters, learns that Harry was being truthful, and reaches an agreement with Dumbledore, and the Twins move Harry's things to Hogwarts.

Words: 15,097
Hits: 16,694

Wherein Harry learns something unspeakably horrible and gains a new sense of purpose; Snape's Plan B is revealed, Hermione plots with Hagrid, greets a trainload of friends, and confronts McGonagall; and Ron make a major faux pas but finds the first real clue.

Words: 13,120
Hits: 16,828

Wherein Hermione bangs her head against a brick wall, meets with lawyers, arranges a Howler for Malfoy, testifies in court, and pulls off a scheme with Hagrid; and Harry learns and sees things that he rather would not and has a strong reaction; and Draco decides to double-cross Voldemort, and threatens to harm Harry.

Words: 12,397
Hits: 16,335

Wherein Hermione testifies at the Death Eater trial; undergoes unexpected cross-examination; learns shocking truths about two authority figures in her life; has a musically induced relapse; finds a confessor in Luna; finds herself further entangled in Harry’s affairs; meets with goblins; gets financial advice from an unexpected source; there is a breakthrough in the research; and a loss is partially explained.

Words: 14,187
Hits: 16,336

Wherein Dennis appreciates the value of the Marauders Map, Hermione learns where LOSS really is, takes a trip to Hogsmeade, finds her Holy Grail, has an unexpected and revealing encounter with a powerful magical object, takes a walk, enlists Luna to help her cast dangerous spells, takes a side trip to the Trophy Room, has it out with Dumbledore, obtains Dumbledore’s assistance, reads the Daily Prophet, and receives a shocking revelation from Dobby; and Voldemort makes a similarly shocking deduction.

Words: 16,622
Hits: 16,082

Wherein everything but progress happens. Hermione refuses to be left behind, and distinguishes herself as a healer; the OOTP and the DEs cancel each other out to bloody effect, while the real captors escape with Harry; the new prefects are named; Ron pouts; Hermione prepares herself as the students return to Hogwarts; the Sorting Hat does its thing; Hermione and friends confront Dumbledore; the captured DEs are released; the goblins are angry; and the Founder’s Chamber is revealed.

Words: 14,414
Hits: 15,788

Wherein the Founder's Chamber is utilized, the gnomon-cenotaph is explained, Dumbledore casts a series of spells on Hermione, Hermione searches for Harry and tells off Dumbledore and McGonagall, the plotters quarrel, Harry purges himself, the Dark Lord summons the plotters, the plotters obey, Hermione is interrogated, the Creeveys sell their first computer, Harry escapes with some unusual assistance, but then doesn't, and Hermione finally gets through to Harry

Words: 15,553
Hits: 16,771

Wherein Voldemort pushes Harry too far; the Fifth Element becomes a weapon of annihilation; a lot of Death Eaters are vaporized; Hermione suffers traumatic collateral damage; Snape dithers; the valley and Voldemort’s castle are destroyed; magical shock waves sweep across the landscape; the Hogwarts wards barely survive; a goblin army attacks; Dumbledore averts a catastrophe and destroys another piece of Voldemort; healers make preparations; Dumbledore confesses and makes a resolution; McGonagall is scandalized; the Minister of Magic calls; the goblins send a messenger; and Harry is rescued.

Words: 15,112
Hits: 15,437

Wherein Harry receives emergency medical attention in the palace of the goblin king, undergoes detoxification, asks to see Hermione, and is reunited with her while she is unconscious; Dumbledore gets through to Harry in the nick of time, meets with a goblin general and his prisoner, brings Harry to Hogwarts, and begins explaining things to Harry; and Ron nearly gets into a fight, learns what happened to Hermione, and assumes temporary leadership of the DA.

Words: 12,918
Hits: 15,935

Wherein both Harry’s and Draco’s return is announced to the school, Harry wakes up in the Room of Requirement, contemplates Hermione’s condition, takes a Thestral flight to a mountaintop and has a long talk with Dumbledore. Dumbledore reveals James and Lily’s graves, they have long discussion about things the other doesn’t know, they revisit the Chamber of Secrets and hide Harry’s parents’ remains; and Harry discovers he can no longer speak Parseltongue.

Words: 15,677
Hits: 16,245

Wherein Pettigrew reports the end of the Fidelius protecting the graves of Harry’s parents to Snape, Harry returns to the Hogwarts student body, is thrown a rather flat party, restarts the D.A., suffers a nightmare, has a midnight chat with his friends, goes to his first classes, is called out of class due to an emergency, meets the Muggle Prime Minister, escapes a Muggle attempt to arrest him, sits for an inquiry, learns that Hermione can receive visitors, has an emotional, but entirely onesided, conversation with Hermione, has a confrontation with Hermione’s mother, and learns that Hermione has given him the power to direct her medical care.

Words: 19,159
Hits: 15,831

Wherein Harry gets the medical low down on Hermione’s condition, learns of something odd in Hermione’s living will, considers heroic measures, learns about Thomas Walker, almost has an incident with Romilda Vane, increases his reliance on Occlumency, hears a social announcement, receives an unexpected invitation, has an incident with Fleur, attends Gryffindor Quidditch tryouts, vanquishes competition for Seeker, learns who made the team, gets a new/old wand, has an incident with a girl he didn’t know before, has another nightmare, and learns something from Horace Slughorn

Words: 16,564
Hits: 15,240

Wherein Harry gets a hidden note, reads the transcript, meditates, has goblin encounters, talks with Ron and Neville, runs a D.A. meeting, receives an invitation, learns about a song, realizes Hermione’s problem, watches Americans practice healing, decides to rescue Hermione, has a talk with his head of school and of house, prepares for the rescue effort, and begins to undertake it.

Words: 14,421
Hits: 14,556

Wherein Harry overcomes darkness, becomes lost in a maze, loses his lifeline, visits music, reaches the center, uses music, finds Hermione, explains everything, and convinces her to return; McGonagall gets a summons; and Voldemort reviews a reading

Words: 15,351
Hits: 14,373

Wherein Harry and Hermione return; service of process fails; Hermione confronts her mother, McGonagall, and Rita Skeeter in succession; the secret of Hermione’s living will is revealed; Hermione’s mother meets goblins; Hermione’s mother’s lawyer gets his comeuppance; Harry and Hermione pass physicals and rejoin the student body; Hermione gets birthday presents; they take the Astronomy redo; have a confrontation with Malfoy; and Hermione makes a discovery.

Words: 12,659
Hits: 14,280

Wherein Harry has a horrible dream, is late for breakfast, learns of new Death Eater attacks, reads some urgent mail, and has a long talk with Remus; Hermione receives a summons, learns some unexpected news, and has a request for Remus; there is an accident at the D.A. meeting; and Harry goes to a reunion of sorts.

Words: 18,516
Hits: 13,778

Wherein Hermione reconciles with her mother, tells her the story of her relationship with Harry, and explains canon events; Harry has another nightmare, meets with Dumbledore and some goblins, learns about Gaunt, Horcruces, and Umbridge; the goblins bring a gift; Harry and Dumbledore see an important memory; there is a Tarot reading; and an important piece of Voldemort’s past is revealed.

Words: 18,398
Hits: 12,678

Wherein Wormtail fails to carry out his master’s orders but stumbles upon something interesting; Harry has a very bad idea, and a very good one; Jazzy has advice for Harry; Harry and Hermione have a confrontation; Harry answers Hermione’s question incorrectly; Hermione answers Harry’s question correctly; and they are both interrupted by goblins

Words: 15,333
Hits: 12,139

Wherein Harry and Hermione’s new status gradually becomes known; the Trio attends a Slug Club party and each learns interesting things; Ludo Bagman has a shocking experience; Harry fields several offers and learns some Veela history; and Hermione saves Ron from a major faux pas, gets a letter she doesn’t read, and cuts a deal

Words: 11,832
Hits: 10,991

Wherein the Dark Lord gets too angry for his own good, Harry learns bad news; Hermione learns good news; Harry and Hermione make a spectacle of themselves; Ron and Harry have a brotherly chat; Harry’s year is tested; Mad-Eye has some advice; Neville awards points; Hermione learns something important; Shak teaches wandless magic; Slughorn has a contest; Ron and the Prince form a winning combination; Malfoy confronts Ron; and Death Eaters commit murder most foul

Words: 12,795
Hits: 10,570

Wherein the true depths of Death Eater depravity is revealed; Dumbledore solves the case; Harry learns of new responsibility; Harry and Hermione get hexed; the D.A. central station is a big hit; Quidditch practice is disrupted; Ron wins; Hermione is insulted; Harry and Hermione duel and snog afterwards

Words: 15,984
Hits: 9,561

Words: 15,777
Hits: 9,086

Wherein Hermione goes to the library, and accepts self-defense training, Captain Katie drops a problem in Harry’s lap, everyone goes to Gringotts for the reading of Sirius’ will, Sirius’ bequests cause problems for Harry, Harry and Hermione cause problems for the goblins, Rita Skeeter causes problems for Harry and Hermione; Harry gets tested, Luna agrees to help, and a date is set.

Words: 12,960
Hits: 8,638

Wherein Harry and Hermione have a rough week; Hermione refuses a request that Harry suggested; Jazzy reveals a secret; Ginny gets angry; Luna publishes; Hermione swots a new topic and has an encounter with Cho; Harry visits the Twins’ shop and is shown some new products; there is a fortuitous accident; and Harry does some spying, makes a purchase, and impresses the goblins

Words: 17,606
Hits: 8,693

Words: 15,270
Hits: 7,884

Wherein Wormtail, Dobby and some goblins gets banished; Voldemort receives a report; Harry and Hermione face repercussions; Harry shares a badge with Ron; Ginny has real Remedial Potions; Hermione signs up herself and Harry; Ron has a complaint; Harry gets bad news from one goblin and good news from another; Hermione muses, and then panics; a Basilisk is no more; the D.A. finds a new home; and Malfoy receives a letter.

Words: 14,746
Hits: 7,851

Wherein a plot is hatched, Harry and Dumbledore have a serious chat; Harry and Hermione have a light-hearted chat that turns serious; Hermione swots; the pair meet with Dumbledore in the Headmaster’s private quarters; magical science is discussed; Hermione guesses Dumbledore’s secrets; Harry gets a business update; Luna gets even; there’s an incident during Quidditch practice, and Voldemort plots.

Words: 17,208
Hits: 7,665

Wherein news is sold, made, and destroyed, Draco and Ginny get things they want, Harry gets more news than he bargained for, gets, tested, and is awarded the Order of Merlin; Harry, Hermione and Neville give speeches; Sirius is remembered; Death Eaters attack; Remus returns; and the Masked Ball goes forward without Neville.

Words: 13,982
Hits: 7,215

Wherein the girls prepare for the ball, Hermione is disappointed, Harry needs help, Hermione is no longer disappointed, Harry gets a bit carried away, Hermione has a problem, Ginny is angry, Luna sees all, Ron faints at the sight of Cho, the ball is held, Luna and Harry confess, Ginny reacts, there are several incidents on the dance floor, Moody gives permission, and Harry and Hermione escape

Words: 16,181
Hits: 7,441

Wherein Harry has a dream, grants a favor, and disproves an accusation; Harry and Hermione have a long talk and read a letter, he deals with a second accusation during Quidditch practice, Draco evaluates a potion, and the Dark Lord plots

Words: 14,337
Hits: 6,976

Wherein Harry justifies Hermione’s high opinion of him, the pair has a chat with Fleur, deal with pre-game hijiinks, Harry makes a deal with Ron, Gryffindor swamps Slytherin, Harry is injured in an unfortunate post-game incident, and Hermione tries to make him feel better.

Words: 13,343
Hits: 6,868

Wherein Snape relives painful memories and tries to send warning, Hermione tends to Harry, McGonagall metes out punishment, Harry and Hermione visit Harry’s new Gringotts vault, Harry plans a good surprise, but Hermione finds a bad one, they visit a goblin Xanadu, Ginny gets criticized, and one of Snape’s efforts gets shot down

Words: 15,869
Hits: 6,188

Wherein Harry has a go with McGonagall, resolves that dispute, and performs a Switching Spell; Harry and Hermione visit with Firenze; Harry visits with Hagrid, has a musical interlude, gets initiated, clears the air with Ron, and has an encounter in the Forbidden Forest.

Words: 14,565
Hits: 6,162

Wherein attention begins to shift to Château Blackwalls, an Achilles heel is discovered, Harry and Hermione learn more about Horcruxes, Harry reveals a secret, Hermione is not happy about it, Harry receives an assignment, the pair kiss and make up, Hermione has a request, Neville trains, and a secret is forgotten, but then recalled.

Words: 14,172
Hits: 6,355

Wherein Dumbledore has a chat with one of his students, the thoughts several of the supporting characters on the eve of the Christmas holiday are examined, Harry and Hermione attend another Slug Club party, meet exotic, interesting people, and go on holiday to Château Blackwalls

Words: 13,375
Hits: 5,785

Wherein Harry takes charge of Château Blackwalls, makes personnel decisions, Hermione gets a present and an unpleasant surprise, Draco replenishes, Harry and Hermione have some fun, go swimming, goblins come bearing gifts, Neville practices, Hermione and Luna explore and make a discovery

Words: 14,931
Hits: 4,993

Wherein Harry and Hermione discuss religion, kick an issue upstairs, Harry talks politics, two odd ones just talk, Hermione is questioned, runs errands, and finds what she wants, Hermione confesses to Harry, Luna sees a sign, the rat comes back, and Harry agrees to an outing

Words: 15,565
Hits: 5,326

Wherein Harry and Hermione are disturbed, they go Christmas shopping, Voldemort gets a message and gives orders, Harry and friends tour Glastonbury, Hermione makes another discovery, Christmas is celebrated, and Lao Kung writes back

Words: 15,296
Hits: 4,878

Wherein things become clear at last, reconnaissance is carried out, a rescue is planned, a question is asked and answered, and Harry and his friends follow a signal that takes them to a rendezvous with destiny

Words: 17,271
Hits: 4,786

Wherein a burglary occurs, Harry’s group fights a much larger opposing force, the Aurors are caught by surprise, battle is joined, the goblin army arrives, and considerable mayhem ensues

Words: 17,252
Hits: 4,843

Wherein the Battle of Hogwarts is ended, Hermione tends to the survivors, secret meetings are held, medical treatment is rendered, Harry and Hermione both learn what their victory cost, Ron apologises, and everyone finally gets some sleep.

Words: 15,000
Hits: 4,955

Wherein Harry has another quite unexpected brush with death, gets a check up; Harry and Hermione have a long talk with Dumbledore; Harry has a request for Shak, and speaks to the goblin army; and Cho is interrogated

Words: 14,902
Hits: 4,723

Wherein, the Dark Lord gives orders, Neville recovers, personnel issues are dealt with, Harry and Hermione go for another dip, commemorate house-elves, wake up in the middle of the night, and Ginny confronts her mum.

Words: 15,030
Hits: 4,561

Wherein, Hermione prefers being awake to dreaming, Shak interrogates Harry and his friends, Ginny learns a new potion, Harry receives owl post, Ron practices for Quidditch, Harry gets a replacement, Jazzy shows off, Harry and Hermione give a demonstration, and there is an emergency.

Words: 14,689
Hits: 4,391

Wherein, the murder victim is revealed, the Trio speculates, Harry meets a unique witch, consults counsel, attends to assorted business, and medicates, Harry and Hermione visit the Room but are interrupted, Cho receives good news, and Draco accomplishes something.

Words: 13,904
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Wherein Harry gets a report from the Creeveys, Quidditch is postponed, Harry plans for his relatives, Hermione sends a note, an engagement and an inheritance are revealed, Orders of Merlin are awarded, an incident occurs, Harry gets the cold shoulder, Hermione has an unwanted meeting, and Harry and Hermione receive awards from the goblins.

Words: 15,444
Hits: 3,919

Wherein Harry gets a new guardian and a dressing down, a Quidditch match is played, Draco takes chances, Filch gets KOed, Harry receives post, Hagrid teaches, Ron’s appetite gets him into trouble, as does Slughorn’s thirst, Hermione thinks quickly, Valentine’s night is celebrated, and Voldemort reverses himself.

Words: 13,198
Hits: 4,200

Wherein a medical consultation occurs, an important announcement is made, advanced magic is performed, Voldemort continues plotting and unleashes a surprise, a potion is brewed, Ginny figures something out, Quidditch practice is disrupted, Luna asks a question, Hermione is frustrated, Dumbledore receives disturbing messages, Death Eaters attack, and everyone attempts to deal with the aftermath.

Words: 13,346
Hits: 3,972

Wherein effects of the Basilisk attack on Beauxbatons ripple through Britain and France, Hagrid makes a request, a political thrust is met with a feint, a secret is no more, Rita writes a story, Ginny is protected, the D.A. trains, the goblins plan, Malfoy has an accident, Harry and the Ministry eye each other, and Dumbledore fails to dissuade Harry.

Words: 13,075
Hits: 3,735

Wherein the Prophet publishes, Harry endures, has unusual pillow talk, and learns how business works, an old friend returns, an exhibition opens, Hermione’s idea is adopted, Malfoy finishes, Hermione’s party wins, and dinner is served.

Words: 12,459
Hits: 3,711

Wherein apologies are made, soup is served, Ron is impulsive, Draco plays puppeteer, another player emerges, Quidditch injuries occur, Harry catches the Snitch and the snatch, and vice versa, Hermione is traumatized and takes it out on some furniture, and Ron does something he shouldn’t.

Words: 14,780
Hits: 3,584

Wherein an emergency is handled and a letter addressed, announcements and arrangements are made, homework is done, punishment is meted out, other actors join the mix, goblins calculate, Voldemort plots, and an author is chosen.

Words: 13,557
Hits: 3,362

Wherein Hermione tries to cope, an announcement is made, invitations are accepted or not, promises are more or less kept, an unexpected proposal trumps an unexpected encounter, and Harry frets while picking stocks and gets some pointed counsel.

Words: 13,333
Hits: 3,308

Wherein Daphne is discarded, Hermione swots and considers her future, Harry seeks advice, Flitwick fails, Harry is mobbed, Ginny overdoes it, Harry seeks refuge, Fleur tries to provide it, and Hermione stays at Hogwarts.

Words: 14,345
Hits: 3,106

Wherein Fleur is discarded, Dumbledore finds a clue, Hermione’s downward emotional spiral continues, Voldemort prepares, goblins make a mistake, Luna stages an intervention, Hermione has nightmares, Harry and Hermione take N.E.W.T.s early, Hermione makes a discovery and meets a not-so-secret admirer.

Words: 13,491
Hits: 2,903

Wherein Hermione suffers indignities at the hands of persons other than Krum; Harry sits through a useless meeting; extracts a promise from Ron; Krum is manipulated; Hermione finds out what’s going on, which is bad enough, but not worse; Ginny finds out what’s going on, which is worse; Harry finds out what’s going on, which is good enough, and getting better; Neville gets a task; and Harry finds Ron and Luna.

Words: 18,136
Hits: 3,054

Wherein Draco has an accident, Viktor goes, but is seen again, Hermione experiences absolute evil, survives, then doesn’t, then does, Harry intends to die, but doesn’t, Bellatrix succeeds, but doesn’t, Luna and Ron assist, and a housecall is interrupted

Words: 16,760
Hits: 2,807

Wherein Neville replaces Harry; Dumbledore departs; Harry and Ron arrive; a battle is fought; casualties are suffered; a confession occurs, then another rescue; then the rescuers need rescuing; Jazzy’s friendship pays off, and an exorcism is conducted.

Words: 19,010
Hits: 2,911

Wherein the match is cancelled, McGonagall makes an offer, Harry accepts but at first not Hermione, they talk, but Hermione has a relapse, the remaining Weasleys survive, Neville and Luna arrange their summers, differences are partially resolved, physical therapy is conducted, funerals are held, 7th year plotting begins, a Horcrux is destroyed, and an exile starts a new life.

Words: 18,693
Hits: 3,149

Wherein Hermione’s doubts are satisfied, she and Harry take a trip to paradise, they decide to tie the knot, the locals are befriended, invited and uninvited guests attend the wedding, and our heroes do not live happily ever after – not yet.

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