Originally written as a Christmas fic, this actually took on a life of its own, exploring post-DH relationships between Harry and his family, Harry's children and their classmates, and Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. It's also a projection of what the future looks like in Potter-verse. Some romance, some humor - a little bit of everything.

Words: 8,560
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It never occurred to Harry or Draco that spending two weeks together running from Unspeakables and a master criminal with two attractive girls and their own children TWENTY-THREE YEARS IN THE FUTURE was the way to stop hating each other. Well, now they know. A post-GF AU.

Words: 3,348
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Teddy Lupin is the product of an unconventional family. He visits them all regularly, when he isn't attending culinary school. Usually, he makes his visits alone. Then his cousin Draco makes a request of him ...

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As if familial expections aren't enough, Draco Malfoy is suddenly, inexplicably, attracted to a Weasley! But not in love. Absolutely not! Because bringing her to his house to protect her from his own family, slowly but inevitably becoming one of Dumbledore's "goodie-goodies", and eventually challenging a dark lord whom he has been trained to serve certainly don't mean - oh, dear. A story written long before OOTP and with two prominent original characters. A/U, pre-OOTP.

Words: 8,394
Chapters: 2
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