Uncovering the Past

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Story Summary:
It's Hermione and Ron's wedding day, but Arthur Weasley and Julia Granger reveal a secret that ruins the big day completely. But they aren't the only ones with a secret that could wreck their lives. One Shot

Uncovering the Past


"This can't go wrong!"

"Chill out, Hermione!"

Hermione was being her usual fretful self. Ginny was sitting on her friend's bed, completely chilled, trying to calm her friend down.

"But...this can't go wrong!"

"It's not going to go wrong," said Ginny, soothingly. "It's the happiest day of your life. It is, right?"

"Of course it is!" said Hermione in a broken voice, sitting on her bed. "I love Ron. I'm so happy we're going to get married. But...it's just that nearly everything goes wrong for me and if this goes wrong I'm going to..."

"It won't," said Ginny reassuringly. "Every girl thinks her own wedding's going to be a total disaster and it hardly ever is."

"It's ok for you, you're not in this position!" snapped Hermione.

Ginny shrugged.

"Well, suit yourself," she said.

Hermione looked ashamed of herself.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I'm so nervous!"

"Oh please don't tell me you've got cold feet and I have to persuade you that it really is a good thing?" said Ginny.

"No, it's just I don't want..."

"...it to go wrong. I know," said Ginny, rolling her eyes. "Look, it's all good. You look beautiful in that dress, you know?"

"Really?" said Hermione, looking up and smiling.

"Really," said Ginny. "Ron would be a fool not to love you in that dress. Look, nothing at all can go wrong?"





Arthur Weasley slammed his fist down on the table. The dark haired woman opposite him looked alarmed and scared. There were tears running down her face.

"You can't tell me this!" said Arthur, angrily.

"This can't happen, Arthur!" said Julia Granger tearfully.

"I know it can't so don't tell me!" snapped the red-haired man standing opposite her.

"I meant the wedding!" said Julia earnestly. "Look, we know it now, it's out in the open, you have to face the truth, Arthur! You can't hide it away forever! It didn't just affect us, can't you see? It's affected your son and my daughter! Our daughter."

"She can't be," said Arthur, staring at the table. "I refuse to believe it. It was twenty years ago. There's no proof to say she's mine."

"There is, Arthur," said Julia. "Why else do you think I divorced Richard?"

"Hermione said it was because you didn't have anything in common," said Arthur.

"That's what we told her, but we were lying," said Julia. "It was because Richard found out that Hermione wasn't his!"

Arthur started pacing around the table.

"This can't happen!" he muttered. "It shouldn't make any difference! Why do we have to ruin their lives because we had...a fling?"

"Because they can't get married," said Julia, softly. "She's his half sister. It's incest, Arthur. Their children could have terrible genetic disorders!"

"Julia, we can't just stop them getting married!" said Arthur, his voice raised.

"We have to, Arthur," said Julia, sadly. "It tears me apart just thinking about it, but they can't get married. They're...they're brother and sister."

"Now I know why you were so reluctant to let Hermione come and stay with us," said Arthur, broodingly. "You realised what was happening...you wanted to stop it..."

"I know. I wish I had managed," said Julia. "But we can't dwell on the past and ignore the present, Arthur. We have to tell Hermione and Ron what we've done. What we've done to mess up their lives."

"I can't stand here and shatter my son's heart into pieces!" shouted Arthur. "And it doesn't stop there! You and Richard divorced when he found out you had a child with me! What if Molly leaves? It won't just screw up Ron and Hermione; it'll screw up my entire family! I don't want to wreck my family over something so stupid, especially now! At this time!"

Julia bent her head.

"We can't just ignore it, Arthur," she said. "It's not something that can just be swept under the rug and left there. It has to come out. They have to know."

Arthur stared moodily at the table. Why did these things always happen to him?

"Fine," he said, in a beaten voice. "But we'll say in front of everyone. I can't face repeating it thousands of times."


"What's going on, dad?" asked Ginny, breaking the silence around the table. Everyone in the house was gathered around the kitchen table. Arthur and Julia were standing behind the table, looking very solemn. Ron had his arm round Hermione and was looking worried. Even the twins weren't making jokes. They obviously sensed it was a serious occasion.

"Has someone died?" asked Harry, seriously.

"If it was Percy it's not such a problem," muttered Ron. He was still angry that Percy was not going to attend his wedding.

"Ron! What a thing to say!" said Molly.

"Nobody's dead," said Arthur. "Julia...and I...we've got a confession to make...and I don't think Ron or Hermione is going to like it very much."

Hermione tensed. She knew today was going to go wrong, she absolutely knew it.

"Hermione, Richard and I lied when we told you the reason we got divorced," said Julia, her voice shaking. "It was because...you aren't his daughter."

Hermione stared.

"What? Then whose daughter am I?" she asked in shock.

"You're...you're Arthur's daughter."

There was a stunned silence. Both Hermione and Ron had looks of shell-shocked horror on their faces. Ginny, Harry, Bill and Charlie were looking completely stunned, and even the twins looked dismayed. Everyone edgily looked round to see Molly Weasley's reaction; however her face was quite straight and her expression inscrutable.

Finally, Hermione said, in a choked voice, "So that makes Ron my half brother."

"I'm afraid so, darling," said Julia, sadly.

"So we can't get married?" said Ron.

"I'm really sorry," said Arthur. "It's just...well, we never knew what would happen."

"How could you do this to me?" shouted Hermione, rounding on her mother. "How could you mess up what is supposed to be the happiest day of my life? How could you ruin my whole future like this?"

"I'm sorry, darling, but I thought...I never realised..."

"I hate you!"

There was a shocked silence at this outburst. Hermione didn't look as if she was about to take anything back or that she didn't mean anything.

"Molly, I'm so sorry," said Arthur, dejectedly turning to his wife.

"Well, I guess this makes us even," said Molly, in a hard voice. "Although I never had a child with Sirius, so I don't think that's entirely true."

"You what?"

"I said I never had a child with Sirius."

"You...you and Sirius?" cried Arthur. "You had an affair with Sirius? When?"

"When Ron, Hermione and Harry were in their fifth year," replied Molly, almost smugly. "I was so guilty about it, you had no idea. But I guess I was guilty for no reason, because now we're equal."

Arthur gaped.


"That's right."

George stepped forward.

"Seeing as this seems to be a good time for confessing affairs, Ron, you're not the only Weasley Hermione's ever been with."

"No! You and George?" said Ron, turning on Hermione. "You're kidding! He's your brother!"

"So are you," said Hermione, blushing. "And anyway, this was before we got together, Ron. It was in the fifth year. We had a...er..."

"Fling?" suggested Harry.

"Yes, that's it," said Hermione. She had gone bright red.

"Flings include sex," said Ron, sourly.

"Yes, I...er...know," said Hermione, ashamedly, looking at the floor.

"You told me I was your first!" said Ron angrily.

"Well it doesn't make any difference seeing as we can't get married in the first place anyway!" snapped Hermione. "The whole wedding is off. I can't marry my brother, Ron."

"Good!" snarled Ron, who seemed to be incredibly hurt by the whole George/Hermione thing. "I've got Cho!"


"That's right, I've got Cho. We've been going out since Harry broke up with her and we still are!" spat Ron angrily. "She'll probably be a much better wife that you, sis."

Hermione burst into tears. Ginny glared at Ron and put her arm around Hermione.

"Now look what you've done!" she said. "And by the way, there's something everyone should know. I'm pregnant."

There seemed to be some sort of collected gasp.

"You're pregnant?" said Molly in shock. "Who's the father?"

"Harry, I'm afraid it's you," said Ginny, sadly, turning to face her old boyfriend.

Harry bit his lip.

"Oh God, er...well, that makes what I'm about to say even harder...well, I...er...everyone," said Harry, swallowing. "I...I'm gay."

"WHAT?" cried Ginny. "I'm having a baby with a gay father?"

"You got off lightly," said Ron darkly. "I could have ended up having a baby with my sister."

"Yes, I'm gay," said Harry, looking at the floor. "I didn't realise for ages...but now I'm facing the truth. I am gay."

"And so am I," admitted Charlie, stepping forward.

Molly seemed like she was going to faint. The whole room was in complete and utter confusion. Everything seemed to be going really wrong. It couldn't possible sort itself out...


"A baby girl! My first niece...she's so lovely," said Hermione, looking down at Ginny and her baby daughter. "What have you named her?"

"Neville chose it," said Ginny, looking fondly up at her fiancé. "It's Alison. Alison Potter-Longbottom, she'll be in a few months."

Neville smiled.

"I don't care if it's Harry's," he said. "I'm going to treat her like my own daughter. She's beautiful."

Hermione smiled. "Isn't she?" she said. She stood up.

"Well, I'd better get home," she said. "Seamus will be wondering where I am."

"How's it going with you two at the moment?" asked Neville. "Married life suiting you?"

"Yeah, it's great," said Hermione. "I can't believe we never saw it before...but that's love for you, isn't it?"

"Yes," said Ginny. "I know what you mean. I thought Harry was the man for me but I was wrong. How is Harry, by the way, do you know?"

"He's fine," said Hermione. "He's now reserve Seeker for Appleby Arrows. He's so proud of himself so make sure you congratulate him when he comes in to see Alison. And I think he might be moving in with Charlie soon. Those two are so suited for each other, I can't believe I didn't see it before."

"I know, but we didn't realise either of them were gay, did we?" said Ginny. "That's life. I heard Ron and Cho broke up."

"Yes," said Hermione. "He left her, actually, and you'll never guess who for!"




"It's true," said Hermione. "They seem to be getting on really well. Sad to have to tell you that Bill and Fleur haven't registered for divorce yet, but your parents haven't either."

"Good," said Ginny. "And Phlegm's not so bad once you get used to her, I guess."

Hermione smiled.

"I'll see you later," she said, and walked out of the maternity ward of St Mungo's.

So it was true what they say. Things do pan out fine generally.

The End

Ok, I know this is a weird fic, but I was bored and I just randomly paired up loads of people. I also realise it's a bit on the outrageous side, but my friend said it was funny! Anyway, please review!