In A Time Of Uncertainty


Story Summary:
They once longed for each other years ago, but neither was ready to face his feelings. Now Voldemort has returned, Oliver is recruiting wizards to fight against him, and Percy is estranged from his family. Hesitant and apprehensive, they decide to try to be a couple.

Chapter 01

Years ago they longed for each other, but neither one was willing to live with the consequences. Now, after Voldemort's return, Oliver is recruiting wizards to fight against the Dark Lord and Percy is estranged from his family. Hesitant and apprehensive, they decide to try to be a couple.

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Chapter 02

Back at school and close to the end of his formal education, Oliver learns something quite interesting in DADA...and notes Percy's odd reaction.

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Chapter 03

The Gryffindor Chasers discuss Lupin's class, Oliver receives good news, and the twins learn not to jump to conclusions.

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Chapter 04

Oliver sends his letter and thinks a bit about the future. Percy gets irritated with the twins and then studies while a newly intrigued Oliver looks on.

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Chapter 05

Percy and Oliver discover something in common.

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Chapter 06

Percy agonizes, Oliver reads a letter, and they go out to dinner...but is Percy interested?

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Chapter 07

Oliver and Percy learn some things about each other over dinner.

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Chapter 08

The twins and Lane confront Oliver about Percy.

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Chapter 09

Sex (sort of), lies (Percy's), and the prefects' bathroom.

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Chapter 10

After learning that Voldemort has returned, Percy's memories haunt him until he receives an unexpected visit.

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Chapter 11

Percy comes back to the Burrow, where he finds mixed reactions.

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Chapter 12

Percy reflects on Penelope and then meets Oliver at the Leaky Cauldron.

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Chapter 13

Percy sees Oliver again and encounters some surprises...especially a blond one called Ian McTavish.

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Chapter 14

Arthur gives Percy an ultimatum; Bill and Charlie come home with news from the Order.

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Chapter 15

Left at home on his own, Percy thinks over a dream he had. Later he meets some of the Order.

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Chapter 16

Oliver offers Percy a cure for his bordedom.

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Chapter 17

Percy gets very horny and Oliver makes a few decisions.

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Chapter 18

Percy's first day back at work is miserable...until he gets two unexpected birthday presents.

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Chapter 19

Percy begins to come out.

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Chapter 20

The Weasleys react; days go by; the relationship between Percy and Oliver deepens.

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Chapter 21

Days pass. Charlie makes an announcement. Percy and Oliver come to a decision.

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Chapter 22

"All right, men."

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Chapter 23

Oliver and Percy's relationship deepens, we see a bit of Puddlemere United, and our lads have a talk about families.

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Chapter 24

Ian weighs in, the Woods react, Figgy gets a tad personal, and...Miss Clarinda???

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Chapter 25

After the Quidditch match, Oliver goes to see Remus.

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Chapter 26

Percy and Oliver face a few realities.

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Chapter 27

Many things are said; many things are left unsaid; some things shouldn't have been said at all, perhaps.

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Chapter 28

Percy and Oliver realize that there's only so much they can do.

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Chapter 29

An unexpected development threatens Percy and Oliver's security.

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Chapter 30

Percy and Oliver figure out finances and come to a decision; a letter arrives from the Woods.

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Chapter 31

Percy and Oliver celebrate, Ian is having problems, Anne has news, and...yes, they do sell the book.

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Chapter 32

The explosion in Diagon Alley has devastating effects.

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Chapter 33

Percy has an idea, everyone objects, arguments are had, stories are told, and the Remus/Sirius subtext nears the breaking point.

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Chapter 34

Dumbledore's new plans lead to some difficult decisions for Percy and Oliver.

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Chapter 35

Hospital visits are many things.

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Chapter 36

The future is considered and Percy makes yet another reconciliation.

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Chapter 37

In which we learn a bit more about Oliver's exes and Percy contemplates families.

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Chapter 38

Percy asks a question and doesn't understand Remus's reaction; George is awake and feeling quite depressed.

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Chapter 39

A series of miscommunications put Percy in an irritable mood, until a casual gesture leads to a discovery that answers one question but raises many more.

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Chapter 40

Percy must consider his views about life, death, and love.

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Chapter 41

Oliver's last match, Percy's first and hopefully last encounted with Jackson, and a rooftop under the stars.

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Chapter 42

Percy's stomach is suffering more than nerves.

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Chapter 43

Percy's illness.

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Chapter 44

With Percy gone, letters go back in forth between he and others, especially Oliver.

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Chapter 45

The final chapter. Percy returns home.

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