For Daphne, Draco, Blaise, Pansy, and the rest of the 7th year Slytherins, the prospect of redoing a year of school is almost as desirable as standing trial for war crimes. Enter a different sort of world than Harry's, where money is never lacking and an old circle of friends struggles to stay together in the aftermath of the war.

Words: 14,250
Chapters: 3
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Another morning in Slytherin House, seen through the eyes of Blaise Zabini.

Words: 2,738
Chapters: 1
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After this was all over, they would have plenty of time to begin. Two students thrown together amidst the madness of the Ministry's fall find comfort in each other. A year in the life of Dean Thomas.

Words: 5,504
Chapters: 1
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Wedding Day by LoonyLoopyLuna

On her wedding day, Ginny Weasley reflects on her true love - and why he isn't the one waiting for her at the altar. Inspired by Dido's "White Flag."

Words: 1,761
Chapters: 1
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