Lady Ravenclaw

Thin Ice by Lady Ravenclaw

Narcissa Black falls through the ice on the lake, Severus Snape is tormented as always, and Lucius Malfoy shows that there is such a thing as Slytherin loyalty. Everyone skates on very thin ice before the first war.

Words: 1,986
Chapters: 1
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Professor Slughorn goes to a Black family Christmas party, observes the dynamics of pureblooded society, and gets very drunk. Sirius and Snape get into a fight, Narcissa and Lucius kiss for the first time, Bellatrix threatens Lucius, and Slughorn eavesdrops. Welcome to pre-War pure-blooded society.

Words: 8,219
Chapters: 1
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Snape attends Lucius and Narcissa's wedding and meditates on interhouse relations. Narcissa recieves a gift and Lucius has a secret.

Words: 1,495
Chapters: 1
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