While serving a detention for Filch, Draco discovers something that Potter doesn't know about and can't wait to rub his nose in it. What he doesn't expect to discover is the fact that he and Harry share a grief from the same source.

Words: 2,242
Chapters: 1
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Harry comes back for seventh year along with Hermione and Ron, only to find strange things afoot - unsurprisingly, with Slytherins in the thick of them. What are they up to now, and where have all the Muggleborns' familiars disappeared to?

Words: 5,260
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A young Slytherin sets out for the Forbidden Forest to help Professor Longbottom repair the damage done to the school garden and finds more than he bargained for awaiting him in the woods.

Words: 5,557
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Allegiances by Foxglove33

At some point during the aftermath of the final battle, and despite the concerns of the newly restored Head of Slytherin house, Harry attempts to return Draco's wand. Complications arise in the form of a trapped ghost and the return of a former instructor, one who is certainly not welcome at Hogwarts.

Words: 6,402
Chapters: 1
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