Hermione and Draco surprisingly find themselves drawn to one another in the post-war trauma. Sometimes the first thing you want in life is the last thing you need.

Words: 3,266
Chapters: 1
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The history of Hermione's romances throughout her fourth, fifth, and sixth year. Includes her escapades with Krum, McLaggen, and of course Ron. If you ever wondered what was going on in Hermione's head during these years, this story is for you.

Words: 14,701
Chapters: 4
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"I was just trying to get to you before you got to me." Harry and Ginny devise a scheme to prevent Ron and Hermione from dancing around each other any more. It won't take you a minute to read.

Words: 1,774
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Hermione and Ron are living together, but their relationship is a little shaky. What will happen when the charming, intelligent (male!) Blaise Zabini takes an interest in Hermione?

Words: 6,625
Chapters: 1
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Ron's getting engaged to Padma... and he lets his family find out the hard way. Will Hermione let him go through with it? Or will George save the day? Fun and fluffy. (H/G, R/Hr-goodness)

Words: 7,154
Chapters: 1
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