Harry's heading back to Privet Drive for the summer after his fifth year. He's tired of being angry with the world, and now it's time for him to change his attitude. He might have lost Sirius, and have had the prophecy thrust upon him, but there are still people who want to help him, and who understand the burden he carries. He has to take responsibility for his life and find a way to defeat Voldemort. (Mild H/G)

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Ginny Weasley knows she's lost Harry Potter before, and that he has a burden to carry that transcends any relationship they might have. That doesn't make it any easier on her when he has to leave her behind yet again. Harry knows now what he's leaving behind when destiny calls - after dropping out of Ginny's life on previous occasions without giving it a thought. How does he cope with that and his fate at the same time?

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Post-Hogwarts. Harry's just started an important job, so it's no surprise that people have been calling him to congratulate him on his success. He's not so keen to see an old acquaintance from his Hogwarts days though, especially when it seems that he's after something in return for a favour Harry never sought.

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