Ariana had the perfect life. Hawai'i had the beach, the cute surfer guys, and of course... the safety. But one night flips it all upside down, and Ari's life is changed forever...

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This is the story that precedes Ari's. The two do intertwine, but even if you've been reading "Secrets, Secrets" I suggest you make the jump to this one, at least until I hit my stride and they are in the same timeframe. Abby is taken with Sirius, but she has to try to hide it. Sirius, of course, is the guy all the girls want, but there's only one girl he wants.

Words: 21,011
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First Time by almostmagical07

Missing moment, comes before Secrets, Secrets starts-- Ari/Taylor fluff.

Words: 1,180
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Trust by almostmagical07

After Ari's first big fight with Abby... Ari is fourteen and curious about the father she's never known. A storm is brewing as Ari moodily considers what's happened that she knows of.

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11 years old. Isn't that a little young to think you've fallen in love? Well... my neighbor says it's not. Of course, under tyranny from my mother, I could never say what I wanted; James and I just stayed friends. Then came the divorce, and Hogwarts... how much would change and how much would stay the same?

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