Aidan Lynch

One humid afternoon at Malfoy Manor, Narcissa sees something which triggers some powerful memories.

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Chapters: 1
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Early one morning in his final year at school, Harry reflects on how he and Ron went from best friends to something more.

Words: 9,932
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When Harry and Draco first met in Madam Malkin's robe shop, neither ``of them could have anticipated how much loathing and mistrust would follow. But ``one day in their fifth year something happens which forces Harry and Draco to ``reconsider exactly what such abhorrence is founded on. Little by little, each ``of them is overwhelmed by Unthinkable Thoughts, and they begin the voyage that ``takes them from their safe harbours of deep suspicion well out into uncharted ``waters. And the more they discover, the more the realise that things can never ``be the same again!

Words: 138,117
Chapters: 18
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