The Time of Destiny


Story Summary:
Complete. Sequel to "The Refiner's Fire." Harry's Seventh Year, complete with adventure, training, snogging, hospital visits, etc. Watch for ficlets to be added from time to time to fill in missing scenes in the epilogue. Canon-based through OotP. HP/GW, RW/HG, RL/NT

Chapter 01

Harry Potter returns to Privet Drive for the last time, prior to his Seventh Year at Hogwarts. Much to the Dursleys surprise, Remus is going to stay with him due to a head injury Harry received on the train. The Dursleys are not happy with this situation, as you can well-imagine. This fic covers both the summer before Harry’s seventh year, and his entire last year at school. Canon-based with some OC. Ships, for those who care: H/G, R/H, R/T

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Chapter 02

Remus’s change of plans takes a huge burden off of Harry. Tonks has a little talk with Petunia and Dudley. The Weasleys have a party, where there are some intriguing revelations.

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Chapter 03

Harry fights to control his temper. Things change at Privet Drive. Harry and Ron start their summer jobs.

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Chapter 04

Marcus, Molly and Remus deal with the “Petunia problem.” Harry, Ron, the twins and Arthur take tours of factories as research for the twins’ business. Harry and Ron meet with Mr. Ollivander, who has an interesting proposal.

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Chapter 05

Harry and Ron deal with a group of Death Eaters who are up to no good. Ron convinces Harry to go to the Weasleys for dinner to help cheer him up. Marcus Pomfrey finds the boys on Diagon Alley and asks how Harry is. Harry goes to St. Mungo’s to have his scars treated.

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Chapter 06

Harry undergoes a very painful treatment to restore his body to full usefulness by removing scar tissue and repairing muscle damage. There are problems along the way, of course. Harry finally gets to leave the Dursleys house for the last time.

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Chapter 07

Ron and Harry talk about Hermione and her correspondence. George has a new girlfriend. Harry learns about another “female mystery” and teaches Ginny and Molly how to make brownies. Harry’s birthday party has #12 Grimmauld Place rocking, as does some news that gets shared during the party. Dobby and Winky have a surprise.

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Chapter 08

Ginny’s birthday party. Harry takes Ginny to a concert as her present, and all kinds of mayhem and misunderstandings result. Another day, Harry gets a terrifying message at work. WARNING: Something truly horrible happens in the latter half of this chapter – you’ve been warned!!

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Chapter 09

Harry is such a good boyfriend – he not only gives nice gifts, he gets them repaired if they’re damaged. Later, Harry tries to “do the right thing” with regard to Ginny, but my solution is much different than JKR’s in HBP (and this was written MONTHS before HBP came out – it didn’t influence my story in the least, but I find it interesting how many things I “guessed right” that JKR included in her fic). The gang heads back to Hogwarts, and you’ll learn what was behind Hermione’s actions a couple of chapters ago.

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Chapter 10

Harry visits various friends on the train, and notices Ron getting better acquainted with someone. Madam Hooch offers Harry a suggestion for the D.A. The new students face the Sorting Ceremony. Ron explores the Head Boy Suite. Blaise Zabini tries to cause Harry trouble. Neville asks for some advice. Harry and Ron hear a nasty rumour that’s being spread about Harry. Harry and Ginny finally have some time together.

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Chapter 11

Remus puts the past behind him and moves on with his life. Hermione and Neville go to Hogsmeade together, with interesting results. Harry gets on the wrong side of a Spitting Daisy. Harry and Ginny make a plan that actually works, much to Harry’s delighted surprise (his plans don’t always work, remember).

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Chapter 12

: Peeves learns a startling new lesson. Harry and Dumbledore discuss an idea of Harry’s that could be fun for the school. Ron and Harry work hard to learn a new language. Harry recruits new members to the Quidditch team, one of whom has some issues that need to be dealt with before he’ll be an effective member of the team. Harry and his friends discuss their plans for the future. The first D.A. meeting. Ginny has a brilliant idea.

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Chapter 13

Harry speaks to Dumbledore about the D.A. Tournament. Harry, Dumbledore and Remus have a practice session to see how Harry’s doing at mastering his new wand and a difficult charm. Remus talks to Harry about his and Tonks’ wedding. Harry, Ron and Hermione learn human-to-animal transfiguration in class and practice the charm as homework. A couple of their transfigurations have some very interesting results.

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Chapter 14

Neville’s gran arrives at Hogwarts, ready to hex everyone in sight. McGonagall has an idea for a different way to teach a skill. Harry makes a mistake and pays for it in a variety of ways. Harry learns something Snape knows, and it horrifies him.

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Chapter 15

Neville’s grandparents try to work out their differences. Ginny makes some progress on something she’s been working on. A mysterious attack sends Harry, Ron and Remus to the hospital wing. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny help the Flying Squad with a practice session.

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Chapter 16

The Animagus assembly; ideas on the conjured beast; a fun study break; problems at the Yule Ball.

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Chapter 17

Dobby’s done remarkable things to 12 Grimmauld Place; Remus and Tonks get married; Harry has a disagreement with someone that may change his life.

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Chapter 18

Dumbledore goes to find Harry and resolve the issues between him and Molly. Harry and his friends enjoy Christmas together. Harry makes some important decisions about his future.

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Chapter 19

Back at Hogwarts after the holiday, Harry and Ron have a meeting with some people who are important to their futures. Harry has another run-in with Snape, with interesting results.

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Chapter 20

Quidditch scouts watch a Gryffindor game; Valentine’s Day in Hogsmeade; Harry has scar pain from a horrible vision; Dumbledore changes Harry’s schedule.

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Chapter 21

: Harry starts his new regime with Dumbledore

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The D.A. has a mass training session, including the Flying Squad, Order members, Aurors and Fred and George Weasley. Harry gets a gift from O’Connell that disturbs him.

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Merlin comes up with a way to help Harry. The gang learns about another prison break.

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Harry has to deal with a problem at Grimmauld Place; Easter break; the D.A. Tournament.

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Helping Hagrid leads to a serious problem for Harry.

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The culprits are discovered and suffer the consequences of their actions. Harry’s life returns to normal and he works on some difficult spells with the help of his friends. Harry finds a way to thank those who helped him.

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: The final Quidditch game of the year and its aftermath.

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: Dumbledore wants Harry to attend a meeting of the Minister of Magic’s Cabinet in his office. While there, Harry notices a pattern to some attacks. Ron helps Harry with a project that benefits everyone. Percy gets a comeuppance.

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: Harry has a horrific vision and learns the truth about Percy. Bad things are happening at St. Mungo’s and elsewhere.

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Harry finally meets his destiny.

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Harry and his friends are healing as well as they can, but there are, of course, some difficulties along the way. Morgue workers get a surprise. Harry does what he can to help Ron. Harry learns a huge secret about his own past.

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An old problem pops up again for Harry. An amazing thing happens to Snape. Harry finally gets to return to school.

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Harry realizes he’s in the hospital wing *again*! He has an unexpected visitor, whose visit isn’t particularly welcome. Exams begin and Harry is determined to take at least one despite all the class he’s missed. He does someone a favour which has shocking results.

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Harry works on regaining control of his magic. Dumbledore makes him an offer.

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Beginning five years after the end of “The Time of Destiny,” we catch up with the characters and see what they’ve been up to and what’s in their futures.

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The further adventures of Harry Potter, now fifteen years after his years as a student at Hogwarts.

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