Little Harry asks Santa to take him to someone, who loves him. Will Harry be able to find a home in the magical world? Time travel to the Founders' time and back to modern time's Hogwarts! Partly childfic, partly OOC, Completely AU! Abuse!Dursleys.

Words: 4,166
Chapters: 1
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Because of fainting spells, eight year old Harry is taken to Hogwarts. What do the elements have to do with his problem? Completely AU, partly OOC.

Words: 5,595
Chapters: 1
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By chance Minerva McGonagall meets a six-year old Harry. Partly a child fic. Warnings: Abuse Dursleys, AU, partly OOC, Dumbledore bashing, De-aging, Pairings: SS/ de-aged MM, HP/GW

Words: 3,661
Chapters: 1
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