Where Life Leads


Story Summary:
James Potter and Lily Evans have never gotten along despite their many similarities. But when they are chosen as Head Boy and Girl they are forced to work together. As a war begins in the Wizarding World James and Lily overcome their differences and discover the most important things in life.

Chapter 11 - Chapter 11

Author's Note:
I'm back...and I'm so sorry it took me so long to get this chapter out. School was a nightmare but it's finally over for the summer! Anyway, enjoy the chapter! There will be more notes at the end. Oh, and many thanks to Colon for her patience and for being such an awesome beta!!

Chapter Eleven

Lily probably imagined hearing the thud from Stephen hitting the ground, but it echoed in her mind all the same. His body looked incredibly small as it lay on the Pitch, broken.

Hysteria broke out over the stands. Everyone was screaming and yelling, pushing at each other trying to escape or morbidly looking to confirm if what they had seen was actually real. Lily stood, staring in shock at the spot in the sky where Stephan's broom still hovered sans rider.

The students were starting to become panicked once they realized the truth of what had happened. A student had jumped off his broom in front of everyone and not even Dumbledore had been able to stop him.

Oh, how she wished she could just close her eyes and block everything out like so many others were doing. But she couldn't. She wasn't made to stand on the sidelines and watch. She was the one who stood up and took control - the one who figured out a solution. Already her mind was whirling into action, trying to work out a plan.

Someone squeezed her hand and she turned her head to meet James' hazel eyes. They were just as distraught as she knew own must be. "Lily..." His voice was strained. "We have to do something. Dumbledore is on the field and some of the other teachers are trying, but the students... We have to-"

"I know," she interrupted. "I know... Let's..." she trailed off, looking around the stands.

Linda had sunk into her seat and was slowly rocking back and forth, tears streaming down her cheeks. Janice stood next to her trying to get those around them to sit back down. Her face was slowly turning red, a sure sign that she was about to hit something - or someone.

Lily glanced frantically around for Marlene, who had been sitting next to her, but she couldn't see her anywhere at first. Then she spotted her a couple of rows back, trying to calm down some distraught first years. A look behind James showed proved that his friends were still close by and it didn't seem as though they would be moving anytime soon - several girls were clinging like limpets on them.

Lily tugged on James' arm. "None of us can stay here. We need to get everyone back to the school. We have to get their attention somehow!"

"Fireworks," James suggested. "Or a charm with the same effect."

Lily nodded. "Help me," she told him as she struggled to stand up on her seat.

James gave her a boost and then jumped up next to her. They quickly pulled out their wands and shouted a spell that caused loud, booming sparks to burst in the air above the students' heads.

The panicked students began to take notice. Many started to shout angrily at whoever was making the supposed celebratory sparks at a time like this before they realized that it was the Head Boy and Girl. Slowly but surely they began to quiet down. Enough so, that with the help of a sonorous charm, Lily was able to be heard.

"Everyone is to proceed slowly and calmly to the Great Hall. Prefects - make sure no one goes back to their house dormitory. As soon as you arrive, sit at your house table in order by year with the first years sitting the closest to the staff table. Tell one of your House's Prefects if anyone is unaccounted for. Go now, and go carefully."

Lily breathed a sigh of relief when, after a moment of hesitation, the students did as she told them to. Up until now, she had never really had to use her authority, and she was relieved to see that she was being taken seriously. With both Dumbledore and McGonagall down on the Quidditch Pitch, and the other teachers trying to keep students from going onto the field, there wasn't anyone else to take control and make some sort of order.

James gave her a quick smile and squeezed her hand once more before they split up to further organize the students scrambling towards the school. The other sixth and seventh years caught on to what Lily and James were trying to do and quickly began to help the younger students along. The teachers gave Lily and James nods of thanks when they caught their eyes.

It didn't take nearly as much time as Lily had expected to get the students out of the Quidditch Stadium and into the Great Hall. By the time everyone had assembled, most of the shock had worn off. Now all that was left was confusion, anger and a sense of overwhelming sadness.

"Lily?" Marlene joined Lily where she stood near the door leading to the Entrance Hall. "Shouldn't everyone have gone back to their common rooms instead?"

Lily shook her head. "No. Don't you remember four years when a first year girl died from a mandrake's cry?"

Marlene nodded and answered slowly. "Yeah, she was out after hours and wandered down to the greenhouses where Professor Sprout was re-potting the adult ones. There were thousands of protection and silencing charms, but somehow she managed to get the door opened. And, well, adult mandrakes..."

Lily swallowed. "Yes, well, Dumbledore told us then that it is never a good idea to divide the school up in times like those- times like these." A sad smile flirted at the edges of her lips. "Besides, if he has any news, it will be easier to tell everyone all at once."

The chatter in the Great Hall slowly quieted down until only muted whispers were present. The headache Lily had forced out of her mind came crashing back and she gave up standing, instead taking a seat at the end of the Gryffindor table and answering any questions the Prefects came to her with as best as she could. She propped her elbows on the table and rested her head in her hands, willing the blasted headache to disappear. James, who had been walking around the room keeping the students in their seats, finally came over and sat down next to her since all of the students were resigned to staying in the Great Hall.

"Headache?" he asked her quietly. Lily nodded. "Here," he said, moving her hands away. He nudged her until she was straddling the bench and leaning partly against him before setting his fingers to her temples and massaging gently. Lily sighed gratefully.

"My mum does this for my dad whenever he gets one," he explained softly to her. "It always seemed to help him, so...."

Lily didn't bother replying. Instead she closed her eyes and settled more comfortably against him, letting his fingers ease her headache away. She could feel Marlene looking questioningly at her, but Lily just ignored her, too stressed to care what her friends made of it. The all sat morosely at the table, quietly discussing any possible reason why Dumbledore hadn't been able to prevent Stephan from falling.

More than a half hour passed before a teacher deigned to appear. But Professor Sprout only gave Lily and James a quick nod as she hurried over to the Hufflepuff table. The Hufflepuff students crowded around their Head of House, as she tried to ease their pain at losing one of their own.

"Miss Evans! Mr. Potter!"

Lily had been so caught up watching the Hufflepuffs that she hadn't even noticed Professor McGonagall enter. She and James stood up as McGonagall strode over to them.

The Deputy Headmistress motioned for them to follow her out into the Entrance Hall and then shut the Great Hall doors behind them.

Never one for small talk, McGonagall got straight to the point. "We are very pleased that the two of you were able to keep your heads in this serious situation. And, despite your differences, you worked exceedingly well together."

Lily and James exchanged glances. "Thank you, Professor," they said.

McGonagall nodded. "I need you to stay here with the students and keep them calm. Dumbledore has asked me to take the Hufflepuff seventh years to his office. Other students will want to leave, but please restrain them from doing so unless they need to make a trip to the lavatory. The house elves will be sending up sandwiches momentarily. And if anyone gives you trouble, you may, of course, deduct house points and assign detentions as you see fit."

Lily and James nodded and then went back into the Great Hall. Eyes followed them as they motioned for the Prefects over and told them what McGonagall had spoken to them about.

Sandwiches and other sustenance appeared on the tables as the Prefects went back to their seats. As predicted, many of the students appealed to Lily and James to leave, using all manner of excuses, but they allowed no one to go back to their dormitory.

Eventually the students accepted that they wouldn't be able to leave the Great Hall anytime soon. Some produced Exploding Snap cards from their robes while others used spells to create works of art with the leftover food, cutlery and anything else of use. Most of the students, however, just continued talking quietly.

It was almost dinner time when Dumbledore entered. He stood up and gave a speech, most of which didn't register with Lily in the least. She felt guilty about that, because Dumbledore never said anything without reason and what he did say should be taken to heart. But, as she looked around the hall, she could tell that many others were lost inside themselves as well.

Thoughts kept twisting and turning within her mind and most of them didn't even connect with another. Nothing like this had ever happened in the history of Hogwarts- or at least nothing had ever been documented. She couldn't help but wonder whether or not the event was going to be written about in a revised edition of Hogwarts: A History and, more morbidly, how many students would be able to see the thestrals now.




Lily sat in Charms class on Tuesday afternoon, staring at the blank piece of parchment in front of her. A glance around the room showed that most of the other students were doing the same, only a few seemed to actually be working.


She slowly looked up at Callum, who had been trying to get her attention for the last few minutes. "Sorry, I was-" she waved a hand in explanation. "What did you need?" she asked him kindly.

Callum had been the one most affected by Stephan's death, his suicide. He had been beside himself, claiming that Stephan hadn't killed himself, that he wouldn't have done that sort of thing. That he, Callum, would have noticed if something had been wrong. That it was his fault. Nothing anyone said could console him.

But what mystified everyone more than anything was the fact that Dumbledore hadn't been able to stop it. And, because of all the spells that Dumbledore knew, there were rumours that only something as powerful as dark magic would have been able to hinder him. And Stephan certainly hadn't known any.

Callum slid into the chair beside Lily as she put her quill down and turned to him. His eyes were blood-shot and had huge bags underneath them, as though he hadn't been sleeping.

"I just wanted to say," he began haltingly, "that I'm glad you're coming tomorrow- to the funeral and everything."

Yesterday a notice had appeared on all the boards stating that Dumbledore had been in contact with Stephan's parents. Any student who had been a friend of his would be allowed to attend his funeral and the following reception which would be held that Wednesday, provided that they were seventeen years of age.

"Of course I'm coming." Lily smiled sadly at him. "I wouldn't even think of doing otherwise."

"Yeah." Callum nodded in understanding. "Is Potter going to go as well?"

Lily shook her head. "No. He was going to, but Dumbledore asked for one of us to stay here and cover the fourth year and below Herbology classes."

"That makes sense." They talked until the end of class, reminiscing about the good times they had shared with Stephen. They parted ways when they reached the Great Hall for dinner, each going to their separate House tables to join their dorm mates.

The Gryffindor table still wasn't as boisterous as it usually was, but the students were behaving more normally than they had been the day before. Lily sat down in her regular seat next to Marlene. Linda was already sitting across from them and by the time Lily had served herself some shepherd's pie and poured a glass of pumpkin juice, Janice had arrived.

They chatted about classes and pondered when the next Hogsmeade trip would be, keeping the conversation as light as possible. There would be time at night, once all the lights in their dorm were out and they were burrowed under their blankets, for more serious talk. It was what they had done the first night of the accident (although no one in the school really believed that that was what it had been) and the night after.

Once dinner was over, Lily headed up to her dorm along with her roommates. Usually this was the time she started on her homework, but she didn't feel like starting it just yet. Tomorrow was Stephan's funeral and for right now nothing else mattered.

"Lily?" Janice asked as she flopped onto her bed. "Have you thought of what you're going to wear tomorrow?

Lily shook her head, entering the room behind Marlene. "No. I mean, I have an idea, but I don't even know if it fits anymore." She sighed and went over to her chest of drawers and pulled open the bottom drawer, taking out a long black dress. She held it up for her friends' inspection.

Janice moved to the edge of her bed and took the dress from Lily. She motioned for Lily to hold out her arms and then held the dress up against her, frowning.

"I don't think it's right," she commented.

"Yeah," Marlene agreed. "It's a bit... prissy, isn't it?"

"Gee, thanks," Lily said.

Marlene rolled her eyes at her. "You know I didn't mean it like that. I only meant that that dress is from, what, two years ago? You've changed since then. Not so much a stickler for the rules, now."

"Who says I'm a stickler for the rules? I break them all the time!"

"Yeah," Linda put in. "What about all those pranks we played? Remember the one everyone blamed the Marauders for? You can't say Lily's never broken the rules."

"Yeah, she broke them, but she was also always on everyone's case whenever they got out of line, even for the littlest of things."

Janice snorted. "And by 'everyone' you mean James Potter."

Marlene shrugged noncommittally. Lily huffed in annoyance, took the dress from Janice and shoved it back into the drawer.

"Alright," she said, "I think we've determined that I shouldn't wear that dress. But that still leaves the question of what I am going to wear."

"What about...hmm, no that wouldn't work." Janice sat back on her bed thoughtfully.

"Oh, I know!" Linda jumped up and went to her chest of drawers. "Lily, get out your black skirt."

"I have two," Lily told her. Linda was too busy rifling through a drawer to answer, so Lily pulled both skirts from the wardrobe and set them on her bed.

"Here we are." Linda was holding up a dark grey top made out of a shimmering diaphanous material. The top was a v-neck with long sleeves that ended in a bell and had silver embroidery on them.

"Oh, Linda, that's gorgeous!" Janice exclaimed. "And she can wear a tight black top underneath it."

"I agree," Lily said. "It is perfect. Now, which skirt should I wear? The long one or the short one?"

"Definitely the long one," Marlene said and Janice and Linda agreed with her.

Lily put the chosen outfit together on a hanger and hung it from her bedpost. She sat on Janice's bed with her friends, content to listen as they talked about mundane subjects. However, when the clock struck seven-thirty, she knew she had to finish the homework she had started earlier since she wouldn't feel like doing any tomorrow night. Not that she felt like doing it now, but it would be easier to focus on without the memories of Stephan's funeral floating around in her head.

She waved off her friends suggestions that they work on it together, saying that since all of the books she needed were in the Heads' Room she might as well work on it there instead of lugging everything up to their dorm.

James was sitting at his desk when she entered the room, his head bent over his Potions text and a quill stuck haphazardly into his hair. He looked up when Lily walked into the room and when he noticed her looking at the quill questioningly he smiled sheepishly.

"I can't tuck it behind my ear," he explained, removing the quill. "My glasses, you know."

Lily nodded and sat down at her own desk, pulling her partially completed Potions essay towards her. She really didn't feel like working on it, and even though she knew Slughorn would let it slide if she didn't complete it, she hated to take advantage of his preferential treatment.

She tried to focus, but she kept getting distracted by the littlest of things. First it was the clock ticking away in the corner, then it was a tree branch bumping against one of the windows, and now the way James sighed every so often was really grating on her nerves.



"Could you stop sighing like that? It's distracting."

"Oh, sorry. I didn't even realize I was doing it."

Tick tock, tick tock.

A muttered silencing charm took care of the clock.

Scitch tap, scitch tap.

Lily huffed and walked over to the window. She hauled it open and then pointed her wand at the offending branch. It snapped off the tree with a crack and then fell to the ground below.

She closed the window triumphantly and turned around to go back to her desk. James was watching her with raised eyebrows.

"Alright, Lily?"

"Just fine," she answered him tersely, sitting back down to her essay.

And then it came: tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap. Pause. Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap. Pause. Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.


"What? Oh, sorry...."

Silence. Lily sighed gratefully.

Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.

"Potter, knock it off!"

"Ah, sorry. It's a nervous habit."

"Well, break it," Lily replied angrily. She turned back to her essay, finally able to work in peace.

When the incessant tapping started once more, fifteen minutes later, Lily lost what little patience she had remaining. She shot out of her chair and glared at James, hands on her hips.

"What is it with you and tapping that quill?" she yelled. "You're like a first year! You can't stay still for even a minute without making some kind of noise!"

"If it's not quiet enough for you in here," James hollered back, rising to his feet, "then why don't you go somewhere else!"

"This is where I study! I'm not going anywhere!"

"Well, neither am I! This is where I study, too, so you'll just have to deal with it."

"I shouldn't have to! That's all I've done this week! I've been dealing with first years asking for help with homework. I've been dealing with Prefects complaining about their patrolling schedule for next week. I've been dealing with my friends pretending that nothing has changed- even when they helped me decide on what I'm going to wear tomorrow, just an hour ago."

Lily didn't realize that tears were beginning to trickle down her cheeks as she paced and waved her arms in frustration. James watched her silently, for once letting her take out her anger on him without retaliating.

"And I wish that I could pretend as well," she continued, her voice breaking on a sob, "except that I can't." She watched James with pleading eyes, begging him to understand. "Not when everyone keeps asking me questions about Stephan, expecting me to tell them what a good person he was. To tell them that he was funny, and nice and, bless him, for some odd reason actually liked Hagrid's rock cakes. He was my friend, but everyone seems to keep forgetting that fact when they pester me and all I want them to do is just leave me alone!"

Lily collapsed onto the sofa, her head in her hands and tried, unsuccessfully, to get her tears to stop. She hated to have anyone see her like this, so out of control. She didn't remember half of what she yelled at James about, but since he wasn't laughing or shouting back, she assumed it hadn't been about rainbows and butterflies.

She stiffened when he settled on the sofa next to her and pulled her into a hug. When he didn't let go after a few moments, Lily gave up and collapsed against him, crying softly onto his shoulder as he rubbed her back soothingly.

When she finished, she wiped her eyes with the handkerchief James had conjured.

"Feel better?" he asked her softly. His left arm was still around her shoulder and Lily leaned back against him.

She nodded. "I guess I needed that," she said wetly.

"Yeah," James agreed. His hand reached up and he twisted a strand of her hair around his fingers. "I didn't know him that well, but it must really blow."

Lily managed a laugh. "Yeah, that about sums it up."

They sat in silence a while longer before James stood up and fetched a blanket. "Lie down," he told her. "You should get some sleep and I have a Potions essay to finish."

"I can't stay here," Lily protested. "And I have to finish my essay, too."

"Don't worry about your essay. It's not as though Slughorn will penalise you for handing it in late. Go on, sleep. I'll walk back to the dorms with you once I'm finished."

Know it was futile to argue anymore, she allowed James to cover her with the blanket. As her eyes drifted shut to the tap tap tap of James' quill, she thought of how much she had needed to be comforted. But she never would have guessed that James would have been to one to provide it.


It was raining lightly the next morning, the day of Stephan's funeral, when a morose group gathered in the Entrance Hall, which Lily found strangely fitting. There were only eight students who were making the trip, but she wasn't surprised by the small number. Stephan had been well liked by many, but few had been close to him. All six of his Hufflepuff year mates were, of course, going and so was Abigail Wreath, a sixth year Ravenclaw Prefect. She was Muggle-born and, together with Stephan, had tutored students in Charms.

Once they were all gathered, Professor Sprout, who naturally was accompanying them, reminded them that they would be travelling by Portkey.

"The Headmaster feels it will be much safer this way," she was saying. "It will be much quicker than taking the train and not all of you are able to Apparate. Not to mention only a few of you know the location. We will be transported into the Furrows' backyard. Stephan's parents are Muggles and so are the other guests, so I must remind you not to use any magic." She looked around at the students and they all nodded. They understood the consequences of using magic in front of Muggles.

Professor Sprout inspected their clothing to make sure they were properly attired in Muggle clothing and then the group gathered around the large yellow and black umbrella she was carrying and touched it with a finger. "This is a timed Portkey," the professor explained. "It is set to go off at nine o' clock and then again at four this afternoon."

Lily had never travelled by Portkey before and she was still a bit nervous despite the fact that James had explained exactly what to expect the night before when they had walked back to the common room together. He had assured her that it was perfectly safe, but Lily still had her doubts.

The professor counted down the seconds and the moment she reached 'one', Lily felt a sharp tug behind her navel. Her feet left the ground and it was as though some invisible force was pulling her onward in a swirl of colour and howling wind. She kept bumping shoulders with Ellen and Ruby, who were on either side of her. Then, almost as soon as it started, it was over. Her feet slammed into the ground and Lily was so unprepared for the shock, fell to the ground. She was distinctly grateful that she was wearing a long skirt not a short one.

Professor Sprout, Ruby, Ray, and Callum had stayed on their feet and reached out hands to help the others up.

"Ray and I have travelled by Portkey loads of times," Ruby explained as she pulled Lily to her feet. "Mum and Dad were forever taking us places when we were younger and it was much easier that way."

Lily smiled her thanks and brushed a few leaves that were clinging to her skirt. Callum was already striding up to the small brick house and knocking on the door. Several moments passed before it was opened by a young woman with masses of curly blonde hair, who immediately threw her arm around Callum.

"I'm so glad you were allowed to come," the woman told all of them once she had let Callum go. She closed the door behind her and Lily heard a snick as she locked it. "I'm Maria, Stephan's sister. The funeral will start at nine-thirty, which gives us plenty of time to walk to the church. My parents are already there."

Callum introduced everyone to her and then Maria led them to the church. A gate in the white picket fence that surrounded the Furrows' backyard opened on to a path that wound its way down to the village. There were a few other houses scattered along the walkway, and each of them were just as picturesque as Stephan's.

A neat stone path lead up to the village church entrance and Lily could just make out the small graveyard in the distance. Stephan's parents were standing just inside the doors, greeting everyone as they arrived. Mrs. Furrows gave Lily a tight hug when she came to stand in front of them.

"I'm so sorry," Lily whispered in her ear.

Stephan's mother leaned back and clasped Lily's hands in both of her own, her eyes glistening with tears. "So are we, dear. So are we."

There was nothing joyous about the funeral, even though everyone who spoke about Stephan seemed to try to be as light-hearted as possible. It was especially sad when Callum stood up to speak for he and Stephan were of an age. It reminded everyone of just how young Stephan was- or had been, Lily mentally corrected herself.

Once everyone had spoken, the congregation walked the short distance to the graveyard. The students all stood silently next to each other as Stephan's family lowered his casket into the ground. Lily closed her eyes tightly as tears trickled down her cheeks, not bothering to wipe them away with the handkerchief she held in one hand. A sharp breeze rushed past and she wrapped her cloak more tightly around her, wishing that she had agreed to let James come along.

A wake was held at the Furrow's house once the burial was complete. It was after lunchtime, so there was a nice spread of food on the dining room table for everyone to choose from.

Lily and the other Hogwarts students made up their plates and then found a quiet corner to sit in and eat. Every so often, one of the other guests would join them and ask about their school. None of them knew anything about Hogwarts except for the fact that it was a special boarding school in Scotland. They were naturally curious about the place Stephan had spent the last days of his life at. Lily let the others answer the majority of the questions and only spoke when someone talked her directly. For the most part, she was lost in her own thoughts.

Around her, all of Stephan's friends and family talked about how he had lived life to the fullest, and that most likely he had died without too many regrets. Lily couldn't help but think that if she had been Stephan, others wouldn't have been able to say the same.

Sure, she did brilliantly in school; having been made Head Girl emphasized that. But did she really live life to the fullest or was she sometimes so focused on the future that she forgot to live in the here and now? Did she sometimes spend so much time on her studies that she forgot to have fun?

Looking back on the past few years at Hogwarts, she realized that every prank she had played, every rule she had broken, and just about every moment of fun she had had with her friends related to James Potter in some way or another. And she had never realized before what a huge impact he had had on the way she lived her life.

What shocked her the most, however, was that when she pictured her life in the future he was always there. Forever teasing her, annoying her, playing pranks on her and most of all, arguing with her. And Lily was going to do everything in her power to make it happen. Suddenly, she was desperate to see him.

The hour before it was time to leave for Hogwarts seemed to drag on forever. When ten to four finally arrived and Professor Sprout gathered all of her students in the backyard in preparation of the Portkey, Lily's heart started racing. She gripped the black and yellow umbrella and had to grit her teeth in order to hold in her sigh of impatience. When Ruby looked at her questioningly, Lily just shrugged in reply.

Lily managed to stay on her feet this time when the Portkey deposited them in the Entrance Hall. Everyone was pleased to be back, but none more so than she. She bid a hasty 'good-bye' to the others, mumbling a lame excuse about where she was off to in such a hurry. In truth she didn't know why she was hiding her desperation to see James when everyone would realise it soon enough.

She dashed up the main staircase and took every shortcut she knew of in order to get to the Heads' Room all the faster. James always spent the hour break they had before dinner on Wednesdays working on his Muggle Studies homework. She knew because he would always pester her with a million questions.

He was sprawled out on the rug in front of the fireplace with his books surrounding him, when she burst into the room. He looked startled at first, but then a huge grin spread across his face.

"You're back," he said, sitting up. "Good, because I was wondering about this thing called a-" he rifled through one of his books, looking for the correct term, "compwerter. I get that it runs off of ectricity, but I don't understand-"

"James," Lily interrupted him softly, walking over to kneel in front of him, "shut up."

"Wha... why?" he asked, looking up from his book.

Lily shook her head, gazing at him fondly. His hair was a mess, no doubt from him running his hand though it, there was a smudge on one of the lenses of his glasses, and his eyes sparkled as he looked at her.

"Because," she explained, "I want to do this..." And then she leaned forward and kissed him.

There were no sparks or explosions inside her head. The earth didn't shake on its axis or stop spinning. But there was an overwhelming sense of rightness. Nothing had ever felt more perfect than kissing James Potter.

Lily tangled her fingers in the hair at the nape of James' neck, and his hands came up to frame her face gently. As their breath mingled together, Lily noticed that he tasted faintly of chocolate and she vaguely remembered seeing a Chocolate Frog Card sticking out of one of his textbooks.

James changed the angle of his head and his glasses bumped Lily's nose. She broke the kiss, reached out a hand to pull them off and them leaned back to study him, setting his glasses aside. He looked different without them, she noticed, younger, but more serious and without the boyish charm his glasses gave him.

He pulled her towards him until she was sitting on his lap. "You're blurry when you're that far away," he told her, before kissing her again.

Lily had wondered if the first kiss had been a fluke- if it had only felt so wonderful because she had never kissed him before. But their second kiss was just as perfect, and this time they were unhindered by his glasses. Time stopped as they became lost in each other, neither saying a word about how this would change things between them and neither of them able to bring themselves to care.

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