There All Along by rhr4ever1

During her sixth year at Hogwarts, Hermione Granger is ready for a new beginning. The Trio are closer than ever, and she is happy. But the arrival of the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher puts a strain on her relationship with Ron. And nothing can prepare either of them for the unexpected feelings that surface, forcing them to face what was there all along.

Words: 10,009
Chapters: 5
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Days after Voldemort's defeat, Harry Potter attends the mass funerals for those fallen during the war along with the remaining survivors. While the Order says their goodbyes, Harry must come to terms with the man who protected him out of love for his mother.

Words: 1,958
Chapters: 1
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Shades of Gray by rhr4ever1

After nearly 20 years, Harry Potter decides to return to Number 4 Privet Drive to face a family and a past, looking for closure.

Words: 1,659
Chapters: 1
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On the eve of Hugo Weasley's first day at Hogwarts, Hermione Weasley reflects on her life with her husband, Ron, as they tuck their children in for bed.

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Chapters: 1
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