Olivia Aivilo

Benefits by Olivia Aivilo

"Ginny, what did we used to do to make ourselves feel better?" At this, Ginny smirked with a positively evil smile. She grinned so ferociously that her teeth must have looked like fangs. She began to break into sweat as memories crossed her mind and caressed her fancy like a sensual touch. What exactly had she and Hermione done to make themselves feel wanted? "This is what we used to do," Ginny purred...

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"Ronald Weasley, what on earth-" "But you see, I've got everything figured out now. I've worked out all the problems! I know what I'm doing this time. I know what I'm saying." Well I don't, Hermione thought.

Words: 594
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My Fair Lady by Olivia Aivilo

Harry has a dream that he's just five, and he is pretending he is a knight and bringing his mother, his fair lady, a rose from a magic tree.

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Ginny is at the funeral of her beloved.

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