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Hogwarts Exposed


Story Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has``been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been``imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter 24

Chapter Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter Twenty-four

Till Death Do Us Part

Friday, May 14, 2004

"Mione, I really wish I didn't have to leave. I'm going to miss you and the girls dreadfully. Are you absolutely sure you'll be all right?" Harry lingered at the door to their quarters hoping for a last minute reprieve.

Hermione put her hands on her hips and simply shook her head in dismay. "Harry Potter, what am I to do with you? We discussed this and we both agreed it was the proper thing. Now you're making me feel as if I'm kicking you out. It's just for one night." She gave Harry a teasing smile. "I promise that I'll make it up to you tomorrow night."

Harry gave Hermione his best-lost little boy expression. "You realize that I probably won't be able to walk properly tomorrow after spending the night on that bumpy sofa of theirs?" Harry whined.

Hermione hugged Harry. "I love you so much, but you're being extremely frustrating. The couch at Sam and Ron's flat is not lumpy. You'll be very comfortable. It's probably silly, but I just don't think we should sleep together the night before our wedding. We should see each other for the first time tomorrow when I come down the aisle."

"I understand and as always you're right, but that doesn't make leaving any easier." Harry shuffled his feet, reluctant to depart.

Hermione looked pleadingly at Harry. "The girls and I have a lot of plans for tonight and we can't get started 'til you leave. Harry, It just doesn't feel right closing the door on you."

Emily had been waiting impatiently and decided to take this as her cue to do something about the state of affairs. "She may have difficulty closing the door on you, but I don't. Bye Uncle Harry. See you at the wedding." Emily closed the door leaving Hermione and Harry on either side, both quite speechless.

Harry stood waiting for the door to reopen, but it didn't. Finally he said to the door. "Good-bye 'Mione. I love you."

From the other side he heard, "I love you too, Harry. Have a nice night."

Emily leaned on the door seemingly daring Hermione to try and reopen it. "Finally," Emily said. "I thought we would never get rid of him. This is ladies only night. It's time for you to party with your girls. Jamie, Caitlin, he's gone, break out the butterbeer."

Hermione smiled at the youngest of her brood. "Okay, but give me a moment to change. In view of the fact that you girls are already comfortable, I may as well be the same."

* * * * * *

"...and then she closed the door in my face. I tell you that little girl is part demon," Harry exclaimed.

Sam just grinned at Harry, "And you already love her, don't you?"

"Yeah! I love all three of the girls," Harry answered. "Draco, I'm sure, thinks I'm crazy, but I've never been this content. Suddenly I'm part of a big family and I adore it. What's incredible about the girls is how much they're alike, but at the same time so different. Jamie is remarkable. Hermione thinks she is so much like me, and I see Hermione whenever I look at her."

"She's very much like both of you," Ron contributed. If it wasn't for the age factor, she could easily be your and Hermione's daughter."

"Then there are Caitlin and Emily," Harry continued. "They've gotten so close in the last few months that you'd think they were twins, but they are as opposite as night is to day. Caitlin is one hundred percent girl and Emily is rather a bit of tomboy. We got an owl from her school last week. Seems she gave some boy a rather nasty bump. Teacher said the boy was in the wrong, but, of course, no one wants kids fighting to settle their differences."

Ron laughed, "You better watch that one. If you try to discipline her, she may turn you into a toad."

"Emily's a natural at flying, too," Harry added. "I was giving Jamie some pointers the other night and Emily went with us to the pitch. When Jamie and I were finished, I showed Emily some basics. She took to a broom like a fish does to water."

"Does Caitlin like flying?" Samantha inquired.

"Caitlin is like Hermione when it comes to flying. She'd rather walk," Harry laughed.

"Not to change the subject, but I understand your wedding plans have changed a little." Sam smiled as Harry grimaced.

Harry shook his head in disgust. "A little is an understatement. If it were feasible, Hermione and I would have liked to have been married in some isolated part of Brazil where no one knew us, just the minister and us. But we realized that was rather selfish and now with the kids basically impossible. So, we opted for a small wedding here at Hogwarts. It seems the only thing that has stayed small is the wedding party. Everything else just seemed to get out of control."

"Hermione and I both are acquainted with so many people and it was so hard to not invite people you know and love. Of course I had to invite Sirius; he's my godfather. We could hardly tell him to come without his wife and children. Then there was Lupin and his wife. How could we invite Fred and George without Bill and Percy and their families? Then since the wedding is at Hogwarts it seemed wrong not to invite the staff. There were classmates, ministry officials plus their guests and well it just grew and grew."

Sam giggled. "Exactly when did it stop growing?

Harry blushed. "At around five hundred. With all those people and some coming a great distance, Severus thought we should at least offer the people a light lunch. Dobby laughed when Hermione asked if the elves would consider preparing a small lunch. It seems elves never do things in a small, understated way. So there is to be a huge meal and a band and cake and everything we hoped to avoid, but all that matters to me is that tomorrow she will be my wife."

"Wife. That sounds so fantastic. Ron, do you understand how much I love her? How much I adore her?" Harry said.

Ron gave Sam an affectionate glance. "Yes, I appreciate exactly how you feel." He put his arm around Samantha and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "You've decided against taking a honeymoon?"

"Yes, Hermione didn't want to miss anymore of the school year then she already has, so we decided to forgo a honeymoon and take a nice vacation with the kids this summer. We let them pick the destination," Harry expression looked somewhat dejected.

"Where did they decide they wanted to go? Sam asked.

Harry looked extremely disappointed "I was positive they would pick Walt Disney World in America, but they didn't. I'm kind of let down because I've always wanted to go there, but instead they picked a seashore resort in southern France along the Mediterranean Coast. Hermione and I decided we would go to Disneyland Paris for a few days and then spend a week at the resort."

"What is the name of the resort?" Sam inquired.

"Cap D'agde. Jamie and Emily have been there before with their parents. Jamie was a great help making the reservations. I was impressed how well she speaks French," Harry answered.

Sam tried desperately to keep her laughter suppressed. "What do you know about the resort, Harry?"

"Mainly what Jamie has told me," Harry answered. "Oh, and I've seen pictures. It seems quite impressive. Jamie says they have their own private shopping mall, private beaches and a number of pools. Emily and her rave about the place and Caitlin can't wait to see it."

Sam bit her lips. "I've never been there, but I've heard a lot about the place. I'm sure Caitlin will love it. You and Hermione will definitely find it different and exciting. Actually I'd love to see the expression on your faces when you first arrive."

"You make the place sound amazing," Ron piped in. "Harry, if you find it as exciting as Sam says, perhaps both families could go together next summer."

Harry nodded his approval to that idea as Sam added. "I'd love to go there, but before you guys make any plans for next year, it might be best to see what Hermione and Harry think of the place."

* * * * * *

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Hermione sat on the edge of her bed watching the sunrise. She hadn't slept all that well last night, partly due to nervousness about today, but mostly because Harry wasn't there with her. A knocking on the bedroom door interrupted her thoughts. "Come in," she said.

As the door open see saw Jamie's smiling face. Jamie quietly entered the room and sat next to Hermione on the bed. "The big day is finally here. Are you nervous?" asked Jamie.

Hermione smiled as she laid her hand on Jamie's leg. "I'm nervous about the crowd and all the fuss, but not about marrying Harry. I somehow feel we were always destined to be together and this is just the final step." Hermione smiled as she gave Jamie a hug. "I'm glad my kid sister will be standing next to me."

Jamie returned the hug. "You can't imagine how proud I am that you chose me. Not to change the subject, but should I wake Caitlin and Emily to run or are we skipping this morning?"

"We're not skipping. I never feel the same on days I don't run. Since it will only be the four of us today, I was thinking of... well trying the charm you girls use. Promise you won't tell Harry?"

Jamie nodded, "Of course, but I'm surprised you haven't tried it before now. You've seen how well it works for the rest of us. Just be prepared for your breasts to hurt a little. Mine are accustomed to bouncing around, yours aren't. It takes some getting use to."

"What amazes me is the way you girls have changed me," Hermione said. "Last September I would have never believed that I would be sitting talking to you like a sister, both of us unclothed; yet, alone that I'd be about to run the Quidditch Pitch starkers. Will you wake up Caitlin and Emily before I chicken out?"

"Don't bother, we're ready to go," said Caitlin. The two girls were standing in the door way dressed in their socks and running shoes.

"All we have to do is reinstate the charm and we're ready to go," advised Emily. "Did I hear correct? Are you actually going to run nude this morning also, Aunt Hermione?"

"I thought I might give it a try just this once," Hermione shyly answered. "Sort of a wedding present to myself. Jamie, why don't you get you running shoes while I prepare?"

As Jamie dashed to her room, Caitlin and Emily watched as Hermione dressed to run and then after performing the deception charm removed her clothes with the exception of her socks and shoes.

When Jamie returned they all primed to depart, but when they arrived at the door Hermione stopped and looked at the others apprehensively. "You're absolutely sure that to you I look dressed?"

Jamie laughed, "That part of the charm takes a bit of getting used to. You know you are naked and see yourself that way. It's difficult to convince your mind that others don't see you unclothed. Especially when you can't use a mirror to verify that the charm is working."

The girls had to practically force Hermione out into the corridor, but once there she wasted no time in hurrying through the corridors and out of the castle.

* * * * * *

"I can't believe I actually did that," Hermione said as they neared the staircase leading to the staff quarters. "I felt so wickedly bad. Thank heaven no one saw us."

"Hermione, even if someone had come been in the area, they wouldn't have seen anything different then they could see any morning," Jamie replied. "We told you a thousand times that you look no different. The charm is marvelous. Here we are; all four of us nude and yet no one can tell."

"Well, my breasts can certainly tell," Hermione, laughed. "I had no idea they would go through such gyrations if I ran without a bra. They'll be sore for a week. How do you do this every day, Jamie? Your build is very similar to mine."

"You have to remember that I've been running every since I was twelve. Long before I had these to carry around." Jamie put her hands under her breasts as if pretending to carry them. "They do go through some wild contortions, but mine never get sore. You'll get used to it if you run like this everyday."

The concentrated expression on Hermione's face as they climbed the long staircase made Jamie wonder if perhaps Hermione was actually considering doing just that. "Jamie, I'm not prudish, but..." she hesitated, "I can't believe I'm discussing this with you."

Jamie gave Hermione's hand a brief squeeze. "Remember, the type of sisters that discuss everything."

"Right!" Hermione smiled. "It's just that don't you think that running like this might cause sagging to take place sooner rather than later?"

"No!" Jamie answered quickly as if ready to jump to the defense of her beliefs. "Mum had the same concerns and we did a lot of research. Going with or without a bra has little affect on sagging. Age and babies are the primary cause of breasts drooping, although you'd never would have believed it if you looked at my Mum. She breast fed both Emily and I until we were two years old and her body was almost as firm and beautiful as yours."

Hermione blushed slightly. This was the first time that Jamie had ever given any indication that she had ever checked out her body.

"There are some muggle doctors that even feel bras can actually contribute to breast cancer, depending on the material they are made of and how tight you wear them."

Hermione was just about to make a comment when they reached the top of the stairs and practically walked into the arms of the Headmaster.

"Good morning ladies," Severus said in a pleasant voice. "Hermione, could you please step into my quarters for a moment?"

Hermione blushed. She realized that to Severus all four of them appeared dressed in their running outfits, but she also knew that in actuality they were naked except for their socks and sneakers. In her own case, she could actually see she was bare. It became a mental battle between what she knew Severus saw and what she actually was. Hermione did not want to talk to Severus nude.

"Severus, I don't feel properly dressed. Let me takes a shower and slip on my robes. It will only take a few minutes," Hermione asked, the tone of her voice almost begging.

"Nonsense. There is no need to be formal. You'll have enough of that this afternoon. This will take but a few moments and then you can be on with what I am sure will be an extremely busy day."

There was no use fighting it. She was about to go to Severus' room to sit and talk with him and although he wasn't aware of it, Hermione was. She was starkers.

After sending the girls on their way, Hermione followed Severus to his room being extremely careful to avoid physical contact.

After they entered his quarter's Severus motioned for her to take a seat, which she immediately did. Hermione crossed her legs and sat with her arms across her chest. This was just too weird. Even though he couldn't see her, Hermione knew she was sitting there naked and to say the least it bothered her.

"Hermione, later today you will be surrounded by people. I just wanted a few words alone with you in private before your wedding. I'm sure it didn't seem like it those first few years as a Hogwarts student, but I've always had special feelings for you and Harry. At times, I'm sure I seemed mean and even cruel, but I wanted to see the two of you reach your full potential. Especially you.

"I say especially you because you had a lot harder journey ahead of you than Harry. I'm not referring to Voldemort, but rather to you both achieving your goals in life. Harry in a sense had everything going for him. After all he was the 'boy who lived'. Harry could have, in all probability, failed every subject and still be successful just by living on his fame. That is why I made it so clear to him that first day in potions class that being a celebrity was not everything. That in life you have to work in order to achieve success.

"I have never seen an individual that worked as hard as you have to achieve your much deserved success. You were a successful student. You are a successful professor. And I know you will be a successful wife and mother. You and Harry are probably the perfect couple. You compliment each other. Qualities that one lacks; the other brings into the relationship. I'm very proud of you. I couldn't be prouder if you were my own daughter. I pray that you and Harry have a long and happy life together."

Hermione eyes had watered as Severus talked of his feeling for her as a student, but as he finished tears were flowing freely from her eyes. Without thinking, she jumped from her chair and ran to Severus, who had also risen. She threw her arms around the Headmaster and hugged him tightly as he put his arms around her and returned the hug.

Only after holding Severus for a brief time and giving him a kiss on the cheek did Hermione come to the realization of what she had done. As long as they touched he could see her naked. Fortunately he was looking directly into her face. She had to fully break the embrace before he looked down. No contact could be maintained if she wanted to avoid being seen naked.

She gave him another brief hug. "I'll never forget all you've done for me. Thank you for being there for me."

"It's been my pleasure," he said as Hermione dropped the embrace and quickly stepped back out of physical contact. She turned and walked half way to the chair and then turned again and stood facing Severus, who had a bewildered look on his face.

"Severus, you're such a wonderful man. It's not fair that you're alone. Twice you've had love taken away from you."

"Thrice," he responded. Then quickly, before she misunderstood and thought he was talking about her, he said, "This winter I became involved with someone. That's why I was absent so many weekends. But sadly she is torn and I'm not up for a fight. She knows I love her and if she ultimately wants me I'll be here. But as for now..."

Hermione's mind went crazy. She had to hug him. She had to show compassion for this great man who she had come to idolize. She had gotten away with it once. Quickly, she moved toward him and pulled him into another embrace. "Severus, she's out there somewhere. Be patient. You will find happiness."

She placed her hands on either side of his face and lifted his head so that he was looking directly into her eyes. She backed slightly away as she kissed his lips. Then before he opened his eyes she backed away further. "You, be sure to ask me to dance tonight."

They stood looking at each other for a time. Severus seemed perplexed. Finally, he said. "You tell Potter that I said he was the luckiest man alive. That if he doesn't take care of you and treat you properly, he'll have me to deal with." Severus stood looking a Hermione as if she were a vision. "You definitely are as beautiful inside as you are outside. And my god, I can't get over how beautiful you are outside."

"I have to run," Hermione said as she blushed deeply. "Big wedding to attend."

"Looking forward to it," Severus said as she walked out the door and hurried back to her own quarters.

As Hermione entered her quarters she was greeted by the sound of uncontrolled laughter. "It's not funny," she shouted. "That was extremely embarrassing."

"Hermione, he didn't see anything." Jamie said. "To him you looked as if you had on shorts and your running bra. We're only laughing because of the look on your face when he stopped you in the hall. You looked like he had caught you doing something terribly wrong."

"I know, it's just that you can't see for yourself the result of the charm," Hermione said. "We all get out of the shower naked, but I don't feel naked after I put clothes on because I can see them. With the charm, I'm as covered to other people as I would be with clothes, but because I can't see them I feel like I'm bare."

Jamie laughed, "I can see where that would be a lot bigger problem for you than for us. We only do the charm for the sake of others. I couldn't care less if the Headmaster or anyone else sees me nude. I don't see it as any big deal. You most certainly don't feel that way."

"No!" Hermione said. "Then I went and put myself in a bad situation twice. I got out of it both times, but was extremely nervous."

"What did you do?" Emily inquired.

"Severus was talking about the past and wishing me his best when he said some very touching things. You guys know how emotional I can get. I threw my arms around him and gave him a hug," Hermione said.

"You did what?" Emily exclaimed. "That meant he could see you."

"I realized that as I was hugging him. Fortunately he had his arms around my waist and he never looked down. I sort of timed things so that I could quickly back out of his reach before he had the opportunity to see anything."

"But..." Emily started to say something, but Caitlin slashed her finger across her neck indicating for Emily to keep her mouth shut. Hermione never saw this and continued with her story. Jamie, however, had caught the action and was waiting for an opportunity to question the girls privately.

"To make matters worse, about a minute later, he said something quite sad. I felt I had to comfort him and so I took the chance again. Once more, I was fortunate to get away with it. Believe me, I'm glad to be back here where I can be comfortable being nude."

Jamie smiled, "Hermione, do you realize what you just said? Be comfortable being nude. I can't believe those words came from your mouth."

Hermione smiled, "Neither can I." Hermione glanced at the clock and then said excitedly, "I had no idea it was this late already. We have to hurry and shower so that we can get some breakfast. The hair charmers will be here in less than two hours."

As Hermione scurried to her bathroom, Jamie stared at Caitlin and Emily. "Okay, out with it."

Caitlin started. "Has Alex ever talked to you about the charm we use to hide our nudity?"

"No. I explained how it worked, but we never discussed it more than to say how neat it was," Jamie answered.

"Matt and I had never discussed it either until the other day after Emily told me something Randy had mentioned. Randy told Emily that he could see her after he had held her or she had held him."

Jamie looked at Caitlin confused, "Of course, we all know that physical contact nullifies the charm."

"You don't understand," Emily interrupted. "He said he could see me nude for about a minute after we broke contact. Then my clothes reappeared. Caitlin and I tried it and as soon as we broke contact the clothes were back. We asked Matt and he said the same thing as Randy. That he could see Caitlin for about a minute. Did Aunt Hermione's clothes reappear today as soon as you let go of her?"

"Yes," said Jamie as she pondered the information. "I'll be right back. I have to go talk to Alex."

"Wait Jamie," Caitlin said. "Do you have any ideas?"

"Yes. That's why I want to talk to Alex. I'm afraid you may have discovered another slight flaw with the charm. I think it's possible the sex of the partner might effect how fast the charm regenerates after you break contact. It's quite possible that if the sex of the two individuals is the same, the reappearance of clothes occurs as soon as contact is broken. If the sex is different it may take as long as a minute."

Caitlin looked at Jamie aghast. "If your theory is correct, that means...."

Emily interrupted, "It means your mum just spent at least two minutes showing the Headmaster exactly what she's made of."

* * * * * *

Caitlin listened as the musical group began to play "The Rose." This would be their last number and the cue that the wedding would soon begin. The large crowd seemed to rustle in anticipation of what some had called the Wizard Wedding of the Century. Jamie and Caitlin stood next to Hermione awaiting their prompt to begin. Everyone was in place. Time to go.

Hermione glanced down at Caitlin who looked extremely nervous. "Ready?" she whispered.

Caitlin grinned up at her mum. "Ready."

Suddenly the music changed, this was Jamie's' signal to began walking down the long aisle, carpeted in Gryffindor Red for the occasion. Jamie tried her best to look comfortable in her gown and shoes. She looked beautiful without trying in the floor length, figure flattering, pale blue dress. The assembled guests gasped as they noticed how much this girl resembled the bride. Once Jamie reached the front, the music changed again, this time signaling that it was time for the bride's arrival.

Hermione looked at Caitlin and squeezed her hand. "This is it Caitlin." Caitlin just smiled and held Hermione's hand tightly as they started down the aisle, the entire assembly rising to their feet with another giant rustle.

Harry stood there waiting with Ron at his side. He was looking up the aisle, watching Hermione approach, an expression of wonder on his face.

At length, they reached the front just as the music wound to a close. The minister stood before them, a book held at his side. "Who blesses this union?" he asked.

Caitlin nervously answered, "On behalf of her family and their friends, I do," Harry leaned over and kissed Caitlin, who then stepped back to join Sam and Timmy, who were seated in the first aisle. Sam was already wiping tears from her eyes.

"Hi," Harry whispered. "I missed you."

The minister had barely begun the preliminaries when suddenly he appeared to freeze mid-word. Harry looked at Hermione, who was looking at him, with the same shocked expression. They both realized that Jamie and Ron too were frozen. Without discussion, they both went for their wands, Hermione not even tentative about ripping her dress to get to the wand that was attached to her upper thigh.

They turned simultaneously, wands at the ready only to find all the assembled guests likewise frozen. "Harry, what has happened?" Hermione questioned. "It looks like everyone except for you and I are frozen in time."

"No, they aren't frozen. I believe someone has cast the Tempus Fugit spell or something very similar to it. Do you remember me telling you about Voldemort casting it at the train station the beginning of our sixth year?"

"Yes, I remember. So they aren't really frozen, we instead are moving so fast that all that is now taking place is happening in the space between two milliseconds."

Harry shook his head in amazement. "Your memory is incredible."

"But Harry, who could have cast the spell?"

Suddenly, there was a huge puff of smoke in the middle of the aisle that Hermione had just walked down. "I'm not sure, but I have the feeling we are about to find out," Harry answered, his wand now pointed towards the smoke.

They watched as five hooded figures emerged from the cloud. The figures slowly walked toward them as both Harry and Hermione stood their ground, prepared to battle. Then the figures stopped, the lead form slowing razing a hand toward his hood.

When the hood was lowered Harry and Hermione saw the familiar face of what appeared to be their deceased Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. He was beaming, his arms opened wide. "You didn't think that a little thing like being dead for nearly six years would prevent me from attending the Wedding of the Century, did you?"

"But how?" Harry asked as he lowered his wand. Hermione, however, remained at the ready.

"Be careful, Harry," Hermione warned. "It could be someone using a glamour or Polyjuice."

"Yes, Professor Granger." Dumbledore winked his eye. "It could very well be someone using one of those potions, but I assure you it isn't. Even after death, wizards are sometimes able to return to earth for particular reasons. We..." He indicated the other cloaked figures. "... are here today both to wish you joy and happiness and, unfortunately, to bring you a warning of impending disaster for our world. Our time is quite limited so I will get right to the point.

"The person, known as the Great One has gained access to information that if deciphered correctly could result in the re-embodiment of Salazar Slytherin. If this takes place I doubt that even the Covenant of Three will be strong enough to defeat him. Research is being conducted and when more is known the information will be given to the Seer. Trust her, for what she says will be your only hope.

Hermione couldn't believe that her wedding was being interrupted for so bizarre a reason. Couldn't this have waited. The look on Harry's face indicated that he shared her feelings.

"But enough of business, this is a day of celebration and I have bought with me special guests." Hermione nearly fainted when the other four figures revealed their identity. Harry and Hermione were facing their departed parents. Hermione dropped her wand to her side as she lunged toward her mum and dad, tears quickly filling her eyes.

Harry momentarily stood frozen, not believing his eyes until his mother said, "Yes, Harry, it's really us. At last we get to tell you in person how proud we are of you."

Hermione and Harry had been given both the best and worst of all gifts. They had been given the opportunity to be once again with their parents. Parents that Hermione had lost during the final days of the war and parents that Harry had never had the chance to know and love. Certainly a prospect that they would have never rejected, but it came with an understandable drawback; they would almost immediately once again lose them.

The time passed rapidly as hugs and kisses were exchanged, introductions made and congratulations offered. There was no necessity to fill the parents in on their lives because it was learned that they had the ability to observe what transpired on a daily basis.

"You can monitor everything?" Hermione had asked. "Even when we are intimate?"

Hermione's mother had assured her that such visions were clouded out of respect for personal privacy. This had comforted Hermione greatly until her mother said that they could only view anything done openly. Hermione looked at her Mum and Dad with trepidation. "Did you both see me run this morning?"

Hermione's dad blushed as her Mum answered, "Yes, but please don't be embarrassed. You have nothing to be ashamed of and neither do those lovely girls. Things are much more open and understanding where we are now. Prejudices don't exist."

Dumbledore nodded as he sadly eyed his watch. "I'm afraid our allotted time has expired. Before we leave I have some messages. The Weasleys send their love and ask that you tell Ron that they love him and that he should hold on to that girl. The Zacherleys wish you happiness and thank you for being there for their daughters. And Caitlin's mother offered her blessings to you for turning her little girl's life around."

"I am sorry, but we must depart and allow this wedding to continue," Dumbledore desolately said as he noticed Hermione looking at her ruined dress. "The dress will be fine for now. Time will revert to just before we arrived. The memory of what has transpired here will, for the balance of the day, not exist. At midnight you will both remember. Be strong and be true to each other, for on your shoulders and the shoulders of those you love sits the fate of our world." Dumbledore waved his hand.

"Hi," Harry whispered. "I missed you."

"Hi," Hermione whispered back, and then took his arm. Ron fell back to his place at Harry's other side as Hermione handed her flowers over to Jamie, and the four of them climbed the short flight of stairs to stand before the minister.

Those watching the ceremony would comment later on how beautiful it was. However, for those that take part, it is usually just a blur. Ask Caitlin what happened and she would probably say there were some words, there was a little music and there was some to-do with wands.

She heard both of her parents say their vows; one of many versions of the traditional wizarding marital vows. Caitlin noticed that her mother never took her eyes off Harry's face except when the minister required her attention. Her Mum was glowing at her soon-to-be husband and Caitlin noticed, that above all else, they looked extremely in love."

She didn't listen because the words weren't really important. It didn't matter. Whatever they said, whatever was said over them, it was all window dressing. Suddenly it all seemed slightly ridiculous. The clothes, the vows, the rings; what did it all mean? Did a pronouncement of someone official really mean much? Wasn't marriage a strictly personal agreement? No ceremony could make her parents love each other more.

Caitlin watched as the minister asked for the rings, which Ron handed over to him. The minister levitated them between Harry and Hermione, who plucked them from the air. Hermione trembled as she slid the ring onto Harry's finger. "Take this ring and remember that while you wear it, I am with you. As I have given it to you, I give you my love." Harry repeated the same words as he slipped Hermione's ring on her finger.

And then, they were at the end. The minister said, "On behalf of the International Federation of Wizards, I recognize that you, Harry, and you, Hermione, are husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

As they kissed Caitlin heard what at first she thought was thunder in the distance, but than she also heard whistles and screams. She turned toward the castle. Every window and balcony with a view of the Quidditch Pitch was jammed with Hogwarts students celebrating the union of two of their beloved professors and Hogwarts most famous alumni. Hermione and Harry turned and waved and the cheering became even louder. The guests now too erupted with applause and cheers as the orchestra swung into a fanfare; everyone expecting that they'd now turn and walk back down the aisle, but Harry and Hermione had different plans. First, to his surprise, they turned to Ron. They both stepped forward and embraced him. Ron felt his heart swell in his chest as he hugged them back, one arm around each of them, touched that they had chosen to spend their first few moments of marriage with him. The Covenant of Three was united once more.

Then Harry motioned for Sam to come forward with Caitlin, Emily and little Timmy. Harry and Hermione each hugged Samantha before her and Timmy joined Ron. Harry and Hermione each put an arm around Jamie. Then with Hermione's other arm around Caitlin and Harry's around Emily they finally walked back down the aisle, followed by Ron and Sam holding Timmy, declaring not only their marriage, but also their union as family and friends.

Draco nudged Ginny's arm. His face was almost as white as his hair. "Ginny, who is that with your brother?"

"Oh! You haven't met Samantha yet, have you? She's from the States. She met Ron last autumn. They hit it off right from day one. Draco, are you feeling okay?" Ginny asked noticing Draco's hand shaking.

"Just a slight bit of nausea. Weddings and all this happily-ever-after rot have a tendency to turn my stomach. Whose brat is she holding? Was she married before?"

"That's her son, Timmy. No, she wasn't married. It's rather a sad story. She came to England looking for Timmy's dad. Seems the twit was in the States on vacation when he met Sam. He gave her the princess treatment until he got her in bed and then ran out on her the next morning without a word. The scum took her virginity and left her pregnant."

"Ginny, perhaps you should go on to the reception without me. I think it's best I go have a lie down."

* * * * * *

"Hermione, I've been trying to catch you alone all evening," Neville said hesitantly. "May I please speak with you, and in addition introduce someone rather special."

Hermione smiled at Neville and his guest. Although Neville had kept his distance from Hermione ever since the Halloween incident, she had long since forgiven him for his behavior. She knew she couldn't throw away twelve years of friendship because of one night of indiscretion.

"Hermione, I want to thank you for changing my life," Neville said as Hermione looked at him; the expression on her face clearly indicating that she had no idea as to what he was referring. "On Halloween you told me that the way I acted was sick and that I needed help. What you said and what I did to you ate away at me for weeks. Finally I took your advice and sought help. I'd like you to meet Dr. Laura Prince. She is a psychiatrist and up until a few weeks ago, she was my doctor."

Hermione and the doctor shook hands graciously.

"Laura helped me to face my problems and comprehend that I treated you the way I did because deep inside I had developed a abhorrence of women; in all probability because of the way my grandmother had treated me as a child. Hermione, what I did was inexcusable, but I hope that somehow you will find it in your heart to forgive me. I miss our friendship."

Hermione put her arms around Neville and pulled him into a hug. "Of course, I'll forgive you. I've likewise missed your friendship. I'm glad you were able to complete you therapy in such a short time."

"Actually I'll be in therapy for a bit longer," Neville answered. "It's just that, I've recently switched doctors. Laura tells me that it would be unethical of her to date one of her patients."

Hermione's face broke into a great grin. "You're dating? That's wonderful!"

At that moment Samantha grabbed Hermione's arm and apologized to Laura and Neville as she dragged Hermione out to the dance floor. "It's getting late and you haven't done a dollar dance yet."

Hermione looked at Sam questioningly. " What's a dollar dance?"

"Well, as wizards we would probably call it a Galleon Dance. Muggles do it at weddings in the States. Guests pay a dollar to dance for a brief time with the bride or groom," Sam answered.

"Oh! Sam. Harry and I can't charge for dances. That's just not proper." Hermione said emphatically."

"You don't understand. It's not really for the money; it's more a fun thing to let people dance with you that normally wouldn't have asked. People that aren't that close, even kids. Trust me; it will be fun."

Perhaps the dances were fun at muggle weddings, but not when you are celebrities and at your wedding, with 500 guests. Ron and Jamie limited each person to only thirty seconds, but still the dance lasted well over an hour. By the time it was over, both Harry and Hermione were spent. Harry was trying his best to be good-natured and enjoy the party, but all he really wanted was to be alone in their quarters with Hermione in his arms.

* * * * * *

"Great One, would you like me to get you another drink?"

"Idiot! Don't call me that here. Someone might hear you."

"I'm sorry, please forgive me." Damien looked at The Great One questioningly and said, "You don't seem to be enjoying the reception."

The Great One looked at Damien and simply shook her head. "You've been spending too much time with Crabbe and Goyle. Your brain cells are deteriorating. Of course, I'm not enjoying the reception. Do you think for one minute that when I declared their wedding day a holiday I ever expected it to actually take place?" Emma Wrong had hate in her eyes.

Damien hung his head. "I'm to blame for her surviving."

"Yes, you are, but then so am I. It was my inspiration to convert her to our side. She should have been eliminated the moment the portkey deposited her on our doorstep." Emma took a sip of her drink. "Well, let them celebrate because none of them will live long once we have Salazar Slytherin assisting us."

Damien squirmed nervously in his seat. "Please, forgive my impertinence, but are you positive that his reincarnation is a good idea? From everything I've read, I've gotten the impression that he's not much of a team player. Seems to like to take charge rather than join a group."

"He'll play on this team," Emma replied, "and like it, but first we must find someone who can give us a correct interpretation of the prophecy."

"I'd feel more secure if we had the whole prophecy. The fact that over half is misplaced bothers me greatly."

"We have the important part. 'When Slytherin and Evil are joined, not even the Covenant will bring the result down'. No longer do we have to worry about those three, they will be no match for the dark side when Slytherin stands with us. I can't wait to kill that red headed bastard and his loyal to the death friends. Potter and Granger need not worry about till death to us part, for they will die together. Them and their animal friend."

"I am grateful that you have given me another chance to serve you. My favorite part of the prophecy is 'from the blood of innocents four, the Great Lord Slytherin shall arise'."

"Damien? Why is it, that doesn't surprise me? I can always count on you when it comes to shedding innocent blood. Which reminds me. I have a surprise for you. Someone new has decided to join our elite group. She, like you, enjoys destroying innocence. I think you will work well together.

"I want the two of you to spend the next year combing the earth until every centaur on the planet is captured. Then one will die every day until I am given the names of the innocents."

"Damien, I'm ready for that drink, for soon I too will have something to celebrate."

* * * * * *

"Harry, did you check on the girls?" Hermione asked, as she lay naked in bed waiting for her husband to join her.

"Yes," Harry answered as he entered the room. "Emily wasn't kidding about Jamie."

"To what exactly are you referring?

"Remember when Emily said she didn't want to sleep with Jamie because she snores. Well, I didn't believe that she did, because I haven't heard her before. But evidently when she is extremely tired or sleeping in a certain position, she really lets loose. I thought a lumberjack was sawing down a tree in her bedroom."

"Harry, certainly you're exaggerating. A girl that beautiful couldn't possibly produce that kind of sound."

"Hermione, you better than anyone should know that you can't necessarily judge what's inside a book, by its cover."

"Usually that phrase is used to relate physical looks and personality, but I guess it could also work in this case."


"Harry, what's the matter? What happened? Are you all right?" Hermione asked with concern.

"Just me being stupid. I should know better than to walk around barefoot in the dark. I stubbed my toe on this big box in the walk-in wardrobe. What's in it anyway? It's been here for months."

"I'm not completely sure. What with the kids and the wedding, I've not finished going through it completely. Minerva gave it to me before she left in February after filling in. Said they were things she no longer had use for, but that I might find handy now that I'm teaching."

"If you hurry up and get in bed I'll kiss your toe and make it better."

"Now that sounds like an offer. If you're in a kissing mood maybe I should stub something else."

"I hope you're not talking about what I think you are? I want you fully operational tonight. I'm sure I'll find my way down there eventually." Hermione said in a teasing way. "What time is it Harry?"

"Not quite twelve." Harry crawled in bed next to Hermione. "Here I have something for you."

Before she realized what was happening, Harry had taken a small piece of wedding cake and pressed it against her closed lips. In the process, smashing it on her nose and cheeks.

"Harry!" What on earth do you think you are doing?" Hermione yelled angrily.

"Don't get upset," he begged. "It's sort of an American tradition I learned while in the States. Something a snobbish British woman like you would never do in public. Here, I brought a piece for you to give me. In America when they cut the cake, the bride and groom feed each other a piece. Except they usually get carried away and smear it on each others' face."

Hermione took the cake Harry had handed her and smashed it right on his nose. "You mean like that?"

"Not exactly, you should at least aim for the mouth. Now comes the fun part." Harry started alternating licking cake off Hermione's face and kissing her.

As Hermione did the same, she said. "This is kind of fun. I never realized you were into kinky sex Mr. Potter."

Harry kissed her deeply. "If you think this is kinky, I'll go get another piece of cake and show you kinky."

"Amazing the things you learn about a person after ..." Suddenly a look of horror engulfed Hermione. "Harry! My parents! Your parents! Dumbledore! Do you remember?" Hermione trembled as the memories of the visit returned.

"Oh my god!" Harry said as tears came to his eyes. "Hermione, do you have the same memory? Were they really there? It feels so real? How could we both imagine the same thing?"

"Harry, Dumbledore said we would remember, I think I know how to be sure whether it actually happened or not. Let's wash up first."

They both washed the sticky cake off their hands and faces. Then Hermione picked up her wand and took Harry's hand as she led him to the walk-in closet. "Lumos," she said causing the wand to emanate sufficient light for them to see. Hermione stood and stared at the plastic zippered bag that enclosed her wedding dress.

"Harry, my dress looked like new when I hung it up tonight. I certainly want to have it cleaned, but other than that, it was in perfect condition."

Harry looked at Hermione as if lost. "I don't understand, 'Mione. What does you dress have to do with telling whether the memories of us seeing Dumbledore and our parents are true or not?"

"I never go anyplace lacking my wand. It seems the makers of wedding dresses don't find it fitting to carry a wand so they provide no place to hold one. The best I could do today was to strap mine to my thigh. Not very easy to access, but at least I had it. When I realized Ron and Jamie were frozen my first reaction was to go for my wand. I had a choice of trying to practically lift the dress over my head or rip the dress and go directly for the wand. I ripped the dress.

"Do you remember that as they were ready to leave Dumbledore looked at my ruined dress and said 'the dress will be fine for now'? If I'm correct, and the memories are true, my dress will be ruined when we open that bag."

They both held their breath as Harry opened the bag and removed the dress. It wasn't even necessary to examine it carefully. The dress had been ripped extensively just below the waist. Neither spoke as Harry returned the dress to the bag. They silently returned to their bed as Hermione curled up close to Harry. For a few minutes they just laid there quietly as he caressed her.

Finally Hermione spoke. "I had no idea such powerful magic existed. I thought that even witches and wizards, once they were dead were just that, dead."

"I can't explain how, but it happened and they weren't ghosts like Sir Nicholas or The Friar. My Mum and Dad both hugged me and I felt them. They had real bodies and were actually here." Harry tried to hold back the tears. "But before I could even get to know them they were gone."

"But they're not gone, they watch... Oh! My god! Harry, cover us. They watch us. They see everything we do."

Harry was about to cover them when he stopped. "Hermione, this is silly. Your parents have been watching you for the last five years; mine for the last twenty-two. I think it's a little late for us to suddenly become modest. Are you going to stop being nude with the girls and start taking showers with your clothes on? I have no idea how wherever they are functions, but I somehow don't think anyone gets disturbed by nudity."

Hermione leaned over and gave Harry a kiss on the cheek. "You're right. I'm being ridiculous. It's just a little weird to realize that after spending years hiding my body from my parents when I was little, now they can watch me anytime they want to."

"I doubt that they have any interest in our clothing or lack thereof. I'm sure their only reason for watching is to look out for us."

"I wonder if they can look out for us or if they can only watch and suffer along with us. If they could intercede, I doubt that any of us would have gone through the horrible times we have. Caitlin's mother would never have stood by and watched as Hooch did those horrible things to her." Hermione shivered at the thought of that deranged woman touching Caitlin.

"It sounds like this Great One is going to open our world to a blight worse than the reign of Voldemort."

"Yes and I get the feeling that we might be called upon again. Harry, why us again? Why can't someone else fight these evil head cases? I just want to spend the rest of my life teaching and taking care of you and the girls."

"As do I 'Mione, but I doubt you and I would even be alive now if we hadn't done battle with Voldemort. I don't want to die or see you die, but I prefer to die fighting these vermin rather than have all of us being killed in our beds for lack of trying."

"Harry, remember we're a team. Promise me you won't go off after this Great One or anyone else on your own. We either live to old age together or we die together. I don't want to lose you."

"Nor I you 'Mione. Nor I you." Harry leaned down and kissed Hermione's cheek. "I guess the memories from the wedding sort of torpedoed our loving making for tonight."

"You've never been a girl have you Harry?

"No, now that you bring up the subject, I certainly haven't," Harry said laughingly.

"Girls love physical love as much as guys, but from time to time we are just as content to be held and caressed. Just knowing your husband loves you is enough. Harry this is the happiest day of my life. On this day I became Mrs. Harry Potter."

They both lay there, each caressing the other, not talking, but unable to go to sleep. After some time Hermione said, "Harry, please don't think me mad, but I had the most bizarre feeling tonight at the reception."

"How so, sweetheart?

"It was during that dance Sam required us to do for money."

"Oh! Please don't bring that up. I don't think my feet will ever recover."

"Mine either," Hermione laughed. "It was one of the men that danced with me. There was something about him that was so familiar and yet I was sure I didn't know him. He literally gave me the shivers."

"You say you never saw him before?" Harry asked.

"No, I believe he was the guest of Minister Wrong. I imagine he is some Ministry want-to-be, but he gave me the creeps. He insinuated that we had meet before, but that in all probability I wouldn't remember him. That dance was the longest thirty seconds of my life. For some reason I can't blot his face out of my mind."

"Well, this is our wedding night and I don't like the idea of you thinking about anyone other than me," Harry said teasingly as he first kissed her lips, and then her neck as he worked his way down her body. "I'll just have to see what I can do to get your mind onto happier thoughts."

"You already have, Harry" Hermione practically purred in contentment.

* * * * * *

Excerpts from the Daily Journal of Jamie Zacherley.

Monday, June 7, 2004

I'm scared. After months of studying and cramming I still don't feel properly prepared. To make matters worse Gryffindor begins the testing series with History of Magic, possibly the most boring subject in the world. If not actually, it certainly is when taught by Professor Binns. More later.

That had to be the worst test I have ever taken in my life. Only Binns could give a test that was even more boring than his class. We were all hoping for True and False questions, maybe some multiple-choice, but it was not to be. Just one question in the morning session; "What have you learned in this class?" I felt like my hand was going to fall off by the time the lunch break came.

When we returned in the afternoon, we all had the same identical message written on our parchments. "If that's all you've learned, don't expect to receive a O.W.L for this class." We sat for another four hours writing. Well, some of us did. Alex fell asleep. Alex looks so sweet and innocent when he sleeps. I wonder what it would be like to cuddle up and sleep next to him?

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Torture beyond belief - day two. Someone hates me, they must. Today we had Divination. There is absolutely no chance of me getting thirteen O.W.L.s. Trelawney went over ever form of soothsaying we'd covered with her. I sucked at everything. Tealeaves, palmistry, crystal balls, Tarot cards, I feel like such a total loser. What am I doing here? I'll be surprised if I don't get a minus score.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Finally, we had a test in a class in which I at least felt slightly confident. The Defense Against the Dark Arts test was part written and part hands on. We spent the morning taking written tests on such things as vampires, werewolves and other dark creatures.

I know werewolves are dark creatures, but when you've gotten to know someone like Professor Weasley personally, it's extremely difficult to think of him as a dark creature. I said that in my essay. Hopefully, Harry won't take points off, but I think some dark creatures are simply misunderstood, just like naturists.

In the afternoon we actually confronted some dark creatures. Harry had some Grindylows, a few Hinkypunks and a boggart. After the other creatures had been dispatched, Harry brought out the boggart. When I was a third year, the boggart took on the form of the guy that had tried to rape me. That hadn't surprised me because I still feared him and would probably have still been having dreams about him if it hadn't been for Pureheart.

Today the boggart took on the form of Salazar Slytherin. Why Salazar Slytherin? It was easy to face it down. I just thought about Alex and that day we held each other naked in the bathroom during Christmas break. That felt so good. My breasts squeezed against his bare chest, his penis pressing on my leg. I wonder what it would feel like to have him inside me?

Anyway, Harry also tested our skills at pain blocking and conjuring of a Patronus. I'm getting better, but I'm not that great at either yet. I'm sure if Harry had been my teacher since year one I would be able to do both. Anyway, I'm sure he'll give me at least basic, maybe even intermediate.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. Plants are dirty, grimy and filthy. I spend the entire morning wrestling with them in the greenhouse. My face was smeared with mud and I had dirt in my hair the entire day. Who in their right mind would want to teach Herbology? Then it was another exhaustive afternoon of tests about wonderful magical fungi and herbs. I'm going to have a nervous breakdown and we're not even halfway thru the O.W.L.s.

Friday, June 11, 2004

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I loved the Care of Magical Creatures test. Professor C.W. had what was virtually a zoo of magical creatures for use to be tested on. There had to be nearly one hundred different creatures. We had to name them all, and tell some important facts about them. I did well. I'm so excited. I actually think I may have aced the test.

I couldn't believe what happened after lunch. We had all finished the text and C.W. left us walk around petting the animals that weren't dangerous. I'm going to miss him. He's a cool professor. He told us that there were too many Professor Weasleys, that we should just call him Professor C.W. or just C.W. if we wanted. Anyway, thank god there were only Gryffindors there.

Charlie had the most beautiful male unicorn I have ever seen. C.W. left me groom him. It was warm so we had all taken our robes and ties off. When I was done with the grooming, I gave him a few sugar cubes. He either liked me or thought I had more sugar cubes because he kept nuzzling my chest. Twice I had to redo the buttons on my blouse.

Everybody was watching, even C.W. They were all getting a kick out of it. I kind of thought it was cool, too. Unicorns normally don't get that friendly with anyone. Then things started to get slightly out of control. C.W. jumped in the paddock to help me, but the unicorn reacted protectively and started chasing him. Fortunately C.W. got out of the paddock safely and I used the distraction to climb over the fence myself.

C.W. told me that he had never in his career seen a unicorn act that way except to protect its mate. I wonder if...? Once I get through these tests, Hermione and I have to talk about what occurred.

I have never been so glad to have a school weekend.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

What's there to say? I spent the entire crappy day studying. I hate the O.W.L.s. Five down and four to go and I know I'm sunk. I'm sure I'll get a zero in both History and Divination. I did well in care of Magical creatures, but I've never heard of anyone getting more than a one in that course. Herbology? One if I'm lucky, but I doubt it. Certainly, I'll get no more than that. I did well in DADA. I think I deserve a two, but Harry may be reluctant to give it to me because of our relationship. That gives me a grand total of a terrific four after five exams!

I need nine more points to reach thirteen and only four courses to get them. That means I need a three and three twos. Dead! I don't have a chance. The three I could possibly get from Hermione. I've been number one in Transfiguration since year one and I can become an Animagus, but you have to switch back and forth quickly. Am I fast enough? I'm also ranked as the number one dueler in the class so a two in Charms isn't out of the question. But a two in both Potions and Astronomy; I'd have a better chance of Dick Bancroft turning out to be the tooth fairy. I hate myself. Hermione and Harry have done so much for Emily and I and I've let them down.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

I can't believe we went as far as we did. Worse, I almost didn't stop him. What is it about that Astronomy Tower? We were supposed to just be studying for our test Monday night, but once everyone else left and we were alone it just seemed like one thing lead to another.

"Jamie, we've been up here studying charts and stars and all that garbage for over five hours. Don't you think it's about time for a reward break?" Alex asked, his eyes begging for a yes answer.

"Actually," Jamie answered, "I was beginning to think that maybe you had lost interest in me." She laid down her charts and put her arm around Alex's neck, gently pulling him into a kiss.

He quickly wrapped both his arms around her back and held her tightly against him, running his fingers through her long hair as he gently kissed her over and over again

"Alex, do you remember the day we held each other in the bathroom at my parents' home. How good it felt when bare skin touched bare skin?"

"Remember? I'll never forget that feeling. You can't imagine how many times I have relived that moment in my mind."

Jamie gently broke the embrace and backed slightly away from Alex. "Alex," she said nervously. "Will you take your shirt off?"

Alex didn't reply verbally. He simply pulled the tucked shirt out of his trouser waistband and began slowly unbuttoning it, shaking with every move he made. Then he removed the shirt and slowly left it drop to the floor. He stood there motionless as the warm, late spring breeze tickled his skin. Jamie ever so gently touched his chest with first one hand and then the other. She drew little imaginary circles around his nipples and then leaned down and flicked them with her tongue one at a time.

Alex stood his ground, not knowing what to expect next and fearing that if he moved she would stop. Her hands ever so lightly caressed his chest and then his stomach. She then moved closer and as she kissed his lips she wrapped her arms around his back and began gently running her nails across his skin. Then her fingertips briefly stroked his back before she again pulled him into an embrace and kissed him softly.

He went to kiss her more deeply, but she broke the embrace and backed slightly away. Neither spoke a word as she pulled the shirt from the waistband of her skirt. Slowly, but not teasingly she unbuttoned the garment and then without hesitation removed it letting it fall next to Alex's shirt.

She stood motionless, waiting. Alex had gazed upon her beauty countless times before, but tonight was different. The desire inside of him mounted with every second. His eyes looked pleadingly into hers as he said, "May I..." His words drifted off, but still she nodded her head yes.

Slowly he reached out to touch her. When finally his fingers made contact, electricity seemed to surge through both of their bodies. Her nipples became rock hard as did part of Alex. Gently he encircled her nipples with his fingertips as she had his and then he leaned forward and kissed the tip of each mound. Jamie gasped as a feeling she had never before experienced coursed through her body.

"They're sensitive, but they won't break," she whispered in his ear, lingering just briefly to nibble on his lobe.

Alex cupped her breasts with his hands. First he held and massaged one and then the other, marveling as he did at how they could at the same time be both so soft and yet so firm.

Jamie had to fight to hold back a nervous laugh. Alex looked so much like a little boy who had just opened a Christmas present, one he had no intentions of returning..

Once again, she placed her hand on Alex's neck and pulled him gently toward her. Her body was eagerly anticipating the moment when skin made contact with skin. She shivered when they first touched and then pulled him even tighter as if trying to absorb the feeling of him into her. He held her tightly and they kissed and then kissed again like they had never kissed before. These were not the kisses of a teenage crush, but the kisses of true love.

Alex's hands slipped below Jamie's waist and grasped her cheeks through her skirt as he pulled her tighter to him. She could feel him against her and for the millionth time wondered what it would be like to actually have him inside. Jamie shuddered for an instant as Alex's hands released their grasp momentarily just long enough to slide under her skirt. She felt as if she was melting as his hands made skin-to-skin contact with her cheeks.

He started to knead and caress them. Jamie had never felt like this and she didn't want to stop feeling like this. Without warning as he kissed her passionately, Alex shifted slightly to his left and his right hand and fingers as if possessing radar, moved to her front and immediately locked on to their intended target. Jamie felt as if her knees were about to buckle as she moaned in ecstasy.

"Alex, I love you," Jamie voice trembled. "You can't possibly imagine how good what you're doing makes me feel, but please, please don't try to go any further. I'm not ready, especially not here and not now, but I do love you. I have never been surer on anything in my life. I'm also sure that if you keep doing that I'm going to completely collapse."

"Jamie, there are other things I can do besides this that will make you feel equally good."

"Yes, I'm sure there are. Likewise I'm looking forward to trying a few things with you. Alex, please trust me. I do love you. I want to make love to you as much as you do to me, but not here, not like this. I want it to be special and in a bed, not on a floor. I have a dream of what I want it to be like. Will you help me live that dream? I promise I won't make you wait forever."

"I can wait. It's just, well do you mean not do anything at all or just not have sex?"

Jamie kissed Alex on the forehead. "Just not have sex. I can't make the arrangements for our joining until next school year. But there is absolutely no way I want to wait until then to feel again like I do tonight". Jamie gave Alex another hug and then a gentle kiss. "It's extremely late. I think we best get our shirts on and get back to the dorm."

"Okay," Alex said, quite reluctantly.

Jamie waited a few seconds and then laughed as she embraced Alex again and gave him another kiss. "Alex, you can't put you shirt on and I will find walking extremely difficult if you don't find another place to warm your hand. I promise, that you're welcome back anytime."

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Well, I'm sure that was a waste of time. Our Astronomy O.W.L started last evening after dinner and just finished before breakfast. Therefore, I spent most of yesterday sleeping in preparation and will probably sleep most of today. I may as well have slept through the entire test, too. All stars look so much alike. I tried to fill out all the star charts and connect this moon to this planet and all that mumbo jumbo, but if I got a one, I'll consider it a miracle.

Why can't people be content to just look at stars and watch them twinkle? Alex's eyes were twinkling last night. He looked like he was floating on a cloud. I hope he isn't disappointed when our time comes to join.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Charms O.W.L. went well, as I hoped it would, but I fear it's a case of too little too late. I'm sure I got a two because basic and intermediate were fairly easy. I stayed and tried for advanced credit, but that involved dueling with the Professor. My time was much better than that of Amanda or Alex, but I was disarmed so I doubt that I'll get a three.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

I knew before I took my Transfiguration test today that I had blown any chance of getting a total of thirteen, but I was determined to do my best for Hermione. The basic test was changing inanimate objects into animate ones and visa versa. I guess I tried a little too hard because after I had done my tenth Transfiguration Hermione said, "That will be quite enough Miss Zacherley; you have obviously mastered this ability."

The intermediate test was to take one object and continue to change it from form to form as many times as you could until you started to lose control. Most of the class could only do it two or three times. Alex managed five and Amanda six. Hermione seemed surprised and quite impressed when I reached eight.

I was the only one who returned after lunch because I was the only student attempting an Animagus transfiguration. I'd done it many times in front of her before, but this was formal, for the records and to qualify for advanced Transfiguration. Hermione used a stopwatch to time me as I changed over and over again until I actually collapsed. I know I got my three because she gave me a hug and said, "I'm extremely proud of you sister."

Friday, January 18, 2004

I'm done. The tests are finished. I blew it big time and let Harry and Hermione down. It won't be official till next Friday when the grades are owled to us, but I know I didn't make it. I actually thought about not even taking the exam for potions. Why should I bother? I could no longer get a thirteen and I doubted anyway that Potion Master Malfoy would give any Gryffindors passing scores, even basic.

I just couldn't be a quitter so I went and did my best brewing potions, writing essays and taking a sundry of tests about potion ingredients, antidotes and the lot. Actually I think I did rather well, not that it matters.

End of Journal Entries

* * * * * *

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Weekends had become family togetherness time for the extended Potter Clan. Jamie and Caitlin slept in the dorms Sunday through Thursday night, but unless something out of the ordinary was taking place, they slept in the quarters Friday and Saturday night.

Today's routine had been the same as most other Saturday's. They all got up early to run, showered and then had breakfast in the Great Hall. Today, Harry had promised to give Emily some flying lessons and Caitlin decided to tag along. Jamie had begged off, she liked it when she and Hermione could spend some time alone just talking over a cup of tea.

"Will you get to see the results of the O.W.L. s before they are given to the students?" Jamie inquired of Hermione.

"No. None of the professors including the headmaster sees the results until you receive them. We all give the scores to the elf in charge of student statistics. She compiles the scores and prepares the letters that you receive next Friday at breakfast. At the same time she makes a master sheet with all the students' scores listed. The Headmaster, the School Board of Directors and all the professors receive a copy of this at the same time you get your letters. How do you think you did?"

Jamie looked at Hermione as she struggled to hold back tears. She idolized this woman so much that the thought of disappointing her caused Jamie anguish. " I feel it was a mixed bag. Some tests I felt good about and others I felt I completely blew." It took all Jamie's resolve to force the next words out of her mouth. "Hermione, I've let you down. I studied, I tried my best, but there is no way I scored thirteen. I'm so sorry I disappointed you."

Hermione reached over and took Jamie's hand in hers. "You haven't disappointed me and I doubt you ever will. You've constantly been at the top of many of your subjects and I watched how hard you studied over the last few months. I know you tried your best. Thirteen is difficult to achieve in the O.W.L.s. But don't write yourself off just yet. I can tell you that you got a full three from me and that Harry gave you a two. That's a total of five in two subjects. You only need eight more."

Jamie thought to herself that it might as well be one hundred eight.

Jamie felt the need to change the subject before she started to cry. "Hermione, something very strange happened in Care of Magical Creatures after our test last week. I've wanted to talk to you about it, but honestly I'm a little embarrassed."

"Well now, that is certainly a first. I didn't think anything embarrassed Jamie Zacherley. What happened?"

By the time Jamie had finished the story, Hermione had a look of horror on her face. "Thank god Charlie distracted the unicorn so that you could escape. He might have killed you; he certainly would have hurt you severely. I've read of such things, but it's so rare I never even thought to mention it to you." Hermione started crying. "If something had happened to you, I would have never forgiven myself."

Jamie had a total look of bewilderment on her face. "I don't think he would have attacked me. He acted more like he liked me and was trying to protect me."

"He did like you. That's the problem. The unicorn was protecting you. He had chosen you as his mate."

Suddenly Jamie's had a look of extreme revulsion on her face. "Mate with me! You mean that animal wanted to...." She couldn't bring she self to say it. "That's sick. I've read stories about some people doing disgusting things with animals, but the unicorn? Why would a unicorn want to...? Ugh!" Jamie suddenly felt sick in the stomach.

Hermione patted Jamie's hand trying to calm her. "He didn't see you as a young girl. He sensed you as your Animagus form. Jamie, I discussed your transfiguration test with Harry and I've sent an owl to my old professor. Your time of transfiguration and the amount of times you could do it were incredible."

"Do you remember how I told you the animal chooses you rather you choosing the animal?" Jamie nodded her head. "In your case, I think you already had many qualities held by unicorns and because of this when you bonded those qualities became significantly magnified and you gained others."

"Are you trying to say that I'm part unicorn? I'm not going to get a horn on my forehead and grow long white hair, am I?" Part of Jamie was being facetious, but part of her was concerned.

"No, not likely." Hermione responded. "I'm talking more about intuitive skills such as judging virtuousness and knowing whether to trust people."

Suddenly Jamie had a horrible thought. "What if suddenly I don't allow boys to get near me?"

Hermione laughed. "Then I think you and Alex will both be extremely miserable. I doubt that will become a problem. However, since you brought up the subject of men getting near you. I'd like to talk to you about Harry. Are you aware that he is afraid to touch you?"

Jamie nodded her head disconsolately. "I imagine it's all my fault. He doesn't seem able to get beyond seeing me as that vixen that offered her body to him. Hermione, if I were given the opportunity to undo just one thing that I did in my life; it would be that night. I worship the relationship you and I have now as sisters. I'd give anything to have Harry treat me like a sister."

"There are times that I'm so envious of Caitlin and Emily. When he gets into those wild tickling and wrestling matches with them, I'd love to join the fray. I don't because I know he'd stop and I don't want to ruin their fun."

Hermione looked at Jamie sympathetically. She had no idea this was troubling Jamie as much as or even more than it bothered Harry. "I'm sure what happened Halloween could be part of the problem, but I think your body is a bigger part of the problem."

"My body?" Jamie looked at Hermione puzzled.

"Jamie we both know and love Harry. Harry doesn't have a perverted bone in his body, but he also likes to win. I'm sure that you've seen that when he and the girls wrestle sometimes hands momentarily touch or grab at places. He's fighting two of them off at once. It's never done on purpose and the girls seem to think nothing of it. I don't think Harry does either because-let's say they don't have much in the way of accessories yet."

"Jamie, that's not the case with you, I believe Harry would be extremely up tight about possibly grabbing your butt or touching a breast or worse."

"Hermione, I've been a nudist my entire life. When you don't wear clothes, body parts come in contact with other people much more often. My favorite party game is Twister. Playing that game it's impossible not to have some body contact. When we go swimming I love to be thrown around in the water and throw others around, too. You can't pickup or be picked up by a person without some body contact. There is an unmistakable difference between an accidental touch and a purposeful grope. When you're playing hard and having fun accidents happen. Plus, I just don't find it's that big a deal to be touched. To me body parts are just that, body parts. I don't think my butt cheek or breast is any more special than my arm or leg. If I trust a person to touch one part of me, I am not going to have a fit if they touch another part, especially when it's accidental. But how would you feel about that? Would you be upset if it was a part of our fooling around? How would you feel about Harry holding me and tickling me when I'm naked?

"Jamie, I love you and I trust you. I would trust my life in either your or Harry's hands." Hermione smiled as she thought back "In fact I have. Jamie, you've always felt yourself a good judge of people. I've felt that as well about myself. I feel that you and Harry are incapable of hurting me. Now, how do we get you and Harry over this impasse?"

Jamie looked shyly at Hermione. "I'd like to try getting involved the next time he gets after the girls. If he backs off or tries to quit, I have an idea. It's rather bold, and for that reason I need your help. I won't do it unless you are one hundred percent okay with it."

"Suppose you tell me what your plan is and let me consider it?"

* * * * * *

Friday, June 25, 2004

Hermione couldn't take her eyes off the window as she spread her toast with marmalade. "Shouldn't they be here by now?" she inquired of Harry.

"You do realize that you're more nervous today than you were the day we received our own scores. You're not afraid someone will beat your score are you?"

"Of course not, Harry. Records are made to be broken. It's just that Jamie has worked and studied so hard. I'm afraid that if she doesn't earn that scholarship she will feel as if she let us down; that we're disappointed in her."

"We'll know in a few minutes," Harry said as he indicated the larger than normal group of owls fluttering in the windows, most of them school owls. Each of the fifth-year students received a large envelope with the Hogwarts seal. Some students, grabbed for their envelopes before the owls had an opportunity to land. Others waited patiently for the envelope to drop in their hands.

Few did as Jamie, and just sat motionless after receiving the envelope, staring at it as if petrified.

There was an unwritten scale used by the students to judge their results. If one received a score under five, there would most definitely be a howler from the parents.

Scores between five and ten were considered good. Anything over ten was considered excellent; fifteen was considered the optimum score at least it was until six years ago when Hermione Granger, a muggle-born witch, scored an unheard of sixteen.

Soon the Hall was in mayhem as the students were talking loudly about their results and running from table to table to talk with friends in other houses. Out of the corner of her eye Jamie saw Amanada and Alex both hugging, evidently pleased with their results. Suddenly she felt an arm around her shoulder as Caitlin said. "Are you afraid to open it? Would you like me to open it for you?"

Jamie simply nodded her head and handed the envelope to Caitlin, who carefully opened it. The packet consisted of a result page from each professor showing the total score number of O.W.L.s received in that class. Caitlin began leafing through the pages telling Jamie her results in each subject. As she read the scores at what seemed an excruciating slow pace a crowd of friends and house members gather around her. They all knew how important these results were to her and each and every one in their own way was praying for her.

"Jamie you received basic, intermediate and advanced in Transfiguration." Caitlin flipped to the next page. "And you received both basic and intermediate in Defense Against the Dark Arts." Caitlin looked at Jamie excitedly. "That's five O.W.L.s in only two subjects."

Jamie didn't get excited. "Yes, but those I was expecting. They were my two best subjects."

Caitlin continued, as it seemed everyone was keeping a running total. "You received a one in Herbology, but you got both basic and intermediate in Care of Magical Creatures."

Amanda squeezed Jamie's arm tightly and whispered in her ear. "I didn't think anyone got more than basic in Magical Creatures. I think you're going to make it."

Alex crossed his fingers even tighter. The total was at eight after only four subjects.

Caitlin flipped to the next page and the smile disappeared from her face. "You received a zero in Divination," she reported sadly. As she turned to the next page gloom descended upon her. "You also received a zero in Astronomy."

The Gryffindors had thought Jamie on the verge of doing the impossible; beating Hermione Granger's score, but two zeros killed any chance of that. Her total was still at eight and she was running out of subjects fast.

Caitlin turned the page and announced excitedly, "Jamie you received another three. You got all three levels of Charms."

Caitlin turned to the last page and announced sadly, "And you received basic for History of Magic."

Alex put his arm around Jamie and gave her a hug. "You did terrific. Twelve is nothing to be sad about. I think that ties for the highest this year."

"I know. It's just that I feel I let Harry and Hermione down." She looked dejectedly at the floor, not wanting to face the staff table and Harry and Hermione.

Amanda who had been deep in thought suddenly shouted. "Caitlin, Potions! You didn't read a score for potions!"

Caitlin began leafing through the packet and sure enough two pages were stuck together. As she pulled them apart, her face broke into a huge grin as she reached out and hugged Jamie. "I'm sorry I scared you. Potions, Basic and intermediate."

Jamie brushed the tears of sadness from her eyes, but they were instantly replaced with tears of joy. "Professor Malfoy gave me a two?" She couldn't believe she had received both basic and intermediate Potions and that now her total was fourteen. Jamie Zacherley had just received the second highest score in the history of Hogwarts. The cheers from the Gryffindor table were deafening. Everyone was hugging Jamie and patting her on the back as she looked toward the staff table where she saw two teary eyed professors watching her, extreme pride evident on their faces.

* * * * * *

Just as they were ready to depart the Great Hall, Harry and Hermione were surprised as Ginny approached them.

"Ginny," Harry said with surprise. "What are you doing here on a Friday?"

Ginny for the entire year had a rather cushy schedule that involved no classes on a Friday. Therefore, it was surprising to find her here today.

Ginny glanced uneasily back and forth between Harry and Hermione. "I wanted to be here when the students received their O.W.L.s results and learn how they ranked, but more so I wanted to talk to you two together."

Harry looked at Hermione and immediately knew she was having the same thoughts as him. Through out most of the year Ginny had been bosom buddies with Sybil Trelawney. Why now suddenly was she seeking them out?

Hermione could tell that Ginny seemed rather nervous and stressed out. "Emily is off at school and by all indications Caitlin will be celebrating for some time with Jamie and her friends. Since there are no classes today, Harry and I were headed back to our quarters for morning tea. Why don't you join us?"

Ginny accepted the offer and followed Hermione and Harry to the staff area of the castle but said little during the journey. It was evident she wanted their full attention before she disclosed whatever was on her mind.

Harry helped Hermione prepare the tea as the three discussed meaningless school matters. Finally, when all three were seated, Ginny looked at Hermione and blurted out, "Who do you think would make a better husband and father, Draco or Severus?"

Hermione was taken aback as the question caught her completely off guard. Hermione truthfully had not even ever considered either man in such a role in her life. "Ginny, it's how you feel that matters, not I. I didn't realize you were back with Draco and what makes you feel Severus would ever want to play such a role in your life?"

Ginny face bore the look of total frustration. "I'm not back with Draco, but we are on a much friendlier basis again although he does at times aggravate me beyond imagination. As for Severus, I know he'd be willing to play such a role because he asked me to marry him."

Harry was extremely glad he didn't have a mouth full of tea when Ginny announced this news; else someone would have been wearing it. Harry suddenly came to a realization. "This winter, all those weekends that Severus left Hogwarts for business. Were you the business? Have you and Severus been dating?"

Ginny's eyes bored into Harry. "You think its ridiculous, don't you? That I'm dating someone over twice my age?"

"I didn't say that," Harry said defensively. "I just inquired as to whether you two had been dating. But now that you mention it; he is easily old enough to be your father."

"Severus thought if anyone would understand it would be the two of you. I guess he was wrong." Ginny spouted angrily as she prepared to rise and leave, but before she could Hermione stopped her.

"Ginny, Harry didn't say whether he approved or not. He just stated facts. What he said is true, but Severus is also an extremely attractive and kind man as I'm sure you have found out. Please sit and tell us all the specifics. It isn't in our place to tell you what to do, but maybe discussing it will help you reach a conclusion on your own."

Ginny nodded her head. Although she doubted it would help, it certainly wouldn't hurt to at least have someone she could talk with. "It all started last October when Severus and I both happened to be up in the Astronomy tower at the same time." She glanced back and forth between Harry and Hermione. "We both find it a wonderful place to go and be alone with our thoughts. We just talked, nothing more. That weekend I was headed to London on the train and Severus had to go to the Ministry to meet with the governors of the school. We sat together and talked again. I couldn't get over how different Severus the man was as compared to Severus the professor."

"It was late when we reached London, so we decided to have dinner together. We were just two associates dining jointly. At least that's what we kept telling ourselves. After that weekend I started to go to the Astronomy Tower in hopes of finding him there and he told me later that he was doing the same thing."

"By Christmas we were purposely meeting in London every weekend. I loved being with him. He made me feel so special and wanted. Something I hadn't felt for a long time." Ginny looked at Hermione and confessed. "Up until then we had never even kissed, not real kisses, just pecks on the cheek. I kissed him first and it was my suggestion that we share a room Valentine's weekend. I knew my brothers wouldn't be happy, but I was. Severus and I were going to talk to you guys about us after your wedding and then it happened."

Hermione looked at Ginny understandingly. "By then it happened, I would assume you mean that Draco reentered your life."

"Yes," Ginny answered. "Draco had been going to London practically every weekend, Neville, too. Although neither of them ever said anything, I expect they thought something was going on between Severus and me. A few times they shared a compartment with us on the train, but most times they left us to ourselves.

"At first Severus and I joked about seeing Neville and Draco together on the train every week. We kidded that they were traveling to London to be together. In actuality Draco was involved with a witch that he had met just prior to the start of school. Her husband found them out in March and there was quite a row. Seems they have two children. Draco would never want to breakup a family and so he immediately stopped seeing her."

Harry looked at Hermione and shook his head slightly in disgust, not enough that Ginny noticed. "Did you initiate getting back together with Draco or did he?"

"Oh! It was me. I approached him in September, trying to reconcile our differences, but it took him sometime to think it out in his head." Ginny seemed to be defending Draco.

Harry could tell from Hermione's expression that she had problems with this story. "When did Draco finally agree that it would be good if you both tried getting back together?"

"The very beginning of April," Ginny quickly answered. "I just don't know what to do. Severus has been so wonderful to me, but after all Draco is Draco. How can I ignore a chance to get back with him?"

Harry was about now feeling a powerful urge to strangle Ginny, but resisted.

"Ginny?" Hermione asked. "I want to make sure I have all the facts straight in my head. Am I correct in saying that Draco knows you have been seeing Severus? How about Severus? Does he know that Draco now wants you back?"

"Yes, Severus knows," Ginny replied.

"And how may I ask does he feel about that?" Harry asked, trying to control his anger.

"He said he loves me and that he'll always be there for me, but it's a decision I have to make on my own and that if I come to him it has to be without doubt in my mind or heart."

Harry didn't say a word, but wanted to bang his head on the table. Then he realized that it would serve more purpose if he banged Ginny's head instead of his own.

Somehow Hermione managed to maintain a level of neutrality. "Ginny, this may sound all too scientific and detached, but I think before you make any decisions, you should sit down and write a list of pros and cons. You have to decide what is truly important to you in a relationship. Who you would be happiest with? What are you doing this summer?"

Ginny answered, "I'm visiting some college friends in the States."

"That's good," Hermione answered. "That means you will be away from both of them. Spend that time comparing them and deciding whom you would really be happiest with, who you love the most and who will love you the most. That's really all that's important."

From there the conversation drifted off to other topics and after a brief time Ginny offered some excuse as to why she had to be leaving and after thanking them for their time she hurried out the door.

The door had no more than closed when Harry commented to Hermione, "I hope she chooses Draco."

Hermione couldn't believe her ears. "Why Draco?"

"If she can't figure out on her own that Severus is worth a hundred Dracos, she doesn't deserve him"

* * * * * *

Saturday, June 26, 2004

"Harry, after I take a shower, I'm going to take the girls into Hogsmeade to shop for clothing for the trip. Will you talk to them so that they don't give me any arguments?" Hermione asked.

"Arguments about what Mione?" he replied.

"About clothes. I want them to actually dress to go to Hogsmeade and not to give me a difficult time about getting proper clothes and swimming costumes for the vacation. They are not going to Disneyland Paris and a fancy beach resort with only a charm covering them."

"I'll talk to them honey. I'll give them the old 'when in Rome do as the Romans' story."

"I don't care what story you give them, just so they agree to dress the same as everyone else there." With that Hermione stepped into the shower leaving Harry alone in the room. Harry just stood there a moment and then went over to the dresser and stared at the mirror.

"Harry Potter." The mirror said. "Do you want to see your future?"

"No,' Harry answered nervously. "Actually I'm extremely content with the present and wish it could go on forever. Its just... could I ask you a question about the possible future you showed Hermione and I?"

"Ah yes. You mean the future showing you and Mrs. Potter on the beach with the three girls. We now know whom the third girl is and that you are taking a vacation to a beach. What exactly is the question?"

"Do Hermione and I actually have to be naked for all to see? We know this charm that makes others think we have clothes on and..."

The mirror interrupted. "Your wife asked me the identical question the other day. She hoped that since you would be actually nude and that a mirror isn't fooled by the charm that perhaps you could use the charm to create that future. I wish that was the case, but when I show possible futures they are not reflections but what the world will actually see. For that future to be a reality, the five of you must actually be naked on that beach to anyone that passes by."

"Thank you mirror," Harry said desolately, knowing that he had lost any chance of making that future a reality.

Harry put on his happy face and walked into the living area where he found three naked girls giggling about their favorite subject, boys.

"Girls, can I ask you to do me a favor today? I understand you are going to Hogsmeade with Hermione. The town may be crowded and Hermione and I would both feel better if you actually dressed today instead of using the charm. There is just too great a chance of you being touched."

The girls looked at each other and then begrudgingly nodded their heads in consent. Jamie said, "If we do that will you please ask Hermione to not make us buy bathing costumes in the village for the trip?"

"Why not?" Harry asked. "You're certainly going to need them at the resort."

Jamie looked at the others knowingly. "Oh yes! Certainly we can't swim nude at the resort, but the resort is on the French Rivera. The bathing costumes worn there are much different than what is sold in Hogsmeade. May we wait to get our costumes until we get there?"

"That seems like a reasonable request. I'll discuss it with Hermione, but I'm sure she'll agree. Will you guys agree to one more thing concerning the trip?"

In unison they said, "What?"

"Both at Disneyland and at the beach resort, I want you dressing as everyone else does. You don't need to wear knickers, but no charms. You've heard the old saying, 'When in Rome, do as the Romans.' That means you want to blend in with the other people. Do you agree?"

Caitlin and Emily both had devilish looks on their faces. "Do as the Romans. That's makes sense. Does that apply to you and Mum, also?"

"Certainly," Harry answered without a thought.

"Do you know what this Roman wants to do right now?" Emily said teasingly.

"I have an idea," Harry said. "You know you'll never win."

"Never say never," Emily responded as she leaped toward Harry. Caitlin immediately joined her just as Hermione, still bare from her shower and holding a towel, stepped into the room.

Jamie and Hermione both watched, laughing as the girls struggled against Harry. Caitlin and Emily were most certainly outmatched, but having a great time. Hermione could see that Jamie was aching to get into the battle and decided that today was the day of reckoning. She indicated to Jamie to join the fray. This made for a much fairer match. Actually Harry probably had more than he could handle now. He had his right arm around Caitlin and Emily was hanging onto his legs. He sensed Jamie in the attack mode on his left and without looking reached his arm out to hold her off. His hand came into direct contact with her breast.

Harry froze as he turned bright red. He looked at Hermione and then at Jamie. "Okay girls, that's enough for now. Time to call it quits before someone gets hurt."

Both Caitlin and Emily moaned and complained that they had just started. Jamie didn't say anything. She didn't have to; Hermione could see her struggling to hold back the tears. As Harry got to his feet Hermione walked over to him.

Hermione stood naked in front of Harry. She took a deep breath not believing what she was about to do. Not only what she was going to do, but also that she was going to do it in front of the girls. "Harry, do you love me? Do you trust me?"

"You know I do. Why are you asking that now, here in front of the girls?"

"Because I want you to allow me to do something without question and it require you having complete trust in me. Caitlin please hand me my wand. Harry, I need you to close your eyes."

"But why?" Harry asked.

"Complete trust without question."

"Okay." Harry closed his eyes.

"Now I'm going to do a blindfold charm on you. It can be a little scary because you will be unable to open your eyes until I remove the charm, which will be in about a minute. Do you trust me?"

Harry had no idea what Hermione was up to, but he knew he trusted her with his life. "Yes."

Hermione performed the simple charm. "Good, now please try to relax. Girls it's extremely important that you remain absolutely quiet. Harry, I know this is going to sound extremely silly, but I want you to step forward, but your arms around me and grab my butt cheeks. One with each hand."

"With the girls here?"

"Harry, please no more questioning what I ask you to do," Hermione asked impatiently. "If you trust me just do what I ask. It will all be clear in a few moments."

Harry had no idea what Hermione was doing, but he would trust his life in her hands. However, weird this was, he decided he had to go along with it without question. He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around until each hand held a cheek.

"Now Harry, I want you to take your right hand and cover my vagina with it. Don't fondle me in any way; just use your hand to cover it as if you were protecting it."

Harry couldn't believe that Hermione was asking him do this in front of the girls, but didn't question her. He did as she asked, but avoided making actual contact.

Caitlin and Emily watched in disbelief. Neither could figure out what Hermione was up to or that they were being allowed to watch.

"Okay Harry. One more move and we're done. I want you to gently cup my breasts in your hands. Again, don't fondle them in any way. Just hold them as if you were carrying them somewhere. I want you to continue to hold them as I release you from the charm. I'll tell you when to open your eyes."

Hermione released the charm and awaited the wrath that she knew was about to be unleashed.

"Okay, Harry, you may open your eyes"

"Good, now will...Oh my god Jamie!" Harry released his grasp on Jamie's breasts and practically jumped away. "Hermione what in the name of..." Suddenly he realized where else he had touched. Harry turned white. "Was I touching you all the time? Why would you do that?"

"Harry, please don't be angry with Hermione or I. I don't even know where to begin, but I did this for all of us. I did it for the sake of the family.

"Breast, butts, arms, legs; even vaginas and penises are just body parts. After hundreds of years of brainwashing we have come to think of some parts as special, untouchable. And they should be untouchable if a person's intentions are improper. Harry, I doubt sometimes that you are capable of impure thoughts. You wrestle and tickle Caitlin and Emily all the time. There isn't a place on their bodies that at one time or another you haven't come into contact with, but it wasn't perverted or dirty. It was in the course of natural fun."

"Harry, I may have these things hanging on my chest, but I'm still a little girl at heart and want to be a part of the family fun. I'm not going to react any different when we're horsing around if you grab my wrist or my breast because I know it's not done in a tainted way. Hermione and I both thought this was an extreme way of demonstrating how I felt, but we agreed that just telling you it was all right wouldn't work."

"Please don't be angry with Hermione. Do you realize how much she loves and trusts both of us to allow what just happen to take place? Please forgive our method, but also please tell us that we succeeded."

Harry couldn't believe what he had just heard or what just transpired. Nor could he believe how completely both Jamie and Hermione trusted him.

He looked at Hermione and Jamie and smiled. "Okay, you asked for it. Who wants to wrestle?"

Caitlin and Emily squealed with delight. Hermione dropped her towel on the chair. "Only one difference this time. Three against one isn't fair. I'm on Harry's side."

Emily yelled, "No holds barred!"

"Right, Dad," agreed Caitlin. "No holds barred."

Soon the floor was strewed with a mass of twisted arms and legs. Everyone was screaming and laughing. The troubles and heartaches of the past year were forgotten and the happiness of today was shared. The boy who lived had a family, a family that loved him.

* * * * * *

Wednesday June 30, 2004

As they started off the year so they ended it. Jamie, Amanda and Alex walked arm in arm toward the Great Hall and the end-of-the-year feast. They were running late and the Great Hall was already full when they entered.

The three had barely taken their seats when Headmaster Snape stood and said cheerfully, "And so we mark the end of another year. Quite a year it has been. I hope we have been successful in adding somewhat to your knowledge this year. Please, try to at least maintain some of that knowledge until we meet again."

"To the seventh years I bid a fond farewell. I hope we have taught you well so that you will succeed beyond your dreams. I also would like to bid farewell to Professor Charles Weasley. Thank you for your loyal service to Hogwarts these last six years. We all wish you health and happiness in your future endeavors."

There was a storm of cheering as all the houses rose to their feet and gave the departing professor a standing ovation.

"Now without further ado, I believe it is time to award the house cup. The points stand thus: In fourth place, Slytherin, with two hundred eighty-five points; in third, Ravenclaw with three hundred twenty-five. The battle for first place was extremely close this year. Gryffindor has four hundred fifty points, but with four hundred sixty-three points first place and the house cup goes to Hufflepuff." The headmaster clapped his hands and in an instant the Great Hall was adorned in the colors of Hufflepuff.

For a brief moment the hall was quiet, as even the Hufflepuffs couldn't believe that they had actually won the coveted house cup. Suddenly the Hufflepuffs were on their feet screaming and shouting. Then lead by Jamie Zacherley the Gryffindors, Ravenclaws and even a large number of Slytherins took to their feet and cheered the underdog house that had risen to the occasion.

Far too fast the evening ended. Wardrobes were emptied and trunks packed. It seemed to Caitlin that the year had just begun and here it was ended. But what a year it had been. She had started the year as a lonely unloved orphan and now she had a mother, a father, two sisters, a "boyfriend" and more friends then she could count.

Something else had change for her and for Jamie. They wouldn't be leaving Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express. Instead, along with Emily, they were standing on the train platform hugging and waving good-bye to their friends. Hogwarts was now their home all year round.

Amanda and Tony had already bid their farewells and taken seats as Alex, Matt and Randy lingered behind.

"I'm going to miss you," Alex said as he held on to Jamie's hand.

"Me too," she responded. "Promise, you won't forget me?"

Alex smiled, "Not a chance in the world of that happening. We have big plans."

Jamie smiled and gave Alex a deep kiss as the train whistle blew. "Yes we do, we most certainly do."

Jamie gave Alex another brief kiss as he broke free and ran to the train. Caitlin looked at Matt, hesitated a moment, and then gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Matt started for the train and then stopped and yelled to Randy. "Come on Randy, what are you waiting for?"

Randy just stood looking at Emily. "I'm glad we met this year and that you let me hold you in exercises. I'm really going to miss you. I... I was"

Emily just looked at Randy and shook her head. "And I suppose if I don't kiss you, it will be my fault if you miss the train." With that said she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and he ran to the train.

The girls waved, and then just stood watching until the train finally disappeared out of sight. Then they turned without a word. Emily and Caitlin each grabbed one of Jamie's hands and they headed home to Hogwarts.

The End

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