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Hogwarts Exposed


Story Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has``been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been``imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter 06

Chapter Summary:
Hermione hasn't seen her two best friends in five years. Harry has been living a self-imposed exile in the Muggle world and Ron has been imprisoned in Azkaban. Her life is about to change dramatically.

Chapter 6


Wednesday, September 3, 2003 6:30 AM

Jamie looked toward the Castle door; an appearance of disillusionment was in her eyes. Although she was pleased to see that their workout group had expanded to twenty members this morning, she was saddened that Caitlin hadn´t joined them.

Just as Hermione was about to start pairing people off, the castle door burst open and ten Gryffindor first years ran out to join them. "I´m sorry we´re late Professor Granger!" Caitlin shouted. "Some people have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning." Her eyes fixed on Matt Hallowell.

Hermione looked at the Gryffindor´s in amazement. "You do realize that this is not a compulsory program. You are not required to be here."

"We realize that Professor," Matt Hallowell responded. "We all want to be a part of the group. We do things as a family."

Hermione face broke into a huge smile. Someone in this class is definitely a strong organizer and motivator.

Caitlin looked in Jamie´s direction and was rewarded with a smile that had "way to go girl´ printed all over it.

"Since we have a lot of new members this mornings I suggest each person who has experience pair off with a new runner to help them with the calisthenics?"

Hermione´s proposal was meet with varied emotions. Draco was not pleased. He had hoped to pair himself with Hermione. He rather liked watching her do her exercises close up.

Harry was grateful. He was worried he would be paired with Jamie once more. It wasn´t that Harry didn´t like Jamie. Actually the contrary was true; he thought she was a fantastic girl and exceedingly good-looking. It was just that he was a guy and after all human. Knowing he would in all probability stare made him feel like he was evil; therefore he was thankful he wouldn´t have the opportunity.

Jamie had hoped to match up with Caitlin, but Matt Hallowell asked her first and she didn´t have the heart to turn him down. Caitlin ended up opposite Harry and she was petrified.

Today would be Caitlin´s first Defense against the Dark Arts class so she hadn´t met Professor Potter up until now. They introduced themselves, but that was the extent of their chat. They just went about their exercises in quiet except for Harry giving instruction where necessary. When they finally reached sit-ups Caitlin couldn´t believe she was actually touching Harry Potter, the boy who lived and the teenager that along with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley had defeated Lord Voldemort. His history plus the fact that he was extremely attractive made her hands begin to sweat. Oh my God! He´s actually going to touch me next. He´s going to put his hands on my skinny, bony legs.

As Caitlin started her sit-ups Harry couldn´t help but consider how different she was from the girl he worked with yesterday; the girl who reminded him so much of the lady he loved, but would never have.

Caitlin was a petite blonde. She had a good-looking face, but her body was definitely that of a little girl. Caitlin had worn a little short tee shirt, which exposed her flat stomach. She didn´t bother wearing a bra because her chest was as flat as her stomach.

As Harry watched her reach number twenty-five in her sit-ups, he reflected to himself. It´s amazing what happens to a girl between the ages of eleven and fifteen. He thought back to Hermione and how when he met her she was a flat chested, scrawny little girl just like Caitlin. He smiled as he realized that back then he never even thought of Hermione as a girl. She was just his best friend that happened to wear skirts. I didn´t even notice she had developed breasts until the night of the Yule Ball when she wore that dress. She looked so dazzling. Ron and I both feel in love with our best friend that night.

Harry´s eyes fell down to Caitlin´s twig like legs as he thought of Hermione fine-looking legs. He remembered how when they were a couple he would stroke those legs and work his way up to her thighs and then on to....

Harry froze. As he had thought of Hermione legs, his eyes had traveled up Caitlin´s to where they entered her baggy shorts. He hesitated a moment and then turned his head away.

Suddenly Harry mind returned to his body as Caitlin said, "You may let go now Professor. That´s all I can do."

As everyone stood and listened to Hermione give the same instructions about running as she gave the previous day; Harry was deep in thought. Am I turning into a pervert? I was just staring at a little girl. Okay, I was staring at her but I was thinking of Hermione. I´m okay. I´m okay. I´m not sick, but what the hell goes with these girls? Did all the knickers factories go out of business whiles I was living in the muggle world.

Two days, two girls without knickers. Maybe I better play it safe and exercise with Draco tomorrow. Suddenly Harry had a horrible vision and quickly decided he would take his chances and stick with girls as partners.

* * * * * *

As Jamie, Alex and Amanada entered the Great Hall for dinner, Caitlin got out of her seat and hurried over to Jamie. "May I speak with you a minute?"

"Sure. Alex, Amanda, save me a seat; I´ll be right back. What´s up Caitlin?"

Caitlin looked about to make sure no one was listening and then in a soft voice said. "Jamie, I tried it today. I don´t have any knickers on."

Jamie smiled at the younger girl. "You know I´m beginning to think you are serious about wanting to give naturism a try. How did it go? How does it feel?"

"Well," Caitlin explained, "At first I was very nervous and felt I was doing something ghastly. Even though I had my robes on I was self-conscious how I sat. After awhile the nervousness wore off and I realized that no one knew I didn´t have any knickers on. That´s when I started to feel the benefits. My knickers always seemed to be so tight and ride up; it bothered me. I used to feel like I wanted to pull them away, but couldn´t. Today I felt so comfortable. The best part was when we went outside for Care of Magical Creatures. It was warm out, and the robes were hot, but there was a breeze blowing. It went right up my skirt and it felt so pleasant. I felt so much cleaner; not sweaty down there; it was great I didn´t have knickers on all day and not one person was aware of it."

"It is a great feeling. Now you know why I never wear them. Going nude, however, is a much bigger step then going without under clothing. People might not realize you don´t have knickers on, but they will certainly know when your naked."

"I know, but I really want to try it. I know I´ll be okay with just you, but I´m not sure about the other girls."

"My dorm mates said it okay for you to be nude there, although they did tease me about starting my own nudist camp. Hey, by the way, how did you get all the Gryffindor´s to come running this morning?"

"It was simple. I just told them you would be there and that Professor Granger was in charge. They all love you and think Professor Granger is really nice. Are you and the professor related? You look so much alike."

"No, do you really think we look alike? She´s so attractive."

"You could easily pass for sisters. I have to get back to my friends. I just wanted you to know that I´m chucking all my knickers in the trash."

Jamie smiled as Caitlin ran back to her friends.

* * * * * *

Harry was frustrated when he entered the great hall to see that the chairs on either side of Hermione were taken. He wanted to talk to her about Ron´s discharge from Azkaban, but it seemed she was forever with Severus, Draco or Neville. Something is going on between Hermione and one of those blokes, but I´ll be blasted if I can figure out which one. Looks like I´m eating another meal with Ginny and Sybil.

Harry suffered through yet another conversation about tealeaves and Tarot cards. He didn´t know how many more meals he could handle sitting next to these two ridiculous women. I must have been crazy. What did I ever see in Ginny Weasley? Finally after desert was completed, he excused himself almost immediately when he saw that Hermione was getting ready to depart.

"Hermione!" Harry called as he rushed over to catch up with her. "Do you have a few moments? There´s something I´d like to discuss with you."

"Sure, why don´t you walk me back to my quarters. Crookshanks will be waiting for his dinner."

As they left the great hall four pair of eyes watched their departure. None of the faces attached to those eyes looked very happy.

Harry knew he had to discuss this with Hermione, but he didn´t know quite how to start. "I received an owl from Fred and George today."

"How are they? It´s been ages since I´ve seen either of them."

"Oh! They are fine. They wrote me about Ron. Did you know he was getting out of Azkaban next Wednesday?"

Hermione face grew pale. "Ginny mentioned it on the train ride. I understand he is going to run their Hogsmeade store."

"That´s correct. He gets out on the tenth, but that is a full moon. He´s going to stay at the Burrow with George and Fred and then start at the store on the fifteenth. Herm, how do you feel about Ron and his living here in Hogsmeade?"

Hermione looked at Harry angrily and responded sharply. "If you´re asking whether I am going to go running back to his arms. The answer is no."

"Please don´t become irritated. Fred and George wanted me to talk to you, but if it upsets you, I won´t. I´ve missed you too much to risk losing our friendship again over this."

Hermione realize she was taking her anger out on the wrong person. "I´m sorry, Harry. I didn´t mean to yell at you. I don´t want to lose you again either. It´s just that Ron treated me so rotten. He never called. He never even bothered to break up with me. He just started sleeping with every girl that threw her knickers in his direction. You at least had the decency to leave me a note. He treated me as if I no longer mattered or even existed."

Girls threw knickers at Ron. "So they still do make knickers?"

"Of course, they still make knickers." Hermione looked at Harry as if he had lost his mind. "What made you ask such a bizarre question?"

"Its not important, just something strange that happened." Harry quickly changed the topic back to Ron. "Fred and George hope that I will sort of keep an eye on Ron. I thought I would get together with him for dinner his first night here. Under the circumstances I wouldn´t imagine you have any desire to go with me."

Their exchange had brought them to Hermione´s quarters. "I´m not sure Harry. Up until Saturday when you suddenly popped back into my life I would have said definitely not. Now I just don´t know. Would you like to come in for a drink and to finish our talk?"

"Are you sure?"

"Of course, Harry. We´re just talking, it´s not like I´m inviting you in for sex. Although I certainly wish I were.

Harry´s face blushed at the mention of sex. I know you´re not. That only happens in my dreams. "If you´re sure no one will talk about you for having me in your room?"

"Harry, I don´t worry about gossip. I know who I´ve done what with and its no one else´s business." She did an unlocking charm and they walked into her lodgings. "Let me feed Crookshanks and get us something to drink. Have a seat."

Harry looked around the spacious room. Hermione´s quarters seemed much larger than his. It seemed like hers were designed for a married Professor with a family. In a few moments Hermione returned with some ice-cold butter beer.

Harry took a sip. "It´s been a long time since I had one of these. I forgot how good they tasted."

"Harry were you in the muggle world the entire five years? What did you do to support yourself?"

Harry face reddened. "Yes, I was a muggle for five years. Left my wand with Sirius. Five years with no magic." It was five lonely years without your beautiful face. You can´t possibly imagine how much I´ve missed you. "I tried getting a lot of different jobs, but without a muggle education I was turned down. What we teach at Hogwarts doesn´t lend itself well to securing employment in the muggle world."

"I never thought about it much, but you´re right. A Hogwarts education is useless in the muggle world. What did you do?"

"Does the phrase, `Would you like fries with that´, ring a bell?"

"Oh! Harry. You spent five years selling hamburgers."

"That and equally glamorous jobs. The last year I worked doing landscaping. That I actually enjoyed."

Hermione smiled. "I remember you were doing that the summer after our forth year when I came to live with you at the Dursley´s. That was both a horrible and a wonderful summer. I miss those days." I wish we had stayed a couple. Maybe we´d be married with children now. "Harry I missed our friendship so much. The three of us had something wonderful, something special. How could we let it slip away?"

Harry looked at her, his heart breaking because he loved her so much. "You didn´t let it slip away. Ron and I were stupid and threw it away. We both walked out on you and I´ll never forgive myself for that."

"But I forgive you Harry." Hermione leaned over and gave him a brief kiss on the cheek. "I´d like to forgive Ron too, but he has to make the first step. As much as I want us to all be best friends again, I do have pride. I´m not asking him to crawl back, just admit he treated me poorly."

"I understand."

They spent the next two hours reliving the wonderful times they had in their youth. Finally Harry said, "This was fun Hermione. I really enjoyed being with you and reminiscing about our school days. Maybe we can do it again?"

Hermione gave Harry a big smile. " I had a nice time, too. Butter beer tastes so much better when you share it with a wonderful friend." What I´d really like to share with you is my bed. If only you loved me half as much as I love you.

When they reached the door Hermione gave Harry a hug, which he returned. "I´ve really missed you Harry."

"I´ve missed you, too." He gave her a light kiss on the cheek. "See you bright and early in the morning." As Harry walked back to his room he remembered the times Hermione and him had slept together during their fifth year. If only I could hold her and be with her like that again.

* * * * * *

Saturday, September 13, 2003 9:00 AM

"Great One, the Weasel was released from Azkaban on the 10th. He is moving to Hogsmeade. What if the friendship between him and Granger and Potter is reestablished? If the Great Lord Voldemort was unable to defeat the Covenant of three, what chance will we have?"

"Voldemort was a fool to take on all three. What is that trite muggle phrase? `United we stand, divided we fall.´ We will divide them. The pigeon will either see the light and join us or die before we see the start of a new year."

* * * * * *

Saturday, September 13, 2003 1:00 PM

"We´ll be in the library till about three o´clock. Don´t do anything I wouldn´t do." Amanada giggled as she and the other Gryffindor fifth years got up from the lunch table and left the Great Hall.

Jamie glanced at Caitlin who looked extremely uneasy. "Caitlin, you don´t have to do this. I´ll definitely still be your friend. Maybe we should give it some more time?"

"No, no. Jamie I want to do it. I´m excited about it. Actually I´ve been looking forward to it. It´s just that...."

"Just that what?

"Its just that you´re so pretty and have such a great body and I´m so skinny and my chest looks like a piece of cardboard with two nipples pasted on it. You won´t laugh at me will you?"

"I would never laugh at you. True naturists look past the physical body and at the person inside. Being a nudist isn´t about checking people out and comparing bodies. Physical appearance and sex are not a part on being a naturist. We feel that nudity is just another aspect of the lives of very normal people. A desire to be naked is not perverse or wrong but a perfectly natural feeling that one should not feel ashamed to explore."

Caitlin still looked nervous, but as her blue eyes looked directly into Jamie´s green eyes she said. "We´re wasting time. Lets go get naked."

Jamie had to remind Caitlin that she was a prefect and not allowed to run back to Gryffindor Tower. They quickly gave the password to the fat lady and rushed through the common room to the fifth year girl dorm. Once inside Caitlin looked at Jamie as if seeking instructions, but Jamie was already pulling her sweater over her head exposing her beautiful chest. Next she slipped off her mini skirt and sat down on her bed to take off her shoes and socks.

Jamie was out of her clothes so fast it caught Caitlin off guard; she was still totally dressed. She sat down on the bed next to Jamie and took off her sneakers and socks. Next she stood up and took a deep breath. "Well here goes nothing. I mean that literally." She slipped her sweatshirt over her head and without looking to see Jamie´s reaction opened her jeans and left them slip to her knees. After sitting on the bed to slide the jeans off her feet, she stood up and shook her head. "I can´t believe I´ve done this. I´ve never been naked in front of anyone in my entire life and here I stand butt naked in front of you and it doesn´t even feel weird. It actually feels natural."

"That´s why we´re called naturists. Are you ready to go for a walk outside?"

Caitlin looked at Jamie with an expression of horror on her face. "Outside, we can´t go outside like this. We´d get expelled."

Jamie looked at Caitlin and smiled. "No, you´re correct we can´t because the world says that would be perverted and we probably would be expelled. Being nude inside is nothing like the experience of being with nature. I love it."

"What was it like for you being naked outside for the first time?"

"Actually I don´t have any idea. Growing up as a nudist, most of our vacations were to places where we could be nude. I can´t remember my first time nude outside. I can, however, remember the first time I went hiking nude near home."

"But you told me most of your neighbours were muggles and that none of them were nudists." How could you hike outside nude?"

"It´s a long story. I have some nice cold butter beer. Let´s each grab one and I´ll tell you all about it.

"I imagine that by know you´ve realized that I´m kind of an addict when it comes to exercise. I´ve been running since I was ten. The story I´m about to tell you took place when I was twelve during summer break.

"The route I often run takes me outside of town into the country. About a mile and a half out of town is a pasture with a creek that zigzags through it heading mostly straight away from the road. There are lots of trees along this creek and I sometimes take a break from running on my way back to town and go into this secluded area for some nude sunbathing. I hadn´t really planned to do that on that day because I had so much to do, but the weather was good for it (partly cloudy and the temp was up around 75) and well, I just couldn´t resist the urge to indulge my nudist proclivities for a little while.

"I climbed over the gate and headed back along the creek through the trees to where I was out of sight from the road. All the while I´d been thinking about how some people that I´d read about in situations such as this are so bold that they venture out nude a long, long way leaving their clothes behind. But I had never done that. If I was just sunbathing, my clothes were always near by - only a few feet away. And if I was exploring (never very far), I always carried enough clothes for a quick cover-up (sports bra and running shorts). I thought that I would feel way too vulnerable if I didn´t have my clothes immediately at hand. It´s not that I would be embarrassed to be seen nude, but I had no way of knowing what type of person might see me. Also, I wasn´t quite sure if my parents would take too kindly to me being nude without their protection.

"But that day my confidence was bolstered by the apparent confidence of these others that I had read about. That, combined with the fact that I felt I was in a very low risk area (private land and I´d never seen anyone out here), I decided that it was time for me to take action in becoming bolder - that it was time for me to venture out a ways and leave my clothes behind.

"I went to my hidey place down by the creek and peeled off my sweaty clothes like I always do. But this time I left everything hidden there. I stepped out and started to walk on down through the trees along the creek. The new spring grass felt so good under my bare feet and the breeze felt so good blowing over me and through my hair. But I was scared! Really scared!! In order to not give in to my fear, I told myself to just keep moving and don´t stop to think. Besides, I could turn around and run back anytime I wanted. So I just kept walking and watching to see if anyone appeared (very unlikely) and planning escape routes (there were plenty of places to hide).

"Before I knew it, I had reached the farthest point in the pasture that I had ever been. So far, so good, I was probably about a quarter of a mile from my clothes by now. But instead of turning back, I decided to go a little farther and explore some new territory even though I was still very scared. (Keep moving! Don´t think!)

"There were fewer trees now and they were in little groves along the creek with open areas in between. Am I bold enough to cross that wide-open area? There was absolutely no cover for me between where I was and the next grove of trees. I looked around and then ran for it. When I got there, I looked back and realized that was no big deal. Then I looked out into the next clearing and thought that I may as well go for the next one. That led to the next and the next! When I came to a fence I realized that I had completely crossed this part of the pasture and that all my clothes were back on the other side about a half-mile away (I´m guessing). What a feeling of freedom!

"I wasn´t about to cross that fence (rusty old barbwire), but on down the fence about a hundred yards (another guess), it turned a corner. That corner post would be a good end point for my daring adventure, but it was way out in the open and more visible than any place I had been so far. Am I bold enough? (Keep moving! Don´t think!) I jogged along the fence getting farther and farther from the tree cover. When I reached the corner post, I stopped and put my hand on the top of it like I was claiming it as mine. Actually, it represented an accomplishment - a victory over fear - that was mine.

"I stood there beside that post for a moment or so reveling in my feelings - feeling the grass, the wind, the warmth of the sunshine that had just come out, and the openness of the grassy hills surrounding me. I tried to picture in my mind what I must look like standing there in the open like that -just me as nature intended - not even a scrunchie in my hair. At that point a certain feeling of confidence came over me. I´ve always enjoyed being nude, but now I realized that I could be nude outdoors and not just at nudist camps and without the necessity of having clothes near by.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the walk back to my hidey place. It was a lot more leisurely and a lot less fearful.

"I´ve never told my parents about this so you keep hushed when you meet them."

"Wow! I realized you went naked at nudists camps and at home, but I didn´t realize you did it places where you could possibly get in trouble." Caitlin was still taking in everything Jamie had told her while answering.

"That is what is irritating about being a nudist. Who was I hurting by walking in that field naked; yet I could be arrested for it."

Suddenly the door to the dorm opened. Was it past three o´clock already? Jamie had lost track of the time. Her intention was to warn Caitlin when it was three so that she could get dressed if she preferred before the other girls returned. They were here and Caitlin was still nude.

As Amanada and the other girls entered the room Caitlin jumped to her feet. Jamie thought it was to put her clothes on, but instead she ran over to Amanda and gave her a hug. "I did it! I did it! Look at me! I´m naked and not the least bit embarrassed."

"Gee! I would have never noticed." Amanda smiled as she glanced at Jamie and shook her head.

"Caitlin, suppose you get us four of those butter beers and we´ll teach you how to do a cooling charm on them," Susan suggested.

"I have an idea!" Lisa announced. "Let´s play a game of Wizard Monopoly."

"Great idea. Are we going to play on the bed or go down to the common room?" Mandy looked at Jamie and Caitlin´s faces. "Okay its settled we play here since the common room doesn´t allow nudists."

Caitlin asked, "Can I be banker?"

"Sounds like a great idea!" Amanada exclaimed. "You´d have a difficult time concealing money. Oh! Jamie please this time don´t knock the playing pieces off the board with your 56 EEEEEs."

Jamie punched Amanda in the arm.

As the other girls were setting up the board Caitlin went over to Jamie and whispered in her ear, "You have great friends."

"I know I´m very lucky. I especially like my new friend. We have something special in common. We´re both nudist." Jamie put her arm around Caitlin.

"Jamie can I ask you another question?"

Unfortunately Amanda heard this. "Quiet everyone, Caitlin has a question for Jamie and believe me she asks the best questions."

Caitlin wasn´t sure what to do so she looked at Jamie for guidance. Jamie nodded for her to go ahead with her question. The other girls all gathered around in anticipation. "You said you never wear any knickers, but yet you wear mini skirts. Aren´t you concerned you will give a show?"

The other girl looked back and forth at each other. They wanted to hear the answer to this question, too. "I prefer skirts to jeans for the same reason that I don´t wear knickers. I like the freedom. I like the feel of the air on my vagina. I try to bend and lean properly so that I´m not exposing myself, but if someone should see me, I don´t think of it as that big a deal. After all if I had my rathers, they´d be seeing all of me naked. Usually if a person sees that part of me, it´s just a quick glance and they think they are mistaken."

"You mean like Alex before Trelawney´s class two years ago?" Amanda laughed.

"That was an unusual circumstance. I´m glad it wasn´t someone like Dick Bancroft or I never would have heard the end of it."

"What happened?" Caitlin asked.

"It was June of our 3rd year. The temperature was predicted to be in the high nineties, so I had worn as little as possible under my robes. I had on a thin mesh white half tee that barely covered my breasts and the shortest mini I owned. Still I was dying through most of the day, as was everyone else. You can´t believe how hot those black robes can get. We had Divinations with Trelawney the last period and her class is held in the North Tower. You have to climb a silvery ladder to get to it and the room is normally hot because of all the candles she burns. We hadn´t even reached the ladder and every one was complaining how hot they were. I could feel that my tee was completely soaked."

"When we reached the bottom of the ladder Professor Trelawney yelled down for us to take off our robes and leave them at the bottom of the ladder because the temperature was well over 100 degrees in her room. I was concerned what type of reaction I would get as I dropped my robes. No one said a word, but Amanda told me later that I might as well have taken the tee off too because there was no mystery, it was totally transparent."

"Now Alex and Amanda are used to seeing me naked so they told me that I should go up the ladder first and they would cover my flank."

Caitlin stopped Jamie for verification. "Alex has seen you naked? Is he a naturist?"

"Alex a naturist! Not hardly. I think he takes a shower with his clothes on, but he´s been cool about me being nude every since he found out in first year. He´s seen me naked dozens of times. Anyway I started up the ladder with Alex behind me, followed by Amanda. Now Alex, of course, was being the perfect gentleman by looking straight ahead and not up my skirt until I asked him a question and he automatically looked up as I was lifting my right leg to the next step of the ladder. He later told me that he could have easily given me a gynecological exam."

Caitlin turned red. "You mean he saw up inside you. That must have embarrassed you."

"Why should it? It´s just another part of my body. Guys have their sex organ out on display. Girls have theirs inside. I don´t feel it´s a big deal."

Caitlin nodded her head, obviously now in agreement with what Jamie had said.

"How did Professor Trelawney handle you being virtually topless?"

"That was one of the biggest surprises of my life. I thought she would send me out of the tower or give me detention. I know Professor Granger would have. Trelawney just looked at me and smiled. Then she commented that thanks to me she wouldn´t have to worry about any of the boys closing their eyes in class today."

What with Jamie´s stories and the Monopoly game the balance of the afternoon passed quickly and it was soon 5:50. "Oh goodness, I promised to meet Matt and Randy for the evening meal. I have to go." Caitlin jumped up and headed for the door, but realized she had forgotten to thank Jamie and the other girls for a wonderful afternoon. "Thanks for everything. I really had a wonderful time. I hope you´ll let me come again."

Caitlin opened the door and was ready to step out of the room when Jamie yelled to her. "Caitlin, don´t you want these?" Jamie was holding Caitlin´s jeans and sweatshirt and the other girls were breaking up with laughter.

Caitlin turned fifty shades of red as Jamie walked over to the door with her clothes and sneakers. "I was here first young lady. If anyone is going to streak the common room it´s going to be me." They both hugged. "That would have been one meal that Matt and Randy would have never forgotten."

"Jamie I had a wonderful time. Do you think we can do this again? Maybe Alex could come?"

Jamie couldn´t believe her ears. "Maybe you´re rushing things just a little, after all this was just your first time nude. Doing it in front of a boy, even one as nice and understanding as Alex is a big step."

Caitlin face was flooded with disappointment. "Don´t you think I did good?"

"Actually I´ve never seen a first timer take to it like you. You were so comfortable being naked that you completely forgot about it. If I hadn´t stopped you, you would have actually walked into the common room starkers; you were that relaxed." Jamie watched Caitlin as she quickly dressed. "Okay, I think it´s too soon, but I´ll ask Alex. The final decision is his. After all he´s the one that will need the cold shower."

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