Harry Potter and the Daemon Sidhe


Story Summary:
In the aftermath of the events of the Ministry, Harry is in dire need of help. That help arrives in the form of six mysterious people, along with his friends and even foes, who give him the strength and support he will need to defeat Voldemort. Written post-OotP but will take some factors of HBP into account.

Chapter 18 - 18

Chapter Summary:
Gwydion and Harry take some action regarding Severus' Dark Mark and the Daemon Sidhe finally make an appearance at Hogwarts. Transformations abound.

Chapter 18

Their lessons in Dreamtime that night started off as normal and Harry could barely hold his patience through his lessons with Kolos. The moment he arrived in Gwydion's workroom he rushed to explain about Severus' Dark Mark and what he'd found out about it. Gwydion looked startled at first then concerned.

"What does Severus do right now?" he asked urgently.

"Um, he has free time now, I think," Harry replied after some thought.

Gwydion nodded and frowned. A moment later Severus walked through the door of the workroom, looking grim and slightly apprehensive.

"He has told you," Severus said bluntly.

Gwydion nodded. "Yes, and he's right to be concerned. I think we need to get that thing off you as soon as possible. I'll need to take a look at it though. It may have to wait until we are corporeal."

Severus nodded stiffly and sat on the extra stool Gwydion conjured. He then unbuttoned his sleeve and rolled it up, revealing the Dark Mark.

"Ugly looking thing," Gwydion said absently as he walked over and placed a finger on top of it. Severus flinched slightly at that then relaxed a fraction when the wizard merely closed his eyes in concentration. After several minutes he opened his eyes, removed his finger from the Mark and sat down again.

"Very nasty," he said soberly. "And those tendrils that lead off from it." He shook his head then looked at Harry. "I think between the two of us we should be able to remove it tonight. Do you remember what I taught you about the manipulation of magical energy?"

Harry nodded though he looked worried. "Yes but I didn't want to try it on my own. Particularly with those strands around Severus' heart and brain."

"Yes, they'll require a delicate touch," Gwydion said. "Severus, are you willing for us to do this?"

The Potions Master nodded. "Yes."

Gwydion conjured a comfortable couch along with two chairs. "It might be best if you were lying down for this. You may feel dizzy and I don't want you falling off that stool."

Severus stood and lay down on the couch, all but radiating nervous tension. Both Harry and Gwydion studiously ignored this, knowing that drawing attention to it would only result in the other man snapping at them. Gwydion waved Harry into one of the chairs.

"Now, Harry, place one hand on top of the Mark," Gwydion instructed and then placed his hand over Harry's.

We'll continue on like this, Gwydion said in both Harry and Severus' minds. It'll be easier. Now, Harry, reach down into the Mark. We'll start by removing the protection spells and runes. That'll make it easier to work with the Mark. Do you remember how to do that?

Yes, Harry said determinedly then he slowly slid his magic past the initial protection spells on the Mark.

Once he had done that he stopped and delicately teased them to the surface of the mass of magic that was the Mark.

There are three of them, he said absently to the two men. I think I'll start with the easiest first.

With that he pulled the most basic protection spell to the top and examined it. Once he was sure he knew its composition, he began to pick at the weft of the spell, gradually unravelling it and absorbing the magical energy. Once he was finished he felt Gwydion's approval and Severus' interest and growing respect.

Well done! Gwydion congratulated him. Very deft. I think we'd best create the shunt between the two of us. Some of the larger spells contain a fair bit of contained energy.

Harry nodded and reached out his mental 'hand' to Gwydion. The older wizard deftly wove the shunt that would allow him to drain magical energy from Harry and then gestured for his king to continue. Harry nodded and pulled the second of the protections forward. This one was a rune and he gently turned it over a few times before he began picking at the structure of the rune.

I'm going to alter this to a lesser protection rune first, he explained absently as he worked. Then I should be able to dissolve it more easily.

Very good, Gwydion said approvingly.

Harry pushed at some parts of the rune and removed others in a deft manipulation that both men approved of. Finally the rune glowed and settled into its new form. Harry then took the rune in his mental 'hands' again and brought his magic to bear on it. The rune, being greatly reduced from what it was, succumbed without too much resistance and faded out of existence.

One more, Harry said with a deep breath as he started to examine the final protective spell. Oh, this is the one that causes pain when it's triggered.

He gently began to pick at the fabric of the spell, quickly catching the magical energy that began to flow and diverting it down the shunt. He felt Severus wince as some of the energy backlashed within him.

Sorry, sir, he said hastily. There's no way of avoiding that. It won't last long, I promise.

Get on with it, Severus said, his mental tone tight and tense.

Harry nodded and sped up his work as much as he dared. Finally the fabric of the spell frayed completely and he jumped to direct the outburst of energy into himself and through the shunt to Gwydion. Severus was then able to relax as the pain ebbed.

Very well done, Harry, Gwydion said proudly. You've come a long way in a very short time.

Harry smiled. Thanks.

Now let's work on those tendrils, Gwydion said briskly. It's going to take the two of us. I'll do this part. What I want you to do is be an extra set of hands for me. Don't worry, you'll know what to do.

Harry nodded nervously and Gwydion took the lead. He gently followed the set of tendrils that led to Severus brain and felt around them carefully.

Alright, Severus, Gwydion said firmly. Whatever happens, do not move. Do not use your magic. I know this not something you are comfortable with but you must remain absolutely still.

Severus hesitated for a long moment then nodded. Very well. I am prepared to do a great deal to be rid of the Mark. Do it.

Gwydion nodded and took the tendril in his mental 'hands'. He quickly teased it apart and Harry realised that the tendril was actually composed of many smaller tendrils. Gwydion pulled one of these smaller tendrils out of the grouping and 'handed' the rest to Harry.

Now, Harry, what I want you to do is hand me a new tendril every time I finish with one, Gwydion said and Harry nodded.

Gwydion turned his concentration back to the tendril he held. He paused for a moment then seemed to almost break the tendril open. He grabbed at the energy that flowed out of the rupture and absorbed it within himself.

This is something you would not be able to do, Harry, Gwydion said absently. I am feeding the energy straight into the Void through me. I can do this because of what I am.

Gwydion continued until all of the energy in the tendril was gone then he dropped it and held out a mental hand. Harry fumbled momentarily then swiftly handed another tendril to the older wizard. They continued this until all of the tendrils had been emptied of energy. Gwydion gathered up the empty tendrils and braced himself.

Severus, do not move, he warned then he yanked on the tendrils.

As Harry watched the tendrils ripped free of the Dark Mark and were reabsorbed into Severus' body. Gwydion looked carefully around until he was sure that there were no more of the tendrils then he relaxed.

That's that part done, he said with satisfaction. Let's get on with it.

Harry nodded and they moved to the tendrils around the Potion Master's heart and repeated the process. They then moved onto the set wrapped around Severus' genitals.

Why would he put a set here? Harry asked with bafflement as they repeated the process again.

The Dar...Voldemort has always preferred to control as many aspects of his followers lives as possible, Severus said uncomfortably. In my case, it was not to control procreation but to ensure I did not get...diverted from what he wanted of me.

That's...bizarre, Harry said as he shook his head and handed another tendril to Gwydion.

Not really, Gwydion said absently. If you look at the actions of any of the great dictators throughout history, both muggle and magical, one thing they all have in common is that they tended to issue edicts regarding their followers' personal lives. You can't marry this kind of person, you can only have one child, you must live in this way. Control. That's what they're after.

It's still bizarre, Harry said.

Gwydion chuckled as he yanked this set of empty tendrils out of the Mark. That it is. Now for the Mark itself.

He and Harry moved their attention back to the Dark Mark on Severus' forearm and examined it.

It's faded a lot, magically speaking, Harry said with pleasure.

Yes and we should be able to remove it with relative ease, Gwydion agreed. Severus, this is likely to get rather ugly for you. The Mark is not going to want to let you go that easily. Brace yourself.

Severus nodded and visibly prepared himself. Go ahead, he said with what was admirable calm under the circumstances.

Gwydion gave him an approving look. Harry, we're going to have to do this as quickly as possible. I'll start on this side; you take the other. Unravel the fabric of the Mark just as you did the protection spells. But no matter what happens, do not stop.

Harry swallowed and nodded grimly. He moved to the opposite side of the Mark from Gwydion and waited.

Now, the older wizard said sharply and the two of them began unravelling the fabric of the magic of the Mark. At first it seemed they were going to have an easy time of it but then the Mark seemed to almost writhe under their mental hands and they gripped it hard to continue their work. As they did the energy backlashed into Severus and he screamed in pain. Harry chewed on his lip and focussed his attention on the Mark. He did not dare look at Severus and he certainly did not want to think of the kind of pain it would take to make this man scream. He continued to pick at the magic of the Mark with an almost maniacal intensity and was startled when Gwydion suddenly gave a shout of triumph.

Ha! the older wizard yelled. That's got it!

As Harry watched, their unravelling reached a critical point and the Mark began to dissolve by itself. With one final backlash, it disappeared and a black smoky version of it floated above Severus' arm for a moment before dispersing. Harry sat back on his haunches, suddenly aware of his exhaustion and he looked at the Potions Master.

Severus was breathing hard and there was blood on his lower lip where he had bitten right through it. He was shuddering with the last lingering remnants of the pain but his forearm was now unblemished. He gazed down at it in near disbelief and shakily ran his other hand over the pale skin.

"It's gone," he whispered.

Gwydion looked at Severus' forearm with satisfaction. "Yes, it is."

All three men gave a start when a voice spoke behind them.

"Um, is everything alright?" Neville asked nervously.

Harry looked down at his wristwatch with surprise. He hadn't realised how long it had taken them to do this. Neville shared his second hour of magical training with Gwydion.

"Yes," Gwydion said reassuringly as he stood. He pointed towards a door in one wall. "Just go through there, Neville. I'll join you in a minute."

Neville nodded and headed out of the workroom.

"You two rest for a moment," Gwydion said. "Harry, you'll no doubt find that you're exhausted now. And Severus, I don't want to see you on your feet until I come back. You need to recover a bit."

Both Harry and Severus nodded and Harry collapsed onto the couch Gwydion conjured for him before disappearing through the door Neville had walked through.

"Thank you," Severus said quietly.

Harry removed his glasses and placed them on the floor next to the couch. "You're welcome," he replied as he flung an arm over his eyes. "It seemed the least I could do for all the times you've saved my arse."

The two men were quiet and Harry had even managed to drop off into a light doze when Gwydion and Neville returned. Gwydion crouched down beside Harry and shook him gently.

"Wake up, Harry," he said gently. "Time for your next lesson."

Harry slowly opened his eyes and took his glasses when Gwydion handed them to him. Harry grumbled as he put his glasses on and stood up. He gave Severus a questioning look and received a nod in return. He paused for a moment then headed out for his lessons with Asa.

As he left he heard Gwydion saying to Severus, "Come, Severus. Let's see what effect removing the Mark has had on your magic."


Just before they left Dreamtime, Gwydion and Devante spoke to Harry and informed him that they would become corporeal during the evening and that they would use Harry as their focus point. Harry grinned back at them as said he would make sure he was in the rooms Dumbledore had arranged for them and not the Great Hall. The result of this was Harry and his friends being somewhat distracted during their classes that day to the point where a number of the teachers snapped at them. They were all relieved when the day was over and they gathered in the Daemon Sidhe's rooms.

The rooms consisted of a large common room with a number of doors leading off from it. Two led down to corridors of bedrooms - three off each corridor with a common bathroom in each corridor. Another door led off to a corridor that in turn led to workrooms for each member of the Daemon Sidhe. A third door led to a small kitchen for their use, if needed.

Harry and his court sat around the common room and talked quietly among themselves. They were all excited and a little nervous. Even Severus was far more animated than usual. Though he was still in some pain from the scars from the cutting curses, the freedom from his Dark Mark was sinking in and seemed to be doing him a lot of good. Harry and Hermione had noticed during Potions that day that Severus had been much less nasty. He had still been strict, potions could be a dangerous subject after all, but he had refrained from obvious bias towards Slytherin. Draco had not been pleased.

Just after six pm, magic grew in the room until it became almost oppressive. It built up to the point where they almost wanted to scream then it suddenly vanished and the Daemon Sidhe stood in the centre of the room. The six looked around curiously and grinned at Harry and his friends.

"Welcome to Hogwarts," Harry said.

"Thank you," Devante said as he and the rest of Daemon Sidhe started wandering around the room. "This is very nice."

"Professor Dumbledore was very generous," Harry replied.

"We'll have to thank him," Malini said as she poked her head through one of the doors then walked through to explore.

Harry and his court waited while the Daemon Sidhe explored their new quarters and then returned to the common room. They took seats in various armchairs and couches and settled themselves in.

"So what now?" Harry asked.

The Daemon Sidhe did not answer; their gazes were fixed on Severus' face. Harry drew in a breath as he realised that Severus' scars had not been there when they were in Dreamtime the previous night.

"What happened to you, Severus?" Asa asked, horrified.

Harry and his court exchanged glances. "Uh, that's why we missed out on Dreamtime the other night," Harry said slowly.

The Daemon Sidhe had agreed that their use of Dreamtime would be 'catch as catch can' when they went to school due to the fact that Harry and the others could never truly determine what was going to happen to them. There might be Quidditch accidents, explosions in Potions or whatever. Therefore the Daemon Sidhe had not been worried when they had not turned up in Dreamtime the night that Severus and Harry were recovering.

Severus slowly explained what happened to him at the hands of Voldemort then Harry picked up the story to explain what had happened on his side of things. At the end of this recitation the Daemon Sidhe looked angry and determined.

"I'm glad we removed that damn thing from your arm, Severus," Gwydion said fervently.

Kolos stared at Harry intently. "You still felt that through the link? Despite the Occlumency?"

"Yes," Harry replied. "But that's the first one since I started learning Occlumency from you. I think it might have had something to do with the fact I'm linked to Severus as well as the fact that Voldemort was really angry."

"That could be true," Kolos mused. "I'll do some research."

"We should bring our libraries through first thing," Gwydion said to the rest of the Daemon Sidhe and the others nodded.

"What's going to happen to our training?" Harry asked. "Are we still going to use Dreamtime?"

"No," Devante replied. "We'll move the training fully to the real world. We thought it might be best to work it around your current classes with some evening work. How will that go for all of you?"

Harry exchanged looks with his friends and they all pulled their timetables out. Kolos chuckled and conjured some parchment, ink and quills and they all settled down to work out some schedules that would work in with their classes. Remus and Severus leant forward to contribute to the discussion while Sirius moved over to one side and summoned a house elf to arrange for dinner to be delivered.

It took nearly two hours to sort the schedules out to everyone's satisfaction and Harry and the other students shoved their new timetables back into their bags with resigned looks. In between their normal classes, their lessons with the Daemon Sidhe and Quidditch, there wasn't going to be much in the way of spare time.

"Well, since that didn't take as long as we thought it might, how about a quick lesson tonight? For all of you?" Gwydion asked cheerfully, garnering groans from the students.

"I'd say yes," Malini said slyly. "I think you'll like this one."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "What did you have in mind?"

"Would you like to be able to transform into one of your animal symbols?" Gwydion replied with a grin.

Everyone sat up, suddenly alert and interested.

"Really?" Ron said then he frowned. "Just one?"

"We'll start with one tonight," Gwydion replied, still grinning. "You'll find that one form will always be easier to reach than the others but you will be able to change into all three."

Harry and his court exchanged excited looks.

"Where do we start?" Harry asked excitedly.

"First, we'll move into my workroom," Gwydion said as he stood. "Some of you have some large animals as your symbols. We might need the room."

Everyone trooped down the corridor to the workroom Gwydion had claimed as his own. Right now, it was merely a large empty space and Gwydion said this was perfect for their first try at this.

"Alright," he said firmly. "Now this is not like the Animagus transformation that Sirius uses. This is a much more instinctive process, far more internal. Firstly I need you all to sit down and try clear your minds as much as possible. I want you then to concentrate on your animal symbols. One of them should come to the fore quite easily. When it does, I want you to concentrate on that animal and feel yourself becoming that animal. The part of you that makes you part of Harry's court should then take over and complete the transformation. Don't panic when it does, it will feel a little odd. Now try it."

Harry and his court, all except for Sirius, sat down cross-legged on the floor and closed their eyes. They quickly settled into the light trance states that Kolos had been teaching them. Harry found this quite easy due to his Occlumency training and he quickly concentrated on his animal symbols. He wasn't overly surprised when the lion popped into his mind and stayed there. He concentrated on the lion and tried to follow Gwydion's instructions. Just when he felt he wasn't getting anywhere, he felt his body start to flow and twist and his eyes flew open. He jumped when he realised that his vision was a lot lower than normal and that he was standing on all fours. He looked down and saw tawny fur covering large paws then he looked up to find Sirius and the Daemon Sidhe watching him with delight. Gwydion gestured for him to be silent, motioning to the others and Harry sat on his haunches and looked around at his friends.

Severus also fell into the trance state easily and for a moment he revelled in the feel of his now unfettered magic then he turned his concentration on his animal symbols. The raven was the first to float into his mind and he turned his concentration on the bird. After a few moments he felt his body flow and shift and he opened his eyes to find his vision very strange. His field of view was now very wide but he had a disconcerting blind spot in what used to be the centre of his vision. He spread his wings and snapped them back in then he looked around to find himself being watched by Sirius, the Daemon Sidhe and a very large lion whom he assumed to be Harry.

Gwydion wants us to remain silent so that we don't disturb the others, Harry said in his mind.

Very well, Severus replied then he said with amusement, Who do you think will be next?

Remus, Harry replied. Though I wouldn't put it past Hermione to overachieve again.

Severus chuckled and settled in to wait.

Remus took a deep breath as he let himself fall into the trance state and he turned his concentration to his animal symbols. He was very excited about doing this. He'd wanted to be able to do something along these lines ever since James, Sirius and Peter had told him they had learned the animagus transformation. As far as he was concerned, being a werewolf didn't count since he had no control over that. He wasn't overly surprised when the wolf swam into sight and he determinedly concentrated in the animal. He felt himself flow and shift into the new form and marvelled at the lack of pain. He shook himself and looked over to see a large lion and a raven watching him with what he could only call amusement.

Don't make any noise, Remus, Harry said. We don't want to disturb the others.

You look great, Moony, Sirius said with delight.

It didn't hurt at all, Remus said wonderingly.

Hermione settled into the trance state and took a deep breath as she tried to clear her mind. She always found that part hard; to stop thinking about things. Eventually her mind settled and she concentrated on her animal forms. She was surprised to see the fox, or rather vixen, appear in front of her and she almost lost her concentration. She quickly sharpened her concentration on the vixen as it wavered momentarily then felt herself flow and shift. She opened her eyes and was startled to find herself at a much lower level than normal.

Stay calm, Hermione, she heard Harry say in her mind as she opened her mouth. And stay quiet. We don't want to disturb the others.

Okay, she said weakly and shook herself. She sat down and looked around to find a large lion, a raven and a wolf watching her. Oh my!

Neville nervously settled himself on the floor and closed his eyes. It took a few minutes of struggle to get into the right mindset for the trance state but he managed to get there. He felt both nervous and excited about this step. He had some plans for showing his parents; maybe this would shake them out of the almost catatonic state they were in. He shrugged that thought off and concentrated on his animal forms. The bear slowly slid into view and he grinned. He liked the thought of being a bear; a bear was large, mean and formidable. He concentrated hard on the bear and felt himself shift and flow. He opened his eyes and shook himself, feeling pleased with his bulk and the feel of strength in his body. He looked around to find a large lion, a raven, a wolf and a vixen watching him.

Stay quiet, Neville, Harry said in his mind. Don't disturb the others.

Okay, Neville said with quiet delight. This is great!

Harry chuckled and waited for the others.

Luna let herself slip quite calmly into a trance state and then concentrated on stilling her thoughts and shielding her mind. She did not want to have a vision right now and she knew she was more prone to them when she was quiet and not thinking of anything. That was why she constantly filled her mind with the most outlandish things; the more outlandish they were, the more she had to concentrate on remembering the details of them and the less likely she was to See things. As soon as her mind was clear she let herself concentrate on her animal forms and smiled delightedly when a large eagle owl slid into view. She liked that; it was definitely an owl but it was an owl that would be formidable in a fight. No doubt that would be important in the future. She concentrated on the eagle owl and felt herself flow and shift into the form. She opened her eyes and slowly spread her wings before closing them up again. She looked around and saw that she had not been the first to achieve the transformation. There was a large lion, a raven, a wolf, a vixen and a bear watching her. She bobbed her head and settled herself down.

We wait for the others, I gather, she said calmly.

Got it in one, Harry replied with a mental laugh.

Ginny settled into the trance state and then found she was having trouble clearing her mind. She knew her animal form would be at least in part influenced by Harry's. Her animal forms were counterparts to his. She wondered briefly whether they would take pairing forms in this first effort and part of her hoped they would. She growled to herself and resolutely cleared her mind, setting her concentration towards her animal forms. For a long time nothing happened then a large lioness drifted into her mind. She smiled with delight; she had been hoping for that one. She liked the idea of being something that formidable and the image of herself and Harry as the lion taking on the Death Eaters came to mind. She quickly dismissed it and concentrated on the lioness and felt herself shift and flow into the form. She opened her eyes and froze as she saw a large lion, a raven, a bear, a wolf, a vixen and an enormous owl watching her.

Stay calm, Ginny, Harry said to her quickly. And keep quiet. We're just waiting for Ron and I don't want him disturbed.

Do you think he'll be able to do it? Ginny asked, suddenly concerned.

I think so, Harry replied. Once he's convinced himself he can.

Ron settled himself on the floor and then took a deep breath before settling into a trance state. He was feeling a little queasy and he swallowed nervously. He let the deep breath out slowly as he shoved all thoughts of failing away from him and he chewed nervously on his lip as he concentrated on his animal forms. For a long, very nerve-wracking time nothing happened then slowly, very slowly, the leopard formed. He let his lip go and sighed with relief. He'd been afraid that wouldn't work. He took a deep breath and concentrated hard on the leopard and then gasped as he felt himself shift and flow. The gasp started out very human and ended as a kind of strangled yowl. His eyes snapped open and he found himself being watched by a variety of other animals.

Well done, Ron, Harry congratulated him. Nice leopard.

Thanks, mate, Ron said as he looked down at himself.

"Well done, all of you!" Gwydion said as he stepped forward.

I'll say, Sirius said as he transformed into Padfoot and bounded forward, bumping into the wolf that was Remus and knocking him over. The wolf growled playfully and leapt onto the black dog and the two canines wrestled joyfully.

The lion that was Harry rumbled with amusement and padded over to the lioness that was Ginny. He nuzzled her muzzle with his own then sat down next to her. The two large lions made a formidable sight.

Do you think I should intervene? he asked with amusement.

Ron's leopard padded over and sat down next to the lion. Nah, they seem to be having a lot of fun.

Besides, the vixen said as it wandered over and sat next to the leopard. Think of the value of remembering them acting like this during class.

Oooh, that's evil, Neville said as the great grizzly bear lumbered over to join his classmates.

I like it, Severus replied as he flapped his wings experimentally. He then leapt into the air and slowly flapped around the large room.

After a few seconds, Luna spread her wings and joined him in the air, flapping soundlessly around the room. Harry watched the two birds lazily circling the room for a moment then with a playful growl he leapt into action, bowling over the two canines as he ran the length of the room. As he returned the wolf and the black dog leapt at him and he happily joined in their wrestling match, carefully keeping his claws fisted as he bowled over the canines again and again.

As they played, the giant grizzly bear lumbered up and down the room, clearly Neville was getting used his new bulk and strength. Ginny and Hermione were sprinting up and down the other side of the room, testing their speed and agility. Ron watched all this for a moment then he joined in the wrestling match...on Sirius and Remus' side. The three against one odds looked for a moment that they were going to overwhelm Harry then Ginny veered away from her racing with Hermione and leapt into the fray on Harry's side. Hermione quickly joined Ron, Remus and Sirius and the wrestling continued until Neville suddenly took an interest. He lumbered his way into the middle of it and with a few gentle swipes, sent everyone rolling in various directions. When the wrestlers voiced amused complaints, Neville merely eyed them benignly.

I think the Daemon Sidhe wanted to talk to us, he said blandly.

That and you enjoyed being big enough and strong enough to knock us all around, Harry said with a mental laugh.

He was rewarded by the rather incongruous sight of an enormous grizzly bear looking shy and bashful and he rumbled with amusement.

I'm sure that was part of the reasoning, Harry, Gwydion said mentally to all of them causing a collection of startled reactions from the group.

Both Luna and Severus flew down and landed near the others as Harry gathered himself.

You can talk to us now? he asked with surprise.

Gwydion chuckled. Yes, now that we're corporeal. I know it sounds odd but that's just how it works. We've never actually spent that much time with our king and his court in Dreamtime before. Usually we've been able to become corporeal immediately. Now, I think you lot should change back. He chuckled at the sense of reluctance he got from all of the court. Don't worry. Now that you've made the transition once, you'll have no problem doing it again. And you'll find you'll be able to change into your other forms as well now. He paused. Hermione, you might want to be careful with your dolphin form. You need salt water for that one.

A chuckle went through the group then everyone changed back rather reluctantly.

"That was great," Ron said quietly.

There were murmurs of agreement though Harry was silent as he thought. He turned and looked intently at Remus and Sirius.

"I'm coming with you at the next full moon," he said firmly. "I somehow doubt Moony's going to worry a lion."

Remus smiled. "I'm not going to say no, Harry. I'd love to have you there."

"I agree with Moony," Sirius said with a grin. "We'll have fun."

Ron quickly bit his lip and shot the others a fierce glare. He knew that he wanted to join them and he was sure the others did as well.

Maybe at a later time, he said fiercely to the others on a private line. Let them have this on their own first.

He got agreement, reluctant from Hermione and Ginny, and they all settled down. Harry looked over at Ron, his expression making it clear he knew what had just passed between the others and thanking them for not interfering.