Harry Potter and the Daemon Sidhe


Story Summary:
In the aftermath of the events of the Ministry, Harry is in dire need of help. That help arrives in the form of six mysterious people, along with his friends and even foes, who give him the strength and support he will need to defeat Voldemort. Written post-OotP but will take some factors of HBP into account.

Chapter 13 - 13

Chapter Summary:
Harry, Remus and Sirius spend some time catching up. OWL results arrive and decisions are made for the school year.

Chapter 13

The next day was spent with most of the court making themselves scarce while Harry and Sirius spent time together, talking. They'd never really had a chance before and Harry wanted to know so much. Remus ended up being dragged into the series of reminisces and by the end of the day Harry knew a great deal more about his parents and their friends than he had before. Harry had even managed to nail his godfather to the floor regarding their treatment of Severus and the utter arrogance they had shown in the memory he had viewed. Harry hadn't been overly happy that his father really had been the arrogant twat that Severus always claimed and it had taken a considerable amount of talking from both Sirius and Remus to convince him that it had been a bit of a stage James had gone through.

"I suppose I encouraged him a bit," Sirius said with a slightly guilty sigh, running a hand through his shaggy hair. "You know how much I hated my family. I guess I just transferred that to every family that was affiliated with the Dark. And I suppose it didn't help that Snape was the one my mother always used to pick out in our year level to show me what kind of son I should be. I couldn't go after my mother but Snape was an easy target."

"James matured a lot in our Sixth and Seventh Years," Remus said quietly.

"Because of..." Harry broke off a bit uncomfortably.

"Because of what I did?" Sirius said bluntly. "Yes, that had a lot to do with it. You saw what happened afterwards." He paused for a long moment then continued softly, "I guess that's why I lost it that way after Peter betrayed us, you know, laughing and all. After what happened in Sixth Year and when James and Remus finally accepted my apology and forgave me, I swore I wouldn't ever do anything to betray them ever again. I swore, magic and all."

"That's why it hurt so much to think you hadn't trusted me and that you'd betrayed James and Lily," Remus whispered. "Because you'd sworn. But there wasn't any proof to the contrary."

"And everyone was keen to just sweep everything even remotely Voldemort related under the carpet," Sirius said with disgust. "That's why I didn't get a trial. Nobody wanted to know my side of the story."

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Harry said with equal disgust.

Both Sirius and Remus laughed and the conversation moved off into other territories. It finally came to a halt when Ginny stuck her head into the small drawing room they were using and told them that dinner was ready. They walked down with her, Harry shyly sliding his hand into hers.

"So who cooked?" Sirius said cheerfully as they walked into the kitchen.

"Severus," came the chorus from those in the room.

Sirius paused for a second then said with mock-horror, "Oh no! We'll all be poisoned for sure by the secret Slytherin Get-All-Of-Your-Enemies, All-Of-Your-Friends-And-Heck-Everyone-Else-Who-Is-In-The-Room patented Die-A-Terrible-Death meal!"

There was a moment of silence as everyone worked their way through that one then laughter erupted. Harry watched Severus as he laughed and saw the other man's face darken. Then Sirius caught the Snape's eye and Harry could sense words passing between the two men.

Severus slowly began to smirk. "Damn Gryffindors! You've seen through my dastardly plan."

There was another moment of silence as everyone came to terms with the fact that the dreaded Severus Snape, feared Potions Master, had made a joke then the laughter started up again. Harry, Remus and Sirius sat down wiping tears of laughter from their eyes as Severus deftly levitated the dishes of food onto the table then joined them. There were small fits of laughter as everyone served themselves then the table fell quiet as they began eating.

After a few mouthfuls, Sirius looked over at Snape. "Damn, this is good, Severus," he said before going back to concentrating on his food.

Severus' eyes widened as the fact that Sirius had just called him by his first name sank in.

What did he mean by that? he sent on a tight line to Harry.

I think he meant that as a genuine peace offering, Harry replied gently. Haven't you ever sat around a table and joked with those you were eating with, given compliments to the chef and just otherwise relaxed?

No, was the blunt reply. But I...could get used to it, came after a moment's hesitation.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Gryffindor, Harry said cheekily.

Severus scowled at Harry though there was no heat in it. "That is a frightening thought," he said dryly.

Harry burst out laughing, leaving Severus to explain the cause to everyone else. The rest of the meal passed with a great deal of talk and laughter. Sirius and Remus seemed to think it was now their purpose in life to make up for their previous behaviour towards Severus until Harry pointed out to them they were just making the Potions Master suspicious and that perhaps they should tone it down a bit. Hermione had then contributed with a tart reminder that actions speak louder than words and promptly became the new target of merriment, much to her arch amusement.

Afterwards they adjourned to the library where Severus and Ron immediately settled in to a game of chess while Remus and Sirius watched on and kibitzed. Hermione buried herself in a book as did Neville, having found a rare tome on Herbology in the shelves a few days before. Ginny and Luna sat down at one of the tables, spreading some of their homework out in front of them. None of the soon-to-be Sixth Years had homework this summer much to their satisfaction. As they did not know what subjects they would be doing next year, there was no point giving what may be useless homework. Harry curled up in a chair where he could see his entire court and settled in with a smile, happy just to be with people who cared about him.


The next morning began with Hermione in a nervous tizzy. Their OWL results were due sometime that day and she was all but running around in circles. This continued until Ron pulled her down beside him and told her to calm down. The adults viewed all of this with amusement as did Ginny and Luna. Hermione was finally put out of her misery when Professor McGonagall flooed in briefly to drop off their letters. They each had two; one from the Ministry and one from Hogwarts. The four Sixth Years exchanged nervous glances and opened their letters from the Ministry.

Harry took a deep breath before reading his.

Dear Mr Potter,

Enclosed are your Ordinary Wizarding Level results. I would like to extend my congratulations on your excellent results in most subjects and strongly recommend you continue your studies in all those you have qualified for. You will receive a separate letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry detailing the enrolment process for Sixth Year.

Yours truly,

Griselda Marchbanks

Head - Wizarding Examinations Authority

Please note: Separate OWLs are given for both theory and practical where relevant. In those subjects the marks are then averaged to give an overall result. The student with the highest mark in each subject is eligible for the Governor's Award for that subject.

O - Outstanding, E - Exceeds Expectations, A - Acceptable, P - Poor, D - Dreadful (Note: A or above is required to achieve an OWL)

Ancient Runes: N/A

Arithmancy: N/A

Astronomy: Theory: A Practical: A* Overall: A

Care of Magical Creatures: Theory: E Practical: O Overall: O

Charms: Theory: O Practical: E Overall: E

Defence Against the Dark Arts: Theory: O Practical: O** Overall: O***

Divination: Theory: A Practical: P Overall: A

Herbology: Theory: A Practical: A Overall: A

History of Magic: Theory: D

Muggle Studies: N/A

Potions: Theory: E Practical: E Overall: E

Transfiguration: Theory: O Practical: E Overall: O

Total OWLs: 15

* Marks adjusted due to external disturbance during exam.

** Bonus marks given for outstanding application of skill

*** Highest mark in class - Governor's Award

Harry stared down at the piece of parchment in his hand in surprise. Fifteen owls! Just then Sirius snatched the parchment out of his hand and quickly read it, letting out an excited whoop when he got to the marks. He shoved the parchment at Remus and grabbed Harry in a tight hug.

"Congratulations, Harry! Those are fantastic marks!" he yelled as he spun his godson around. He put Harry back down and grinned at him. "But hey, what happened with History of Magic? I know it's boring but even Peter managed a P."

Harry and his friends froze. "Uh, I fell asleep," Harry croaked. "And had that...false vision..." His voice trailed off.

Sirius sobered and drew him into his arms. "Its okay, Harry," he said softly. "I'm here, I'm alive. And who gives a damn about History of Magic anyway." He grabbed the parchment of Remus and changed the subject. "Governor's Award in Defence! That'll put you on your mettle, Moony."

Remus laughed and Hermione pushed forward.

"Harry, what are your marks?" she said with enthusiasm.

Harry laughed and took the parchment away from his godfather, handing it over to Hermione. He received her results in response and looked down at them. They weren't much of a surprise.

Ancient Runes: Theory: O

Arithmancy: Theory: O***

Astronomy: Theory: O Practical: E* Overall: O

Care of Magical Creatures: Theory: O Practical: O Overall: O

Charms: Theory: O Practical: E Overall: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: Theory: O Practical: O Overall: O

Divination: N/A

Herbology: Theory: O Practical: O Overall: O

History of Magic: Theory: O***

Muggle Studies: N/A

Potions: Theory: O Practical: O Overall: O

Transfiguration: Theory: O Practical: E Overall: O

Total OWLs: 17

* Marks adjusted due to external disturbance during exam.

** Bonus marks given for outstanding application of skill

*** Highest mark in class - Governor's Award

"Wow, congratulations," Harry said. "Two Governor's Awards."

That triggered a number of congratulations from the others then Harry received someone else's parchment and handed over Hermione's. He looked up the top and saw these were Ron's marks.

Ancient Runes: Theory: N/A

Arithmancy: Theory: N/A

Astronomy: Theory: A Practical: A* Overall: A

Care of Magical Creatures: Theory: A Practical: E Overall: E

Charms: Theory: A Practical: E Overall: A

Defence Against the Dark Arts: Theory: O Practical: O Overall: O

Divination: Theory: P Practical: D Overall: P

Herbology: Theory: P Practical: A Overall: A

History of Magic: Theory: P

Muggle Studies: N/A

Potions: Theory: P Practical: A Overall: A

Transfiguration: Theory: A Practical: E Overall: E

Total OWLs: 12

* Marks adjusted due to external disturbance during exam.

** Bonus marks given for outstanding application of skill

*** Highest mark in class - Governor's Award

Harry looked up at his best friend. "Well done, Ron," he said.

Ron cheered up a bit but still looked a bit disappointed. "Thanks, mate. I guess I did better than Fred and George but still..."

"You got good marks in Defence, Charms and Transfiguration," Harry said firmly. "I think those are going to be important subjects in the next couple of years."

Ron's head went up and he nodded sharply.

Once again there was a general swapping of results and Harry read through Neville's.

Ancient Runes: Theory: N/A

Arithmancy: Theory: N/A

Astronomy: Theory: P Practical: A* Overall: A

Care of Magical Creatures: Theory: P Practical: A Overall: A

Charms: Theory: A Practical: A Overall: A

Defence Against the Dark Arts: Theory: E Practical: O Overall: O

Divination: Theory: A Practical: D Overall: P

Herbology: Theory: O Practical: O Overall: O***

History of Magic: Theory: A

Muggle Studies: N/A

Potions: Theory: P Practical: P Overall: P

Transfiguration: Theory: A Practical: A Overall: A

Total OWLs: 11

* Marks adjusted due to external disturbance during exam.

** Bonus marks given for outstanding application of skill

*** Highest mark in class - Governor's Award

Neville smiled happily as he claimed his marks back from Harry. "Gran'll be pleased about the Governor's Award," he said cheerfully.

Harry nodded and picked up his letter from Hogwarts, smiling as Sirius reclaimed the parchment with his marks, presumably to gloat over them.

Dear Mr Potter,

Congratulations on your excellent OWL result. You are eligible to enrol in the following subjects for NEWT studies.

Care of Magical Creatures


Defence Against the Dark Arts


You are also eligible to enrol in the following electives:

Magical Healing

Practical Defence*

Magical Law

* New subject

You may enrol in no less than five subjects and no more than eight. Please owl your subject choices by July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

P.S. Harry, please select Potions as a subject. I will do my best to convince Severus to admit you. You barely missed an O in your practical exam.

Harry grinned and looked up at the Potions Master. "Severus, Professor McGonagall says she's going to try and convince you to take me into your class. Can I circumvent her and ask for myself?"

Severus raised an eyebrow. "And what did you get for your Potions OWLs?"

"E's in both theory and practical," Harry replied. "And that's a high E, almost an O, in my practical if what Professor McGonagall said is right."

"How on earth did you manage that?" Severus said with surprise.

Harry grinned cheekily. "I didn't have you looming over my shoulder the whole time. You're very off-putting, sir."

"I try to be," Severus replied archly then he sighed. "Yes, Mr Potter, you may put down Potions as a subject for next year. I just ask that you attempt to pay attention. If you wish, I will give you some lessons during what remains of the holidays."

"Thank you, Professor," Harry said with relief. "And I'll take you up on that offer if I'm allowed to ask questions. It's not that I don't pay attention." He paused. "Okay, it's not solely that I don't pay attention. It's just that a lot of what goes on in Potions doesn't make much sense to me."

"We shall see if we can remedy that," Snape replied archly.

"So what are you going to do next year then," Sirius asked as he and Remus looked over Harry's shoulder at his choices.

"Um, Defence, obviously," Harry said with a grin. "Transfiguration, Charms, Potions." He grinned at Severus, who arched an eyebrow. "And I think I'll do Practical Defence and Magical Healing of the electives that have been offered. I want to do Care of Magical Creatures but I'm not sure if it'll be too much."

"Practical Defence is basically going to be a formal version of the DA," Remus explained. "Moody's teaching it." He paused. "The real Moody. And Poppy runs Magical Healing. You're particularly good at Defence Against the Dark Arts and I don't think you'll have any problems with Practical Defence so you should be able to handle Care of Magical Creatures as well."

"Okay, I'll do Care of Magical Creatures then," Harry said decisively then he looked over at his friends. "What about you guys?"

"Hermione's still agonising because she's restricted to eight. Ow!" Ron said drolly then clutched his arm where Hermione had whacked him. "I'm going to do Defence, Transfiguration, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Practical Defence and Magical Healing."

"I'm going to do Herbology, Defence, Charms, Transfiguration, Magical Healing and Practical Defence," Neville said. "I thought about History of Magic but I think I'll stick with the more important subjects given what's coming."

There were grim nods from Ron and Harry and the three boys looked over at Hermione.

"Well?" Harry said with a fond smile.

"Oh, it's so hard," Hermione wailed. "Why do they only let us do eight subjects?"

"Because the school requires its students to eat, sleep and socialise, Miss Granger," Severus said dryly. "Do not forget the problems you encountered in your Third Year with the Time-Turner."

Hermione sighed. "I know, sir. It's just so hard to choose. I think I'll do Defence, Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, Practical Defence, Magical Healing, Arithmancy and Magical Law."

"Why Magical Law?" Ron asked, wrinkling his nose.

"Because I can't believe the things the Ministry gets away with," Hermione said briskly. "Particularly when it comes to the way they treat Harry. I want to know the laws and in particular, I want to know how we can use the laws to our benefit."

Smiles erupted all over the room and Ron draped an arm around the bushy-haired girls' shoulders. "That's our Hermione," he said proudly. "Fighting the good fight whenever and wherever she can!"

Hermione blushed, though whether it was from the compliment or Ron's arm around her no one could tell.

Neville sighed. "I'm just glad to be out of Potions." He blushed. "Er, no offense, sir, but I'm really not good at Potions."

"Really? I hadn't noticed?" Severus drawled, causing everyone to laugh. Now that he had come to trust them a bit more, Severus had started unleashing his sense of humour on them. It tended to be dry, droll and just a touch sarcastic but really very funny.

Ron looked a little wistful. "You'll never believe this but I wish I was doing it. There go any ideas I had about being an Auror."

Severus eyed the downhearted boy. "What marks did you get?"

"A P for theory and an A for practical," Ron said with a sigh. "Not high enough for you to squeak me in, sir."

"Hmm, correct, Mr Weasley," Severus said musingly. "I do occasionally accept students who have received E's if there is reason and if they approach me personally but Advanced Potions requires a certain level of proficiency. The potions that are made for NEWT level studies are difficult, challenging and dangerous. I cannot in all conscious accept students with low marks."

"I kind of figured that out, sir," Ron said glumly.

"All is not necessarily lost, Mr Weasley," Severus said thoughtfully. "I had been toying with the idea of offering a class for those who did not achieve the standard required for Advanced Potions that would teach some of the simpler and more...useful potions that might be required during the upcoming war. Basic healing potions and the like. That would require only an A for the overall mark to be enrolled. It would not qualify you for a NEWT in Potions but it would still be accepted as a qualification in Potions by the Aurors."

Ron brightened. "That would be great, sir!"

"You would still be required to work hard," Severus said sternly and Ron nodded frantically.

"I would, Severus, I promise," he said fervently.

"Very well," Severus said. "I shall speak to Albus."

He looked around the room and his gaze fixed on Sirius.

"Bl...Sirius, if I recall correctly you received an E on your Potions NEWT," he said in a neutral tone.

"Er, yes, but it's been years since I made any Potions. Why do you ask?" Sirius said warily.

"I shall need assistance if I am to run both classes," Severus said, still in that neutral tone. "Since you are currently in dire need of employment, I think you can fill the vacancy."

The two men locked gazes and again Harry could feel the communication between them, though he could not hear it. The room became very silent as they spoke then finally Sirius nodded.

"Why not?" he said with something close to his normal cheer. "Gives me a good excuse to stay near Harry as well."

"That was a consideration," Severus replied dryly. "I did not pick you for your ridiculously Gryffindorish personality or your dubiously gained skills in Potions."

Sirius chuckled. "Still angry about that one, are you?"

"Neither scarlet nor gold suit me," Severus said dryly. "Then again I suppose green and silver did not suit you or your fellow Marauders either."

Remus roared with laughter as he remembered the incident the two men were talking about. "No, it definitely did not," he chuckled. "I guess we should have known better than to use a potion."

"It was not difficult to determine which one you used," Severus said with a small, smug smile. "Reproducing it was child's play."

Hermione started giggling. "Oh, I think I know the potion you're talking about. Oh, dear! That would have been worth seeing, on both sides."

The other students looked at her with bafflement as she kept giggling. Finally she waved her hand at them and said she'd explain later.

Ron shook his with mock-sadness. "Mental, that one, I'm telling you," he said, sounding very reminiscent of their First Year.

The other students laughed, well used to Ron and Hermione's antics.

"We should probably go and answer these," Harry said claiming his letters back from Sirius.

"Good idea," Hermione said, recovering from her giggles.

"When you are finished, please join me in my workroom, Harry," Severus said as he headed out of the kitchen. "We might as well get started on your Potions lessons."

Harry sighed. "I really do want to do Potions this year. Really!"

"Who are you trying to convince there, mate?' Ron said with amusement as the four Sixth Years headed up to their rooms for parchment and ink.

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