Et Nulli Miseretur


Story Summary:
This is the third and last part of this three-part story about the Malfoys. It is the sequel to 'Ad Mortem Festinamus' and 'Omnia Mors Perimit', and deals with the time between Dumbledore's death and the final resolution.

Dumbledore is dead, Draco is devastated, Severus thinks they're all doomed... Narcissa though thinks she is well prepared, and also she is relieved that Draco hasn't accomplished his task.

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After Dumbledore's death, Molly, Arthur, Remus and the others must learn to cope with the loss. Embrace life - or at least their fellow order members...

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Is number twelve Grimmauld Place still safe? Is Hogwarts? What IS safe these days? Oh, of course there is always the Muggle world to fall back to...

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Draco is devastated with everything that has happened. Hiding away, he thinks about how he has come here, and how he is supposed to carry on.

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Narcissa has to sell Voldemort how much she is aggrieved about her only child's death. Can her performance win her the magic equivalent of an Oscar? Or a sticky end on the bottom of a snake pit?

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Narcissa visits her sister and begs her to help Draco.

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Narcissa has managed to lure Andromeda in, who has in turn begged her daughter's help to take Draco in... Tonks hasn't met either her aunt or her little cousin in a decade, but she remembers. Boy, she remembers them well enough.

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Having a freak for a nephew is bad enough. Having a whole football team of freaks invade your house is complete disaster, especially for somebody as sensitive and decent as Petunia Dursley.

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Hermione reflects on the war

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Dumbledore makes a return of sorts, and urges Harry to accept what he doesn't want to acknowledge

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