The Chameleon's Shroud

Hogwarts Hag

Story Summary:
Megan Jones is a young woman trying to make her way in the world hampered by the very things that haunt many a young woman in her late teens. There are crushes and romantic entanglements to sort through, an unhappy family life, the thirst to prove herself and the obligatory identity crisis. Oh yes, and there's the bit about her secretly joining the Dark Side....

It's the beginning of Easter holidays and Megan Jones is facing the most daunting prospect of her life -- an audience with the Dark Lord!

Words: 6,607
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On the surface, the Jones family is well-respected in the Wizarding community. What lies beneath, however, includes infidelity, thinly veiled tolerance, and indifference. Join them and their guests at their Easter gala and gain some insight into what makes Megan Jones tick.

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