The Werewolf's Bride

Grace has Victory

Story Summary:
Remus and Ariadne Lupin have the same problems as any other newlyweds - work, money, in-laws, communication - and, of course, werewolves. Will her idealism collapse under the pressure of his lycanthropy? Or will her approach take him by surprise yet? Part III of

Newlyweds Remus and Ariadne Lupin encounter magic in Britain's heartland.

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The honeymoon is over, and reality strikes with a vengeance.

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Married life consists of perfectly ordinary events, such as a lycanthropic transformation, snubs from the family, poisonous shrubs, and news of kidnappers.

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Remus begins to unravel the mystery surrounding Veleta Vablatsky.

Words: 4,583
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Ariadne's reunion with Veleta takes an unexpected twist.

Words: 3,715
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Ariadne learns more about her family history, but is no nearer to solving the mysteries of Macnair Castle.

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The letter of the law is upheld, and the very perceptive are provided with a clue.

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Ariadne observes that the best people have their dark side.

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Some things just can't be spoken out loud.

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Ariadne reveals all.

Words: 3,427
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Remus and Ariadne break the law in order to save the world.

Words: 3,678
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Replicability of results is demonstrated, Hestia Jones enters the stage, and Ariadne hears news of Veleta.

Words: 4,581
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While Connell Dewar experiments with Wolfsbane Potion, Ariadne discovers more than she expected about her own family history.

Words: 4,101
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Remus plans to meet other werewolves and Sarah sets out on a fool's errand.

Words: 4,211
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As Muggles enter the magical world and Mages engage with Muggles, Remus loses track of the fine line between reality and fiction.

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Remus continues to break the law as he deals with his house, his job, his marriage, and the outcast community of werewolves.

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Unexpectedly backed into a corner, Ariadne has to confess her illicit activities to Professor Jigger.

Words: 3,917
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Like a juggler with too many balls in the air, Remus worries about smashing the most valuable one of all.

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Ariadne's moment of weakness has devastating consequences.

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The Lupins negotiate with the werewolves, the Macnairs, exams and each other.

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Remus and Ariadne achieve their hearts' desire.

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